Modern Family. It’s hilarious. Who knew?

I caught ten minutes of the latest episode of Modern Family and I’m totally hooked.  I’m going to see if the pilot is online, and the second and third episodes are still chilling on my DVR.  Truly, I’m a TV snob.  Granted, I’m a TV snob who loves trash television and reality shows that are completely exploitive in nature, but still–SNOB.  And I only watch one show on ABC, which is Castle, which we have discussed is solely for Nathan Fillion.

So I was actually pretty stunned at how great Modern Family was, even just for the few minutes I watched it.  The Costco stuff killed me because I’m a total packrat (who will one day end up on Hoarders, see: exploitive reality shows) who NEVER leaves the store with just what she came for.  And the whole, “What do you like about me?” scene was great, as was the weird interrogation going on between the girl in glasses and the lady with the boobs.  I’ll figure out their names when I finally get this show watched, but you can be damn sure I’ll be back next week!

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