He’s dead. Of course he’s dead, he was my favorite character.

Ray Something (21 Jun 2015-28 Jun 2015)

JUST KIDDING. He’s not dead. I don’t believe that he’s dead. Besides the fact that what I originally thought was a headshot, but upon second viewing was not, we have this promo shot:

Colin Farrell filming 'True Detective'

Haven’t seen this yet. Nope.


We haven’t seen that scene yet, and I highly doubt they would release something false like that just to keep us guessing. That would be pretty dumb. Anyway, Ray lives, and thank God because I don’t know if I could stand him being gone just yet. Read the rest of this entry »

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true detective

Well. There it is. The first episode of True Detective Season Two aired last night.

This is what happens when you build up so much anticipation and so much hype.

One of the problems (not that it can actually be categorized as such) was that the first season was so damn good right out of the gate. And it stayed good. And yes, a lot of people hated the ending of it—like people hated the ending of Seinfeld or The Sopranos—but I didn’t. I took it for what it was, even if it was over-earnest. Because it was a good story told through great characters.

After 61 minutes (so says my DVR), I can’t tell you much about any of the characters in Season 2, and that is a damn shame.

Okay, so I know a few things: We have the insecure business man, played by Vince Vaughn, who kind of made me think of Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Kingpin Wilson Fisk in this year’s Daredevil on Netflix. We have the mommy/daddy issues cop who is just trying to live her life, man, played by Rachel McAdams. We have the physically and emotionally scarred cop, played by Tim Riggins Taylor Kitsch. And we have the severely, SEVERELY unhinged detective played by Dirty Mustachioed Colin Farrell, which is the best Colin Farrell, IMO




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We’re having an ice day (it’s like a snow day, but scarier!), so while I’m home from work and nursing a Bloody Mary, I thought I’d talk about something I’ve been thinking about lately.

I was posed the following question recently: “Now that Kurt Sutter and Vince Gilligan have had two major shows on, which is better? Who is the better writer? Whose shows are better?” I realize that’s several questions, but it’s a fun one(s).

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, it always seems like a big deal when writers’ shows end, and networks (cable or otherwise) give them another series order. Sometimes it’s years later, sometimes it’s immediate. But it’s always a good sign when a network seems to trust a writer and/or showrunner.*

*In some cases, anyway. I still don’t totally get the obsession with Ryan Murphy. Social guilt is a helluva drug, I guess.

Anyway, the series of questions was a good one, and I don’t know if there can be a definitive answer. LOL just kidding. What else is the point of the internet if you don’t have an opinion? Read the rest of this entry »

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The episode was called “Contempt” and I don’t think I was wrong to be worried right from the get-go. Not that this episode was bad, per se. It was just so supremely Sorkin. Which means there’s a lot to cover, and my notes alone for this were like 1200 words, so I did you a favor and broke it into sections, from least to most interesting, according to me.

Breaking News and the Love Quadrangle That Never Ends

Baby Meryl’s (Character name: Hallie) got that new job that Jim can’t bother to congratulate her about because he’s too busy wanking to the sound of his own voice. So he’s a little surprised to find that it’s Hallie’s new employer who broke the story that Will was subpoenaed. Hallie didn’t write the story herself, but she told her bosses what to look for.

Jim is still super judgmental about Hallie’s new job and the fact that she’s writing an op-ed for them because how dare he be supportive of his girlfriend and her career choices. So it should come as no fucking surprise that he only lasts two seconds before making a Dear Penthouse quip and I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t dumped him yet. Hallie uses her anger with Jim and her probably good writing skills to post a story about her and Jim’s Analog vs. Digital romance which leads to Jim and Hallie getting into a fight about which side of the “Digital Revolution” each wants to be on and I can’t really hear I’m mentally screaming so loudly, but they break up (I’m pretty sure? and if they didn’t THEY FUCKING SHOULD HAVE) an I honestly can’t find the energy to care.

Across town at a bar, Ethical Train Guy thinks that Maggie’s (still) into Jim and that he feels shitty being the runner up and I honestly don’t see how they’ve been together long enough for him to parse that, and I don’t think that’s been written obviously at all so far this season. He says he can tell because Maggie defended Baby Meryl’s op-ed about her relationship with Jim (how dare she support a former colleague in her new endeavors? How dare she breathe the mere concept of the idea that Jim is in the wrong?). Maggie took Hallie’s side and Train Guy thinks that she was doing so to get him off the scent of her interest in Jim. OH LOOK just like what Joey Lucas said to Josh Lyman about Donna Moss in The West Wing. JUST LIKE. Golly gee, what a surprise.

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The first five minutes of this episode were magical. From getting to hear a little bit of Cole Porter to seeing that Maggie and Sloan being amazingly competent, to the truly glorious number of F-bombs dropped, the episode started off strong.

Sorkin seems to have two ways that he writes his female characters: clumsy and incompetent, in constant need of saving while being the perfect tool for exposition, or ball-busting ‘you idiots can’t solve this problem so I guess it’s all up to me’. In this instance, Maggie fell into the latter category, knowledgable on how to use all the tech in the broadcast booth even though Don and Jim (the fucking producers) don’t. To fuck with the FBI – who are still in the office – they have Sloan at the desk, pretending to broadcast live coverage of their raid.

The best moment that came out of this was seeing Maggie fist-bump Don in recognition of a job well done. I’d honestly forgotten that Maggie and Don dated, and I think it’s been a great evolution between those two. Don and I agree that new, confident Maggie is great but Jim doesn’t know how he feels about her. 

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It is not exaggerating to say that Don and Sloan are currently THE most important part of this show to me. In fact, I’d be willing to see The Newsroom disappear from the air immediately if we got a sitcom featuring Don and Sloan in its place. My verbatim notes on their scenes were, “I WANT TO WATCH A SITCOM THAT’S JUST SLOAN AND DON FIGURING THEIR SHIT OUT”. Lying to one-up the other and effectively determining their relationship was weirdly adorable. “Did you just Don Keefer me?” Bless these two.

There’s also a little plot about Don using stock information Sloan had and buying stocks before the news was public yadda yadda if the SEC can establish a pattern they’ll both be in trouble yadda. But all of that is small potatoes because they Determined the Relationship in the cutest way possible. ”

Up in the boardroom, Reese needs a goddamn human blanket. He’s just trying to do his best. I thought the line about him choosing to start out in the mail room was nice, but you KNOW he’s still getting promoted faster than other employees. Like, no normal intern with an MBA that started in the mailroom would rise through the ranks as quickly as Reese did. That felt like a line Sorkin used to make us like Reese but it’s so goddamn superficial and reeking of privilege. The only time I like that as a plot is when Jack did it on 30 Rock. ANYWAY, I still like Reese, I LOVED Kat Dennings, I want her to be on a show I would actually watch. Charlie is my favorite character on this show FOREVER AND ALWAYS but the way Leona immediately shut down Blair and Randy was fucking beautiful. So instead of selling the company entirely, Leona and Charlie barter to buy the twins’ shares for a paltry $4b. The only problem? Yeah, Leona and Charlie don’t have four billion dollars to burn.

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In two episodes, Sons of Anarchy will be over. I’ve never really written a word on the show in its entire run except for a few snarky tweets here and there, but TV shows that make it have been a bit of an obsession of mine over the past year. I can’t not acknowledge Sons as part of that high echelon.

But to keep it short, I can’t say that I’m going to be sad at all when it goes. I binged the first two seasons to get current a few years ago, and I’ve faithfully been watching it ever since, but it’s been a chore these past two years. Over the course of any TV show’s life, patterns inevitably begin to emerge, and SOA isn’t immune.

Two things are pretty much guaranteed in each episode: 1) musical montage, and 2) Jax has to save the world.

It’s the latter that bothers me so much. I get that shows have archetypal characters, and tropes are tropes for a reason — and Jax is basically Hamlet* — but that doesn’t excuse the show from being boring.

*Or was. SOA has taken a turn from that source material — for the better, I think.

Yes, I said it.

Week after week, year after year, all hell comes to Charming, CA, and it’s up to Jax Teller to save the day. Every single time. Yeah, I know Jax is a badass dude, and he’s strong and sturdy and made to bear the blows. But, come on.

I was reading a thread on Reddit a week or so ago about that moment when you realize a show has jumped the shark. I don’t know if SOA every fully jumped, but I don’t think the show was ever the same after the trip to Ireland. It was strange and intense, but definitely some soap opera drama going on. I’m not sure it ever fully recovered from Season 3. I mean, I still talk about the finale to that one. But at the same time, I have a hard time pinpointing much of anything that happened after that. I mean, yeah, I remember certain characters’ deaths (someheartbreakingothers not at all), but what did the story do after that?

I’m not sure. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you all. I’ve even missed you, The Newsroom. I know that you’re all probably confused as to what happened last season, since the last episode aired well over a year ago. It probably didn’t help your memory that I didn’t recap last season. Wouldn’t that have been nice? But what would’ve been even nicer would have been a big ol’ “PREVIOUSLY ON…” segment. Come on, HBO.

I will take this opportunity to say that I am forever grateful they took my advice and sped-up the title sequence. The new one is so shiny. It’s still ages long, but it’s so much better.

Right, so in case you forgot, Will and Mac are now engaged and planning their wedding. I’m a little surprised they’re going to have a huge wedding, but whatever, it’s not like they can’t afford it. Even so, 9 does seem like a lot of bridesmaids, right? In any case, they don’t spend a lot of time planning the wedding on screen, for which I’m grateful. What I really took away from their wedding planning was: Mac and Will ate take-out Chinese by candlelight in their under-renovation apartment and I cared a lot about it.

Back at ACN, I thought we’d started to avoid re-writing actual news stories but OH NO. As soon as the words “I’m worried about it. This better not be the Boston Marathon Bombing.” it was confirmed the show would be covering the Boston Marathon Bombing. 

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Finally finished Season 1 this week. I can definitely see the anger over the “cliffhanger” at the end. Just in case you didn’t know: beware. Spoilers abound.



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the-killing-cast-season-2-amcHello again, boys and girls! It’s your old pal Christina! Hope you’ve all been having a good  summer. What have you been watching? I’ve been watching a lot of Top Gear on Netflix. It’s pretty great, you should check it out, but it’s not the kind of show I come here to talk about.

Summer’s pretty great for a number of reasons. Sun. Beaches. Summer storms. World Cup soccer (hooray for Deutschland!). But also? Binge watching shows you’ve missed over the past year(s).

In the Spring of 2013, I started watching The Killing because I’d heard such great things about it, despite the fact that it had been cancelled and uncancelled. But I only made it through the first season, and maybe like two episodes of the second before I lost interest to other things in my life. But a few months later, I re-acquired my taste for binging (The Sopranos, The Shield, The Wire, Season 1 of Deadwood, etc.), and about a week ago, decided to give The Killing another whirl, this time with boyfriend in for extra commentary enjoyment.

The big difference this time around is that The Killing was cancelled again last year, but this time picked up by Netflix. Netflix is a hell of a drug an animal. The online network (I think we can pretty much call it that now, or at least we should considering it now has at least four shows under its belt—I’m counting the last season of Arrested Development and The Killing here) helped produce the season 3, the last one that aired on television, and then took over the helm when AMC decided to cancel the show again, this time for good.  Read the rest of this entry »

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