Weekly Gif Roundup #89: No hard feelings, but I hate you. Not joking. Bye!

Hey, guys! A fairly full roundup for you this week, with most fall shows getting back in the swing of things. Look for Castle, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Mindy Project, The Vampire Diaries, Sleepy Hollow, Hawaii Five-0, SNL, Parks and Rec, a little from SHIELD and The Originals. As always, you can find me on twitter to make requests, let me know what I should be including that I’m not, or just to tell me how awesome I am. I’m not picky, really. You can use the comments here too. I’m always lurking around. Come talk to me! Hmmm, maybe this gifset wasn’t the most appropriate for right here, right now. I heart you, I promise!


Castle! We knew Rick wasn’t going to die, but I do love to see everyone get all emotional about stuff.


<3 <3

Sleepy Hollow! Crane is smitten, guys. And I effing love every little moment.


No gifs of the creepy sandman cause I don’t really want nighmares, thanks.


Yes, I will call him Ichy from now on.

He’s so protective ugh just smack me. Also, that’s totally the first time Crane has seen a bra, right? Bwaha.


Ichy vs energy drink!! Perfect.

When are they going to get the poor man some new clothes?? I need a shopping montage.


It’s sort of bananas how into this whole ship I am with just a few episodes. And as a bonus, the show is super fun!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Still enjoying it. Anyone else watching?


Gina is the best part of the whole show.

SHIELD! The only memorable thing to happen in this boring episode.

Mindy Project! What did they do to Casey? Weirdo. Mindy’s medium length hair is cute though!

Adam Pally!!!



I’d totally get fake gay married to weirdo Morgan if The National was about to serenade me.

New Girl! My life is empty without Nick Miller.

I’m so happy the cat has stuck around. I love his little smooshy face. Also, I think Winston and I are becoming a little too similar.

Excuse me?! WHY would anyone want to have no-kiss-sex with Nick Miller?!

WHY? SEE! Dude. Nick Miller kisses are clearly life altering.


So many good lines came from this week, but is one of my favorites.


The amazing Jake Johnson, ladies and gentlemen.

Um yep, Winston and me. *Cue Single Ladies dance*

Parks and Rec! Can I have my own Ben Wyatt?

TVD! I’m not watching again this season, so if there’s something specific from the episode, you guys can request it, yeah?


The Originals! Not watching this either, but Daniel Gillies is pretty.


I love this little McDanno family so much.

Danny, still an old crotchety man at heart.

The new Camero is hot hot HOT. Poor Danno, never gets to drive his own car. He looked so proud of it though!

Haven! Lucas Bryant is doing some amazing things this season. And he’s wearing a leather jacket that I kinda wanna put my hands all over.


This Jennifer/Duke thing is super adorable and I’m 100% behind it.

jdfhs;fhj;kfjckjdkf His face though!


OF COURSE. Why did we expect anything else? Sigh.


How many Breaking Bad references will TV make as a whole this year? It might be astronomical.

That’s it from me. SO MUCH new stuff premieres this week so I’m sure next roundup will be a doozy. Make sure you get your requests in so I don’t miss anything. And stick around for a few minutes in the comments. I’d love to talk TV with you! I promise I don’t bite, and neither do my regular comment BFFs Patty and Angie. We’d love for you to join us. Which new shows have made it through the early fall season unscathed? Have you abandoned anything yet? Have a great week!

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