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HUGE thanks to Seels, who is going to be taking on White Collar indefinitely–at least as long as I can keep her tamper-proof anklet on her!  Give her lots of comment love and let her know how awesome she is! –SB

Okay, so White Collar welcomed us in to 2010 by answering some of the questions we had.

1. Is Kate evil? Yes, probably. Not just too much eyeliner evil either, like real, honest to goodness (or badness) evil. Does this make her marginally more interesting? Also a yes.
2. Is Peter evil? Hmmm…probably not. But he does seem pretty damn smart.
3. Is a chess metaphor cliché? Yes, yes it is. But you know… Matt Bomer is back on our screens, so …

I like how the show shoved us right on in to what is happening. Mozz is funny and he lays it on the line (and/or chessboard) to Neil on the fact that whether or not Neil thinks so, it’s possible that Peter isn’t on his side.  The next scene doesn’t dispute this when Peter convinces another FBI agent, Agent Landry, that he wants Neil on a boiler room case. Peter later tells Landry all about Neil’s situation, and in hindsight, it was a smart way to recap the premise of the show for the winter premiere. But Peter also tells Landry that Kate is ‘no longer an issue’. Interesting!

I don’t know enough about FBI speak, so are all boiler room cases about stocks?

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Hey peeps!  As I suspected I might be, I’m totally behind on my TV watching for the weekend.  I was just too busy being awesome and watching the Colts being awesome, what can I say?  I haven’t seen this episode of White Collar yet, an issue I hope to resolve by tomorrow, but in the meantime Seels has very graciously offered to write this post so everyone who has seen it can get a jump on discussing it.  She’s totally awesome, right?  So go get started in the comments, and I’ll join you as a regular viewer as soon as I get it watched!

First off, who doesn’t love a CLUE reference, right? Amazing game, amazing movie. But speaking of amazing games, this episode finds Peter and Neal in an artifacts and smuggling ring. Toss in the State Department and some crying women, and we’ve got ourselves a pretty good story.

I love how Neal was like “We have clerks for that.” Uh, that ‘we’ you are referring to is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I like when Peter is like “I’ve got you.” Ha!

As far as the bad guy, Ames, any law man that says something like, “I’m glad to know justice will prevail,” is pretty much obviously a tool and guilty. I didn’t see how the journalist will get off scot free, so it was nice when justice DID prevail in the end, even if it was aided by Mozz running over people in limos.

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