Project Runway. Skunk is the new black.

So after I watched the end of this episode, I realized that maybe I shouldn’t be recapping this show,  as it seems I have no taste in fashion whatsoever. So far this year, I haven’t been too impressed with the winners of each challenge. In fact, I’ve been dead wrong.  The good thing that came out of this week is that I do believe I may have chosen a mortal enemy.

You all know what I mean; every once in awhile, there is just one designer that makes you tune in, just to hope for his or her failure, but also to secretly revel in the evil they seem to cause each week, knowing full well that it will be many moons until the judges actually kick them off, on account of the great ratings they get.  Wendy, Santino, Irina, and now this year’s…


While I certainly find other designers annoying (Jesse), they so far have not stirred up the level of disgust that Mila does.  But more on that later!
For this week’s challenge, the designers were paired up with partners, and that is always fun, because it’s always interesting to see who THEY think are weak designers, AKA, who is picked last in designer world dodgeball.  This week’s fat kids were Jesse and Anna Marie. I already mentioned that Jesse is pretty annoying. I do think Anna Marie is very sweet. I am sure she got first place at the state fair for her 4-H project, too.

The task was to create a signature couture look with $500. But of course there was a twist, and this week’s second challenge was to create an every day look for $50 using ANOTHER team’s couture look as inspiration. But it’s no surprise that some teams worked better together than others.
Amy/Jesus:  The couture look they designed was okay. I didn’t care for the halter style of the back. All in all, it was mostly fine, and they were safe.  I actually liked their $50 look, with the pants and sleeveless tank. It was the best adaptation of a couture look, in my opinion.

Mila/Jonathan: It is interesting to me that the judges didn’t care for the every day look that these two created. But as interesting as THAT was, it’s NOTHING compared to the WTF moment that came down the runway from Mila. The model turned the corner and I laughed, I was so horrified by it, and then she turned around, and there was a huge white stripe down the back that looked like a skunk’s back and tail. That the judges loved it was just astounding to me. Let’s not for get the atrocious white racing stripes down the sides of the pant legs.

Janeane/ Ben:  Janeane’s gown was interesting, but not necessarily high fashion. Ben really intrigues me (50) because his designs are very edgy. So far he’s managed to be safe each week, so it will be interesting to see what happens when the pool dwindles down. He’ll either be awesome or it will be very clear that he’s secretly crazy and just somehow has managed to get through for the past three challenges.  Either way, they are safe this week, possibly because they played it pretty safe.

Emilio/Anna Marie :  I thought both of their designs were pretty safe, and honestly, if I hadn’t watched and paid attention, I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed the differences in their $500 look and their $50 look. I liked the off the shoulder belted one better. I thought the fabric was cool. I would wear that. Even though Anna Marie was picked last, she and Emilio made a good enough team to keep them safe for another round.
Jay Nicolas/Maya: Jay Nicolas had immunity this week, so Maya decided that she should lead the team, seeing as how if it came down to it, she’d be the one forced to defend herself. Good call. I think that Maya may be my favorite right now.  Therefore, JN made the $50 designed dress, and it was fine.  Maya’s couture look was amazing, I thought. I loved the dark colors and Nina and I agreed that the super thin strap on the slim side was very modern and pretty. This was the winner, in my book. But what the heck do I know, apparently?

Ping/Jesse: Ah, Ping! I had a mean joke about wondering if she also cuts her own hair planned, but I mostly felt so sorry for her that in the end, I didn’t think it was right. From the start, Jesse was NOT interested in being her partner, and then PingPong (Thanks, Patty!) misplaced her sketch book and almost lost the money, and was just off the chain basically. But she  really seems like a super sweet person. I actually liked the idea of her dress, and thought it was pretty, and I thought the neckline was divine,  but the design and manufacturing just did not impress the judges. Jesse’s design was fine, but let’s not any of us go and think that he’s as all that as he thinks he is, mmmkay? Possible conspiracy note; maybe he and the model conspired against Ping! And WTF that model just blurting out her opinions on the whole thing! Just because they have their own show, I don’t see why they should get to sway the judges one way or the other. Are any of us watching Models of the Runway? If so, am I being crazy in thinking the models are getting kind of big for their size 00 britches?

Anthony/Seth Aaron :  I didn’t think their dress was in the bottom, at all. But the judges disagreed and Kors commented that it’s just way too costumey. I guess I can see that, and it’s not exactly couture, but well, not the worst thing. Interesting that Anthony tried to get some critique by asking the judges what THEY would do differently. The panel was like, “Um, that’s not the point of the show. You have to have the designs.” Well, okay then. Seth Aaron didn’t fare much better, as the judges did not care for his $50 look.
In the end, it was Ping who was Auf’d, but don’t cry for her. She wants us all to remember Happy Ping, not Sad Ping.
And the winner was Mila, who now has immunity. Well, that’s fine for her. But I’ll be keeping an eye on her next week and then really watching in two weeks to root for her demise. It is on, Mila. It is so on.
What did you think? Have you found a favorite? A nemesis? A dress for the prom? Comments!

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  • Patty

    Oh crazy Ping Pong! Learn to sew, baby! If her dress had any actual construction in it? It might have been interesting. I can totally can see the issue with whoever was wearing it having to hold the swag thing. What a pain in the ass. Be if I have a toga party any time soon? Ping Pong can be the go to designer!

    I thought Mila’s jacket thing was hideous. I thought almost everything was bad. Ill fitting and the colors were crazy. Too much black and yellow (which always reminds me on a bee) and that black and peach stuff was kind of goth vomity.

    Is Anne Marie the really quiet one that does’t have alot of experience? I like that one. There are still too many designers. I wish they would have booted off two last night. Ping Pong and that cry baby she was teamed with.

  • Tamara

    You are SO right, that skunk jacket was hideous. It really gets me how they’re like “women totally want to wear that.” NO WE DON’T.

    I didn’t like much of anything last night. I’m quite surprised Maya didn’t win, her dress was at least kind of daring. But, seriously, this is the most boring season ever. Even Michael and Nina aren’t bringing the funny. What gives?

  • Angie

    My favorite part of last night was Anthony’s “Stop acting up in front of company” when Tim Gunn was there.

    I need Tim Gunn to be my life coach.

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