Project Runway. The boys will like the gaping.

Y’all, I didn’t know that Project Runway eps had titles. I just figured it was like “Season Five, Episode 3” or whatevs, but this one is actually called “The Fashion Farm”. I don’t usually watch the Models of the Runway or whatever that show is, but does anyone else get the feeling that they care more about that show than this one? WTF … letting the models pick the designers they wanted?

This week’s challenge is a one day challenge to create a party-worthy look out of a potato sack. They are allowed some other materials, and in another ‘twist’, the models are also the clients. Watch out, Tim Gunn … the models are probably coming after your job next!

Onto the rest of the episode. During the time in the sewing lab/workroom, it looks like the producers are turning Mila into this year’s villain. Tim walked around and gave his ‘encouragement’ which, as always, is really barely veiled questions designed to make anyone like me feel like a failure as a person just for watching. I kid, I kid; Tim’s a good guy. His runway day tie matched the walls of the workroom. In other news, I thought it was high comedy when Jay was sitting alone in the workroom at midnight, all dramatic and what not.

There’s not much more to say about that, so let’s get on to the runway.

Anthony: I liked the deep red of the dress he made. It really fit the challenge and was a great party dress.

Ping: Oh, man. Ping seems sweet, but that dress! It was clear that she was horrified as it came down the runway, which I suppose is good.

Ben: I thought it looked like maternity wear. I didn’t like the off the shoulder look and the puffy skirt. Ben’s personality intrigues me. He is very casual but sure of himself.

Mila: I thought her dress looked so trashy! It was a terrible design that fit poorly in all the wrong places, in my opinion.

Anna Marie: Her dress design wasn’t that original, but the fit and entire package with her model was very, very good.

Jesse: I liked the vest and pants idea; it seemed original in a sea of party dresses. It really worked for his model.

Seth Aaron: He might be the snarkiest of the designers, and while I would never wear his design, I have to admit that it did represent him as a designer.

Amy: I didn’t think I was going to like her outfit, when I saw her working on it, but as it came down the runway, I thought it was a pretty well put together piece. I loved the neckline.

Janeane: I LOVED her dress. I want it. Gorgeous!

Jay Nicolas: Black and flirty is always good for a party. So nothing special, but it was good enough.

Emilio: I also liked his design very much. It didn’t look like burlap to me, and even though he had immunity, I didn’t think he missed the mark at all.

Jesus: Yeah, I would have to say that he pretty much disregarded the challenge.

Jonathan: I liked the lace up the front of this dress, but this wasn’t anything super special.

Maya: I really liked her dress also, and I think Maya might be my favorite designer right now.

Pamela: I hated the faded blue jean look. It looked cheaper than burlap! Michael Kors agreed.

Amy, Ping, Jesus, Mila, Jay Nicolas and Pamela are the six who are asked to remain. The judges loved Jay Nicolas’s dress, and they liked Mila’s dress, both of which totally surprised me. They complimented Ping on her design eye, but oh, that dress! They didn’t like Jesus’ gown much, but when they asked Amy about hers, she was able to prove that she’d really listened to her model client.

In the end (and not Ping’s model’s end), the winner was Jay Nicolas. Heidi tried to pull a fast one on us. I guess I don’t know anything about fashion, because I didn’t think it was that creative design.

And Pamela was auf’d, which was a big surprise. Not that her dress was awesome, but in a bottom three with her, Ping’s model’s butt crack and the non-burlap dress Jesus sent down the runway, I didn’t think it was the worst. But what do it know?

What did you think? Do you have a favorite? Do you have someone you KNOW you’re going to love to hate? Make it work in the comments!

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  • Patty

    There are still too many designers for me to really give a crap. That Ping Pong chick is fucking crazy. I couldn’t believe how much ass was hanging out of the back of that dress! How do you not notice that? Plus, why didn’t the model say “hey,um, I feel a really big draft on my brown eye. Can you check it please?”

  • Tamara

    The designers are so boring and I can’t tell the men apart yet. I can barely remember whose was whose except for Anthony, Amy and Seth Aaron. I literally have to go to the lifetime website and scroll through the photos again to even comment.

    I hated Pamela last week and am glad she is gone. Ping and Jesus were equally deplorable although for different reasons.

    The only redeeming thing about this season so far are Nina and Michael, but even they are holding back. Do you agree?

  • Tamara

    oh, and Patty, your comment is hilarious. :-) Ping Pong. Love it.

  • seels

    Patty, haha, awesome. But seriously. Patty, Patty, Patty. Patty who loves her TV more than any man, Patty, you need to be blogging. I know you said your job is sucking your will to live, and I am truly sorry about that as it seems to be preventing us from the full force of your awesomeness. Your comments are awesome, and I can’t wait until you can do more. Your comment exactly described the whole ep.

  • seels

    Tamara, I know what you are saying, and I agree that the judges seem to be holding back. I think it is all about Heidi and her precious models. Last season it took a long time for any designers to really stand out, and in the end no one really was awesome. So it will be interesting to see what happens this season.

  • Patty

    Seels, you are so sweet! I am a blog enabler! I love to comment and get everyone as excited about my favorite TV shows as I am! Ok and I get sucked into shows other people watch by reading their enthusiasm too!

    Who knows, maybe something will come up this summer or next fall that will inspire me to! volunteer for something. Who knows? If I can get through the next 4 months…

    Oh, and I can’t take total credit for the Ping Pong thing as it’s something that the great Angela Lansbury said in a movie that shaped my life. That’s what she called her butler in Blue Hawaii. You know, when she played Elvis Presley’s mom. The son she had when she was like 10? Watch it. It’s hilarious!

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