In two episodes, Sons of Anarchy will be over. I’ve never really written a word on the show in its entire run except for a few snarky tweets here and there, but TV shows that make it have been a bit of an obsession of mine over the past year. I can’t not acknowledge Sons as part of that high echelon.

But to keep it short, I can’t say that I’m going to be sad at all when it goes. I binged the first two seasons to get current a few years ago, and I’ve faithfully been watching it ever since, but it’s been a chore these past two years. Over the course of any TV show’s life, patterns inevitably begin to emerge, and SOA isn’t immune.

Two things are pretty much guaranteed in each episode: 1) musical montage, and 2) Jax has to save the world.

It’s the latter that bothers me so much. I get that shows have archetypal characters, and tropes are tropes for a reason — and Jax is basically Hamlet* — but that doesn’t excuse the show from being boring.

*Or was. SOA has taken a turn from that source material — for the better, I think.

Yes, I said it.

Week after week, year after year, all hell comes to Charming, CA, and it’s up to Jax Teller to save the day. Every single time. Yeah, I know Jax is a badass dude, and he’s strong and sturdy and made to bear the blows. But, come on.

I was reading a thread on Reddit a week or so ago about that moment when you realize a show has jumped the shark. I don’t know if SOA every fully jumped, but I don’t think the show was ever the same after the trip to Ireland. It was strange and intense, but definitely some soap opera drama going on. I’m not sure it ever fully recovered from Season 3. I mean, I still talk about the finale to that one. But at the same time, I have a hard time pinpointing much of anything that happened after that. I mean, yeah, I remember certain characters’ deaths (someheartbreakingothers not at all), but what did the story do after that?

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I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you all. I’ve even missed you, The Newsroom. I know that you’re all probably confused as to what happened last season, since the last episode aired well over a year ago. It probably didn’t help your memory that I didn’t recap last season. Wouldn’t that have been nice? But what would’ve been even nicer would have been a big ol’ “PREVIOUSLY ON…” segment. Come on, HBO.

I will take this opportunity to say that I am forever grateful they took my advice and sped-up the title sequence. The new one is so shiny. It’s still ages long, but it’s so much better.

Right, so in case you forgot, Will and Mac are now engaged and planning their wedding. I’m a little surprised they’re going to have a huge wedding, but whatever, it’s not like they can’t afford it. Even so, 9 does seem like a lot of bridesmaids, right? In any case, they don’t spend a lot of time planning the wedding on screen, for which I’m grateful. What I really took away from their wedding planning was: Mac and Will ate take-out Chinese by candlelight in their under-renovation apartment and I cared a lot about it.

Back at ACN, I thought we’d started to avoid re-writing actual news stories but OH NO. As soon as the words “I’m worried about it. This better not be the Boston Marathon Bombing.” it was confirmed the show would be covering the Boston Marathon Bombing. 

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Finally finished Season 1 this week. I can definitely see the anger over the “cliffhanger” at the end. Just in case you didn’t know: beware. Spoilers abound.



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the-killing-cast-season-2-amcHello again, boys and girls! It’s your old pal Christina! Hope you’ve all been having a good  summer. What have you been watching? I’ve been watching a lot of Top Gear on Netflix. It’s pretty great, you should check it out, but it’s not the kind of show I come here to talk about.

Summer’s pretty great for a number of reasons. Sun. Beaches. Summer storms. World Cup soccer (hooray for Deutschland!). But also? Binge watching shows you’ve missed over the past year(s).

In the Spring of 2013, I started watching The Killing because I’d heard such great things about it, despite the fact that it had been cancelled and uncancelled. But I only made it through the first season, and maybe like two episodes of the second before I lost interest to other things in my life. But a few months later, I re-acquired my taste for binging (The Sopranos, The Shield, The Wire, Season 1 of Deadwood, etc.), and about a week ago, decided to give The Killing another whirl, this time with boyfriend in for extra commentary enjoyment.

The big difference this time around is that The Killing was cancelled again last year, but this time picked up by Netflix. Netflix is a hell of a drug an animal. The online network (I think we can pretty much call it that now, or at least we should considering it now has at least four shows under its belt—I’m counting the last season of Arrested Development and The Killing here) helped produce the season 3, the last one that aired on television, and then took over the helm when AMC decided to cancel the show again, this time for good.  Read the rest of this entry »

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You guys! I admit, this one snuck up on me. It actually took a few attempts to actually get into it (at first I gave up after episode 4 the first time). But you know how it goes: your friend keeps tweeting about it, it’s getting to the end of the regular tv season and there’s starting to be a drought of new episodes of… anything, (there’s a chance at an interesting ship…). Anyway, it’s actually, surprisingly, kind of a really good show? So I thought, since I started out here (almost 2 years ago, ack) recapping a sci-fi show, I’d try to convince you to try out this one. With gifs! Who can resist gifs? 

Besides gifs, after the jump I’ve included a trailer, my opinion on what’s good (and a little bad) about the show, plus a character rundown.

In my opinion, it’s actually a great time to jump in a catch up, because the season finale is this Wednesday. It’s only a 13 episode season, so it’s not that many episodes, and it’s not like there’s a ton of other shows still airing new episodes right now. (Cause I know you’ve already binge-watched all of the second season of Orange Is The New Black). So if you prefer to watch shows with already finished seasons, that works. And if you like engaging in the social media element, people should still be talking about it.

Fair warning: I’ll be touching on a couple of plot points from throughout the season below the cut. Nothing too spoiler-y, but if you want to go in completely blank, be aware.

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Hey, guys! This will be the last roundup for a little bit, maybe? Probably? And it’s a good one. Okay, so it’s just the Supernatural finale and Orphan Black, but that means this post is full of concentrated epicness. Let me know in the coming weeks if you want me to keep the gif posts going through the summer, and what shows you’d like to see featured. You can find me on twitter, or just leave a comment here.

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Hey, all! Just a few shows this week to satisfy your gif hunger. We say goodbye to Arrow and Hart of Dixie for the season and try to mentally prepare ourselves for Supernatural’s finale next week. Also new stuff from Orphan Black and Game of Thrones.

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Hey, guys! This TV season is ramping up and wrapping up with the last few episodes of our favorite shows and I’ve got all the goodies for you from the past week. Included in this roundup: Orphan Black, Arrow, The Mindy Project, The Tomorrow People, New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones.



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Hello again! Shows included in this week’s roundup, organized by day of the week are: The Tomorrow People, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Supernatural, Arrow, Hart of Dixie, Orphan Black, and Game of Thrones. Find me on twitter if I’m forgetting your favorite show. I’m always happy to include whatever you want.

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Look at you, you suave attractive bastard.


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Hey, all! Fairly brief roundup for you this week. The next two weeks are going to be some of my busiest, work wise, so I’m going to try and keep this quick, for time and sanity’s sake. There will be minimal comments from me, but let’s be honest, you aren’t here for my boring blabbery. You’re here for the pretty! Shows this week include: Orphan Black, The Mindy Project, Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Hart of Dixie, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and the finale of Parks and Recreation. You know where to find me if you need anything. (Two gif roundups with Bitch in the title, courtesy of SPN. Gotta love it.)

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Jody is so badass now. You go, Sheriff!

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