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American Idol returned with new judges and while most thought it was going to be a disaster, they’re doing a pretty decent job.  Who knew Randy could actually be a decent judge?  I guess Simon was stifling his honest juices (eww!) and/or they finally got him off the weed.  Knock on wood, I haven’t heard “dawg” come out of his mouth in a long time.  Jenny from the Block has been inconsistent, but she brings the nice with some constructive criticism thrown in.  Much better than Paula in that regard.  Thank goodness we have Steven Tyler to bring the crazy.  It’s like they took all the old judges’ quirks, threw them in a pot, added a singer, pseudo-singer/actress/fly girl, and a bassist for Journey and pulled out a decent judging panel.  I miss Simon’s strange analogies, but we can’t have it all.  So here’s my take on the Top 11.

*Note to all Idol contestants, friends and family of said contestants, and fans.  All observations and snark contained herein is all for fun.  I am in no way trying to be horribly mean.  That being said, anyone who allows a munchkin to do their makeup, and I’m talking to you J. Lo, has no one to blame but themselves.*

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You know, I don’t think I’ve really ENJOYED American Idol since the Clay season, and I usually swear it off, but occasionally I get sucked back in, usually because someone I live with is watching it.  In this case, Billy was watching it last night and I have a feeling this may become a habit, so I suppose I should just surrender to my fate now.  He’s so WEIRD about what he watches–sometimes I’m not surprised (i.e. Deadliest Warrior, which is awesome) and other times I’m totally shocked (Idol). 

Anyway, Mindy, who was doing Always Sunny for us, e-mailed me yesterday and asked if we were going to cover it.  I guess since Always Sunny wrapped up the season, she has some time on her hands!  I told her I wasn’t sure if anyone around here watched Idol, but I’d put it to a poll and find out if you guys are interested in having us post about it. 

So here’s the poll–be sure to vote and share any additional thoughts in the comments.  I’d like to get a feel for this today so that Mindy has enough warning if she needs to be watching, so get on the stick! 


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