Weekly Gif Roundup #11: No touching just makes it hotter.

Hello, friends! How was your weekend? Hopefully better than mine! I have bronchitis and can’t stop coughing. Which means no sleep, and I’m here being miserable at work while being shunned by my coworkers. I know what will make me feel better though – GIFS! Yippie! It was a slow week for new episodes, so I’ll make this roundup quick and maybe even give a little extra attention to some shows that I can sometimes neglect. Join me!

One show that I never forget is Hart of Dixie. New episodes started last week and we here at OCTV couldn’t be more thrilled! Unfortunately, Wade was not shirtless, naked or wet but it was still a fantastic all around episode.

*whispers* I love you…

Here’s some more of Wade’s face, just because. He really does have the best face.

I almost forgot Being Human was back, it was gone for so long between seasons. It’s only two episodes in and I feel like we’re missing the connection between the main three so far. Everyone has their own craziness going on, but I need Aidan, Josh and Sally to come together more and help each other out.

White Collar is back after one of those annoying hiatuses that cable networks love. It’s great to have the ridiculously pretty Matt Bomer back. This past week, Neal embedded himself at a fancy private school as a teacher. He wore glasses and recited poetry; It was lovely.


James Marsden on 30 Rock? Yes, that was a total surprise to me too. His character’s name is Criss Chros. Awesome.

Will Arnett returned as Devin Banks.

Parks and Rec gave us this perfect Ron Swanson line.

A show that I absolutely love but usually don’t usually include is Fringe. I’d hate to neglect our Canadian golden boy, Josh Jackson. Handporn!

The handsome Stranger on Once Upon a Time is still a stranger. At least we know he’s a writer and… a thief?

Oh and we got more cute hat wearing Mary Margaret and cheater David secret kissing.

I’ll leave you guys this time with a little bonus gif from The SAG Awards. Patrick J. Adams was nominated for his work on Suits. A win was a long shot of course, but it was great to see him all handsome and suited up. Can’t wait for Suits to come back in the summer!

I know it was a little slim pickings this week, but I promised you guys WAAADE! and I couldn’t let you down. What were your favorite moments from the past week? As always, comment or find me on twitter if I’ve missed something, or you have a request for next week’s roundup. Please leave me a comment and we’ll chat about how perfect Wilson Bethel’s face is, how Matt Bomer should wear glasses all the time, and how desperately we all miss Suits. Thanks guys, hugs to you all!

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  • http://twitter.com/sjopierce SJP

    Highlight for me this week? Patrick J. Adams. I’m still fanning myself from those guitar gifs yesterday. I need Mike back NOW!

  • http://twitter.com/KimberGracie Kimber

    Patrick J. Adams!! He’s damn adorable there, and I love that Troian is all cute too, peeking out behind him. Too bad it was all the same predictable winners AGAIN.

    Thanks for the Canadian love, and the handporn! Yay!!!

    And I completely didn’t realize that 30 Rock was back. Whoops! Guess I’ll have to start PVRing that now!

  • Anonymous

    Request!  Are there any gifs of Josh saying BONER with his hilarious face?

  • stephanie snider

    omg omg omg i love matt bomer he is adorable i could eat his face!!! and those blue eyes are penetrating!!!  and WADE !!! i love him what can u say really the man is perfection on a platter!!! And Patrick adams i love him as well!!! i miss suits soo bad  i mean really both those dudes are super sexy!!!! i love you all and thanx for making my day a little brighter!!!1 you guys rock!!!!!

  • stephanie snider

    and holy shit can i forget HOTNESS James Marsden!!!! that man is mad sexy!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Is Spencer dating that dude from Suits?  Also, why have I never seen Suits?  I think I need to correct that. 

    Bomer…gah.  I love him – he’s so beautiful and seems like the nicest person.  When is Magic Mike coming out already? 

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    I haven’t seen anything, but I’ll take a look.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    I’m always shocked to hear that people were unaware of Patrick and Troian dating. They’ve been together for quite awhile and they are king and queen of adorabletown. And yes, you NEED to watch Suits. You have a long time to properly catch up because it doesn’t even start shooting 2nd season until April. Bravo is replaying S1 right now, and will probably keep playing it until the next season. I’m sure you can find it.

    From the look of all your guys’ comments, I’ll be including Bomer in all the roundups from now on. He is devastatingly beautiful.

    White Collar is the only show that I watch that I’ve ever gotten my mom to watch. I gave her the season 1 DVD when she went on vacation and she came back and had to buy season 2. I think it’s hilarious because we have completely opposite tastes in television. She loves Dancing with the Stars and Nancy Grace and I… obviously don’t. She was really bummed out when I told her Bomer prefers men, but she still spent an entire weekend watching youtube videos of him on talk shows and singing.

  • Sarah

    Yes, watch Suits, if you haven’t already! IT’S SO VERY GOOD! Loved the P&R moment, and I’ve basically got all OUAT saved on my DVR for a catch up on some rainy day. And Hart of Dixie is obviously a show I should be watching…

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