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Hey everyone!  Thursday nights are officially fun again (although I’m back to avoiding Vampire Diaries spoilers like the plague, but I’ll live).  NBC returned with a full slate last night, well, except for Perfect Couples, which finished its run last week with Vance and Amy’s non-wedding that I didn’t bother writing about.  Instead, they aired the pilot episode of Paul Reiser’s new show which I must confess I have not yet seen, so you will not find it amongst the reviews below.  Was it good?  I have a feeling it wasn’t good, even though I know the awesome Larry David had a cameo.  I’ll catch it over the weekend and decide if I’ll be adding it to the Thursday posts, but do let me know your thoughts on the matter, if you choose to have any.

Overall, the shows were all pretty good tonight, but the big love goes out to Parks and Recreation for an episode that should have been called ‘Awesomesauce’, and The Office (is this a controversial opinion?  I feel like it might be, but I don’t care because I really loved it).  So, everyone form a trust circle around me, and let’s dig into our emotions about last night:


Oh my god, you guys.  If I could have taken a course analyzing the intricacies of ‘Who’s The Boss’ I would have been valedictorian of my university, for realz.  I could teach a course just on the changing hairstyles and fashions of Samantha Micelli alone.  Of course, the entire class from what we saw was a philosophical excersice in determining who WAS the boss.  While the prof thought there was no definitive answer, Abed convinced everyone that empirically, the boss was in fact Angela Bower (damn straight – she didn’t slave away at Wallace & McQuaid all those years and then form The Bower Agency for nothing). 

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Last night was a pretty entertaining evening for the NBC comedies.  Avery forced Liz and Jack to define their relationship and set some boundaries.  Jim and Pam had a hipster christening for CeeCee where Jim temporarily lost the baby, Michael temporarily lost his mind (again) and Toby had a crisis of faith.  On Community, Troy and Jeff found a secret trampoline paradise while Abed became Greendale’s Queen Mean Girl until Hilary Duff shut him down.  Click the jump for some of the night’s best lines:

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It’s a special Halloween edition of NBC’s Thursday night shows, minus 30 Rock which sadly was preempted by Scared Shrekless, which I didn’t watch (never seen a Shrek movie, so why start now?).  Greendale Community College had a zombie apocalypse, a (very) Sexy Dracula, an unlikely hookup (looks like Shirley found some room for a little spare Chang in her…nevermind), and hardly any Chevy Chase (just me, or does he annoy the fuck out of you on this show too?).

Dunder Mifflin faced some inter-office politics amid a costume contest for which the winner would be awarded $15,000 in valuable local business coupons.  Oh, and Todd Packer returned to class up the joint with his trouser mouse.  All that and not one, but two male Gagas (alas, no meat dress).  And as usual, the 9:30 slot remained dead to me, in hopeful anticipation of the Parks & Rec return.  So everyone practice your vertical fold and underwater apple eating and let’s dive into some of the night’s best lines:

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30 Rock. She’s your pube shirt.

Last season, 30 Rock was the show I watched first on Thursdays.  As I’m firmly in the “save the best for last” camp, this isn’t a good thing.  I’ve always liked the show, but never as much as The Office or, as of last season, Parks & Rec and Community.  Last season in particular, the show (like The Office) started to slide in quality and it became the thing to watch before I watched the shows that I really loved.  Last night’s premiere however was in top form.  I laughed a LOT, and the killer one-liners came faster than Pete while sleep-raping his wife.  I loved Jenna as the highly effective producer, and was almost as sad as Pete to see the role come to an end by the close of the episode.  The Tracy and Kenneth thing didn’t do it as much for me, but that’s okay.

The two main storylines, Liz dealing with her overly-emotional pilot boyfriend Carol (Matt Freaking Damon) and Jack using his Fabian Strategy to try to win a home décor war with Avery were both really strong.  I especially loved Alec Baldwin in the episode – first with his vacation look at the beginning (“You sound weird.  Did you grow a beard?”), then giving himself the title Daddy Bear before flirting hardcore with Avery’s decorator.  Alec Baldwin = sexy gay Daddy Bear; who knew?  So yeah, 30 Rock is off to a really strong start this season.  I’ll be even happier when Kenneth is safely back at NBC – I don’t care how many Mentalist tote bags he gets from CBS – it’s just not the same without him.

For the rest of the night’s lineup, follow the jump!

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Editors Note: Great apologies to Nikki Z, who got this recap in on time like a true champ.  It was all my doing and my out of town shenanigans that it’s getting to you late, but as always, it’s hilarious, so enjoy it and blow it up on the comments! –SB


That was my reaction to the very end of the season finale.  You know what I’m talking about.  I will repeat it for dramatic effect:


You guys…you know I love Jeff /Britta and I so wanted to see them confess their undying love for each other (preferably while Joel McHale is shirtless) by the end of this season.  I know … I know what you’re thinking “it’s not all about you and what you want Nikki Z.  Jesus fuck get over yourself”.  And, I know that there is a huge fan base out there that was routing for Jeff/Annie all along.  There’s been all kinds of sexual tension building up ever since the debate team episode between those two and I have to admit I saw it coming.  But I never jumped on the Jeff/Annie ship.  I think Jeff and Annie being together is creepy.  Like Joey/Rachel creepy … you know what I mean?  I just don’t get it.  But, whatever.  I didn’t ever get what I want.  Jeff and Annie sucked face and there is nothing that I can do about it now.  FML.

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Okay, let’s just be honest here, my expectations for this week’s Community were not high because – what could fucking top last week’s Modern Warfare episode?  I mean, it’s not often that a show like Community pulls off a fucking EPIC episode like that so I definitely wasn’t expecting anything special this time around.  And, this week’s episode pretty much lowered itself down to my already low expectations.  It was OK, you know … but not piss my pants funny or anything.

Oh, and I kinda freaked out last night because I thought it was the season finale – but I checked NBC website and NEXT week is the finale. Phew.  That would have sucked.  Hopefully next week the show redeems itself.  I have faith, do you?

So, anyway, it’s finals time at Greendale Community College and the gang is preparing not only for their Spanish final, but also for the end of the school year and the end of their Spanish class together.  Annie is trying desperately to find a way to keep the group together next year so she cashes in on an opportunity to force EVERYONE to repeat Spanish 102 when she finds out Senor Chang is not really a Spanish teacher.  Jeff goes all Law And Order on Annie, forcing the group to ice her out while they try to study for their final they are doomed to fail.  On the side, Troy and Abed are pretty much reenacting all of the pivotal scences from Good Will Hunting which, can I just say … I LOVE that movie.  I cry every I see it and not just at certain parts (“it’s not your fault” *sobs*) but pretty much throughout the entire fucking  movie.  Plus, Matt Damon looks smoking hot in Good Will Hunting, with his thick Boston accent and all.  I have a thing for accents.  Except Chicago accents … because I hear that shit all the time.  An English accent pretty much put me over the edge.   Hmmmm … now I’m thinking of Matt Smith from Doctor Who saying “brilliant” over and over again.  Oops … sorry … there’s my ADD rearing it’s ugly head … back to the show!!!

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Unfortunately, I am not a huge action film freak so I didn’t really getall of the movie references in this week’s Community episode, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think it was the most fucking awesome episode of the season.  Epic fucking awesomeness that people will talk about for years to come.  OK, maybe that last sentence was a little over the top, but I haven’t laughed so hard at a 30 minute sitcom in a VERY long time.  There was just SO much in this episode.  Not only did I finally get my Britta/Jeff moment (can I get a WOO WOO – God, I am a fucking dork) but the paintball battle was brilliant.  And Jeff was shirtless.  Everything about this episode was bad ass.  I can’t think of a single thing that I didn’t like.  The set looked fucking bad ass.  Everyone had a modern warfare look going on, which was fucking bad ass.  I think you are going to read that phrase quite a bit in this post.  Bad ass.

But, first off, I want to talk about Jeff and Britta.  Anyone who has read my posts in the past knows that I totally love Jeff and Britta together.  (dare I say Jitta or Briff – no, never mind, I hate those stupid fucking name combinations).  I am really glad the writers gave Jeff and Britta a chance to become good friends before they sexed it up.  Their little pre-sex “you’re not so bad yourself” talk was sweet and I think these two do really care about each other.  The whole relationship has become really cute without making me want to throw up in my mouth from gooeyness.  I know that Community isn’t the Jeff and Britta show (although I would totally still watch it if it was) but I hope that we get to see more of whatever these two have going on before the end of the season.  What do you think will happen?  Do you think Jeff and Britta will just be completely “over it” because now they did it and there’s no more sexual tension?  I hope not…but who am I?

And…the rest of the episode .. what can I say … BAD ASS.  From the beginning, when Abed resuced Jeff with that super-stealth-wall-kick-move to the final battle scene with Senor Chang in the study room – just bad ass.  I loved when Jeff, Troy and Abed took out the Chess club.  I loved how the girls were staking out the men’s bathroom.   I loved when the group took out the Glee club.   I loved the whole freaking episode.  I really wish I knew more about the movie references though.  I know there was some Die Hard and Rambo in there, but that’s about all I know.  What about you guys?  Can you name the movie references?  What were your favorite lines of the night?

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In this week’s episode of Community, Britta goes against her nature and attempts to be funny but instead ends up dumping a dead guy out a window.  Jeff and Troy fuck with Pierce by dressing him up like the Cookie Crisp Wizard.  Annie and Shirley duke it out for the “Biggest Badass” title and take Abed along for the ride.   Let’s get our Community on!

In the beginning of the show, the Dean warns the Greendale campus of the dangers of April Fool’s Day pranks.  I would like to state for the record that I FUCKING  HATE APRIL FOOL’S DAY.  There, I said it.  I am the ultimate party-pooper (or buzzkill, like Britta) when it comes to pranks/practical jokes.  I swear I must have a pick-on-me-I’m-a-fucking-wienie tatoo on my forehead that is only visible to bullies because I am always the fool-ee, never the fool-er.  Anyway, Shirley and Annie decide to play rent-a-cop and end up duking it out over who’s the biggest badass.   In my professional TV-watching opinion Shirley is the bigger Bad Ass.  See, I happen to know that being a mother has the tendency to make you absolutely bat shit crazy and Shirley could use that pent up frustration that she can’t take out on her kids unless she wants a visit from Child Protective Services to get all Barney-Bad-Ass as a campus rent-a-cop.

So, Jeff and Troy call Britta out as a buzzkill, which I can totally relate to.  I cannot tell a joke.  I cannot tell a funny story.  I try to be the funny one at work and in social settings and I fail miserably every time.  Being a buzzkill sucks and I totally get where Britta is coming from.  And, I can totally see myself doing something as stupid as trying to kidnap a lab frog and accidentally dropping a dead body out a window.  The Dean gets so pissed off he declares April 1st as March 32nd – FOREVER!  Yes!  Shirley and Annie take on the task of finding out who is responsible for the dead body on the lawn.  Britta tries to frame Jeff and the funniest part of the episode is when Shirley and Annie try to frisk Jeff!  You can tell the actors are just laughing their asses off trying to get through the scene.  I love when that happens.  And Abed.  God, I love Abed.  His role in this episode was perfect.

Oh, yeah … Troy and Jeff fuck with Pierce by dressing him up like the Cookie Crisp Wizard when he brags about being a Level 6 Buddhist or something.  I don’t really know anything about Buddhism … but I do know all about Cookie Crisp and that costume and cookie wand was fucking awesome.

In the end, Annie slams Jeff’s head into a desk!  Yes … it was hilarious!  Then Britta admits that she is the culprit and starts crying about how she wants to be funny so everyone will like her.  And then everybody starts crying because they come to the realization that they are trying to be something they are not to impress the rest of the group.  And the moral of the story is:  just be yourself.

Best lines of the night:

Troy:  You’re more of a fun vampire, because you don’t suck blood.  You just suck.

Dean:  I’ll just get my groceries in a better neighborhood this week.

Jeff:  Britta, why waste your time envying my gift for levity when there is so much you could be doing with your severity?

Britta:  You know what?  My prank is going to cause a sea a laughter and I am gonna watch you drown in it.

Annie:  The only reason I slammed Jeff’s head into the table is because I wanted to feel like an adult.

What did you guys think of the episode?  Do you remember the Cookie Crisp mascot as a wizard or burglars?  Do you think animals in people close are hilarious?  And most importantly, are there any Level 6 Laser Lotuses among us?  Comments!

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Hey guys!  Hulu was a real lifesaver for me this week as far as getting to watch the Thursday NBC shows.  I’ve still got a lot of packing to do today, so I’m going to make this quick and do a combo post for all of them.  Hopefully you guys aren’t all discussed out on this, but if you are, I understand.  Or if your boyfriend is really into March Madness and it has kind of turned your brain into mush, well … I understand that too.  But, as Marvin Gaye would tell us, let’s get it on.  Shall we?

First of all, Community.  You know, in general, I’m not a fan of Tony Hale as a guest star on things because all I see is Buster Bluth, or variations of Buster Bluth, like Meaner Buster Bluth (Emmet Milbarge) or Angry Buster Bluth (Pottery Teacher), but you know … I can deal because I was so entertained by the dashiki and by the No Ghosting Rule, and his fight with Jeff was HILARIOUS, mostly because when Jeff was so pissed that he was storming out but stopped mid-storm to sing The Righteous Brothers … hee!  Priceless!  It was generally a good plot, and had a lot of good little moments, like Abed using voiceovers as a crutch and Annie totally jacking off her clay.  And I liked little Jeff Winger too.

The B-plot was slightly weaker but I still enjoyed it and thought it had a lot of good moments as well, like Shirley assuming Troy couldn’t swim and Troy calling her a racist, and Pierce rowing his boat back to the main ship, although his rowboat capsizing was a little too Chevy Chasey for me, which is a common complaint I have with Pierce.  Although anything that manages to really incorporate Starburns into our lives is good for me.  Sidenote: me and Billy went out with our friends last night, and one of them was really encouraging him to grow his chops in and shave them into starburns, and this is an idea that I must support on principle.

Parks & Recreation was amazing as always, and honestly, I can barely comprehend that there was an episode  that Andy Samberg was a guest star on and he was the LEAST funny part.  I fucking love Andy Samberg, everything about him–I own Hot Rod and I laugh my ass off at most of his digital shorts, and in fact find myself regularly singing Shy Ronnie around the house–and I STILL maintain my previous statement.  Crazy!  Also crazy is that who could have possibly guessed that NOT making fun of Jerry would be as funny or funnier than making fun of Jerry?  My mind is seriously blown.  The ripping of the pants and the fart, all at the same time, and everyone’s facial expressions–PERFECTLY played.  I mean, the pants gag wouldn’t be NEARLY as funny if they had been able to make obvious jokes about something so over the top.  Incredible.

I also continue to love Andy and April, and I’m even still enjoying the love triangle, which I feel is pretty hard to pull off.  I like that Ann is starting to have some second thoughts, especially as she sees Andy being more considerate to April than he ever was to her.  And the band name discussion cracked me up too.  Baby in a Straightjacket … me and Billy are constantly naming bands in our heads, but he never likes the ones I come up with.  I, however, know in my heart that they are awesome.

I also actually really enjoyed The Office also, even as complaints about it continue to rise, and I swear that I get that.  And it was totally uncomfortable, and Michael was an asshole in the worst possible way.  But I did like the tension between Michael and Dwight, and the fight at the dump, and the battle in the office over the leads and how to placate the rest of the staff, and that what ultimately did it was an offering of pastries.  Hee!  Pastries go so far in an office environment, as any office drone can tell you.  There isn’t much I won’t forgive in the name of doughnuts.

And I liked Andy and Erin’s first kiss happening at the dump.  When he looked at her and said, “You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met,” it was so sincere and such a genuine compliment that he delivered with such feeling that how could you NOT be won over?  Of course it was totally awkward when he gave one of his “doo doo de doos” at the end, but then if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be Andy, right?

And 30 Rock has been on a pretty good roll the last few episodes, which is good because at the beginning of this season, I was just over it.  But going back to Jenna’s stalker episode, I’ve been really entertained, and this storyline with Liz and Wesley has been pretty great.  And I LOVED how annoyed Wesley was by the hot tub being instantly hot when it was turned on.  You all KNOW that would be something that would irk me.  And I love the idea of settling soulmates–I hope he really IS back for sweeps and I want to see how it all turns out.  Yeah, that’s right–I’m invested in a 30 Rock storyline now.  Whaaaa?  It’s like me and 30 Rock are falling in love all over again … you know.  Settling soulmate love. :)

Oh, and you know what else?  I’m not usually that entertained by Don Geiss storylines unless the crazy is really ratcheted up by Kathy Geiss or Devin Banks (who, by the way, I was disappointed wasn’t there), but that effigy of him looking like Han Solo was HILARIOUS.  Loved that.

Alright, gotta wrap this up so I can watch The Amazing Race (since my DVR isn’t plugged in!).  What did you guys think?  Good night of comedies?  Favorite moments or lines?  Stuff I missed?  You know the drill.  Comments!

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Professor McSlutty breaks up with Jeff.  THANK GOD!  Jeff goes and screws Pierce’s thieving ex-stepdaughter.  Abed bonds with Shirley and her boys over a cousin in a burka and ding dongs.  Britta is abused by Troy’s crazy-ass Nana.  Senor Chang gets in a throw down with Pierce.  AND the writers have the audacity to disrespect Glee!  WTF?  Let’s get our Community on!

I spent the first few hours of my day writing a Debby Downer-esque post about why I am so dissapointed in this show (all while pretending to work, I’ll have you know).  It was a really great post chalked full of Friends comparisions and Seinfeld references, but I erased it because it was just too damn depressing and apparently I have some major psychological issues that I need to tend to.  Plus, you guys don’t come here to read the rantings of a barely coherent crazy person, right? [Trust me when I say, if they’re reading this blog right now, that is EXACTLY what they come here for. –SB]

So, I am trying to stay positive about Community, but I can’t help the fact that I wasn’t all that into last night’s episode.  I mean, I think Pierce had some pretty great lines.  I loved the Pictionary scene, especially when the cop said something about the problem with racism never being solved until Pictionary bans the word windmill.  HA!  Now that I think of it, this episode was full of some really great politically incorrectness that I would love to discuss further, but my brain is not functioning correctly so I just can’t go there right now.  Please feel free to discuss among yourselves. 

I’m obviously happy that the Professor McSlutty/Jeff ship finally sank.  For the love of all that is holy – I really hope the writers leave that ship on the bottom of the ocean where it belongs.  Was I happy that Jeff went out and got busy with Katherine McPhee on the same day McSlutty dumped him?  Not really.   But, that’s Jeff, right?  And on that note, does NBC have something against janitors?  Because I SWEAR every NBC show has some horndogs fucking in a broom closet.  I went to community college and I never had sex anywhere on campus … let alone a broom closet!  Am I a prude or is Jeff a fucking manwhore?  And why does this college enroll so many sluts?  Why didn’t Greendale accept MY fucking application?   

BTW, can we talk about Katherine McPhee’s hair?  Love it or hate it?  I liked it from the front, but not so much from the back.  (That’s what she said.)  God, I’m a dork.

Anywaaayyyyyy, best lines of the night: 

Senor Chang:  Hey, Phantom Menace, how’s the trade embargo with Naboo?

Jeff :  Disappointing you is like choking the Little Mermaid with a bike chain.

So, what do you think of Community so far?  What were your favorite lines from this episode?  Are you getting bored with this show?   Can you help me out with some comments today because I’m having a slight mental breakdown and my brain hurts?  Thanks.  You’re the best.  No pressure.

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