Weekly Gif Roundup #111: I love scotch and myself.

Hey, guys. A quick roundup this week with gifs from The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, Community, Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones (yeah, beware major spoilers if you plan on watching eventually), Suits finale, and the series finale of Being Human. Sniff. Supernatural returns next time, so as least we can look forward to that prettiness.

comm 5 introductiontobasics

Being Human! I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this show, but alas. All other shows take note, this is how you satisfyingly end a series. Devastating, but also fitting and sad and happy. So many emotions.

being 3a waitemalikevisionbeing 3bbeing 3cbeing 3dbeing 3ebeing 3f


being 2a waiteandmalikbeing 2bbeing 2cbeing 2d

Watching Aidan eat was kind of amazing. Also, I love that they couldn’t unpretty Sam Witwer with wrinkles and grey hair. Dude just looked too handsome.

being 4a waitemalikevisionbeing 4bbeing 4cbeing 4dbeing 4ebeing 4f

He got his door and Sally was there! Yes I cried. Let’s hope these two finally get some happiness. Fuck, I don’t want this to be over. WHYYY.

being 1a alanabloombeing 1bbeing 1cbeing 1dbeing 1ebeing 1f

Mindy Project! These gifs hurt in hindsight. A lot.

mindy 2a tmpgifsmindy 2bmindy 2cmindy 2d

mindy 4a peetahalesmindy 4b

mindy 1a tmpgifsmindy 1bmindy 1cmindy 1d

Make that a bottle of rum and this is me.

mindy 3a tmpgifsmindy 3bmindy 3cmindy 3d


mindy 5a tmpgifsmindy 5bmindy 5cmindy 5dmindy 5emindy 5f

mindy 6a tmpgifsmindy 6bmindy 6cmindy 6d

Community! They keep putting Joel McHale in blue that makes his eyes pop and I say thank you to the wardrobe department.

comm 1a samanthapanthercomm 1bcomm 1ccomm 1d

Aw, Troy.

comm 4a introductiontobasicscomm 4b

John Oliver!! I miss him guest hosting the Daily Show, to be honest. Can’t wait for his HBO show.

comm 2a introductiontobasicscomm 2bcomm 2ccomm 2d

comm 3 communitynbc

YAY. Jeff and Britta woop woop. Yes, I’m a shipper and this made me happy. Both Dan Harmon and I think they make each other better people and as far as story conclusions go, it totally makes sense.

comm 6a gardinskicomm 6bcomm 6ccomm 6d

Parks and Rec! Ben Wyatt appreciation life.

parks 2a jess-millerparks 2bparks 2cparks 2d

You know this is the only important part because… EEEeeee!

parks 1a jess-millerparks 1bparks 1cparks 1dparks 1eparks 1fparks 1gparks 1h

Suits! The back half of the season is over. That was quick, right? I’m excited about the threat of Mike’s secret finally being over though.

suits 7a two-lawyers-one-degreesuits 7c

It hurts my tummy when my boys fight. But wow, I hope Mike realizes what Harvey was going to give up for him.

suits 9a -spectersuits 9bsuits 9csuits 9dsuits 9esuits 9fsuits 9gsuits 9hsuits 9isuits 9j

Donna you need to tell him, dammit. Is Scottie officially gone??

suits 2a queenraffertysuits 2bsuits 2csuits 2d

I’m just going to pretend they hugged it out instead of that handshake.

suits 4a harveysceptersuits 4bsuits 4csuits 4dsuits 4esuits 4fsuits 4gsuits 4h

suits 1a jasondilaurentissuits 1b

Hmmm interesting how next season will go with Mike not a part of Pearson Specter. Wonder how many episodes it’ll take for him to come back?

suits 5a harveysceptersuits 5bsuits 5csuits 5dsuits 5esuits 5fsuits 5gsuits 5isuits 5j

 He’s made you a better person, Harvey. I think that deserves a hug… or something…

suits 3a tylerhchlnssuits 3bsuits 3csuits 3d

suits 6a queenraffertysuits 6bsuits 6csuits 6d

Hart of Dixie! Still not used to this show on Fridays. Anyway, lots of delightful AB this episode.

hod 3a hartofdixiegifshod 3bhod 3chod 3dhod 3ehod 3fhod 3ghod 3h

I think Lavon said “No” more in this episode than any other episode. I’m so confused about what the show is doing now. Are they trying to wrap it up like the rest of the season didn’t happen? Because I might be okay with that?

hod 1a hearttoharthod 1bhod 1chod 1d

I know she was talking about Joel, but did any one else automatically thing of Wade? Sorry Joel, I hardly knew ya.

hod 2a hartofdixiegifshod 2bhod 2chod 2dhod 2ehod 2f

(Gonna leave GoT until the very end, after these few gifs. Police yourselves accordingly.)

Bonus MTV Movie Awards! Someone finally dressed Dylan O’Brien and it was amazingggg. I hope the stylist was like, “Let’s go for the Derek Hale look.”

mtv 3a lydiasgotstilesmtv 3bmtv 3cmtv 3d

Dylan + puppies = heaven.

mtv 2 mtv

This is for my bestie Patty. And uhh, everyone else because whoa Efron.

mtv 1a lovefortelevisionmtv 1bmtv 1cmtv 1d

Game of Thrones! Look at the realization on Brienne’s face. Oooh gurll.

got 1a wesleyaccolagot 1bgot 1c

Bwaha. We shouldn’t laugh but…

got 3a nataliedormiergot 3b

New life motto. Thanks Bronn.

HOLY SHIT IT HAPPENED. And everyone cheered.

got 4a aliyahobriengot 4bgot 4c

Don’t forget, you can tweet me your requests, or leave comments if I’m missing anything you want to see. Did you enjoy the Being Human series finale? Sob as much as me?? What about GoT? What did you do to celebrate? See you guys next week!

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  • Patty


    I will miss Being Human so much. But it ended as it should have this this last season was great.

    I really need to watch Suits. I have them all on my DVR but I know once I start I wont’ be able to stop so maybe….Saturday night? With a bottle of vino?

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