Weekly Gif Roundup #6: I’m just trying to hold it together.

Week 6 already! I’m finding it tough to wrap my brain around that. Probably in the same way I’m having trouble believing it’s actually December of 2011. Where did the year go? And why did it suck so hard, personally? Oh, I’m sorry. I should probably preface this post by saying that I’m having a horrendous day. Anger is bubbling up inside me and I’m trying desperately not to lose it here at work. So in an attempt to force the bad thoughts out and not burst into tears, I’m going to focus on sharing some of my favorite moments from this past week with you. Although it was another light week for new episodes, I’ve collected enough gifs to, hopefully, make this worth your while.

Hold it the fuck together, HBC.

Are you ready for my weekly flailfest over the beautiful Wade Kinsella? The show is not called Wade of Dixie, you say? Well, it is in my head!

They are dressed as pirates, people! PIRATES. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Lavon’s giant gold hoop earring. Now, focus on Wade’s sad face. The lost puppy face is killing me!

Okay. I’ve stepped back from the edge of the cliff. Thank you, Wilson Bethel’s chest.

Oh, Lemon. There you go, making me like you even more.

Adorable pirate pun alert! My hope is that George and Lemon stay cute and happy, just like this, so Zoe can finally open her eyes and see Wade is more than her annoying neighbor/sometimes shirtless friend.

Lavon teasing Wade is super fantastic.

Max Greenfield is killing it on New Girl every week. I’m almost ready to stop calling him Deputy Schmidt.

Greatest most pointless fight ever? This might be the perfect time for a Nick turtleface update!

Gorgeous, darling!

Maybe a little bit true? If the everyone watched Jensen Ackles do Eye of the Tiger, the world would be a happier place.

Yes, I will use any excuse to post Jensen gifs.

Skipping ahead to Thursday, we’ll start with my favorite comedy, Community.

You tell ‘em, Joel!

Abed is Batman now.

Aw Troy. He always gets so excited, only to be shot down.

Pretentious, but crazy adorable!

Jeff’s face here looks so much like his claymation character from last year’s Christmas episode. Is that a five-head, or a six-head?

This was one of my favorite scenes from Parks and Rec this week. It’s funny because there are so many of these kind of absurd laws are still in effect in real life.

The P&R section of this post would not be complete without a few Leslie and Ben kissing gifs. It’s almost tradition at this point.

If the world was fair and just, we’d all have our own real life Ben Wyatt’s.

I can’t lie guys, I have been dreading the Friday gifs. I cried softly through the entire episode of Supernatural. Then we get to the “idjit” part and I went into an ugly cry. Bobbay!

Sniff. Was anyone else turned on by angry distraught Dean as much as I was?

Jensen Ackles for all the awards! He is just SO GOOD at the angsty stuff.

Thinking about this episode is making me sad so let’s end on a positive-ish note. Bobby’s best memory.

This was the first week without The Walking Dead (and Talking Dead) until February and I’d be lying if I said my Sunday nights weren’t lacking… something. Luckily for us, Once Upon A Time was there to soften the blow.

Yeah Emma! That’s exactly the same face we made when we heard who the Sheriff was sleeping with too!

Uh huh. Admire that pretty face!

Ugh! That stupid fucking windmill, right?! They could be so perfect together.

Alright, that’s it for this week’s roundup. You know the drill folks! Whore it up in the comments and make me feel better about my lowly existence. You can send your requests during the week to me on twitter (follow me!) or drop me a line in the comments if I’ve missed something from this week you still want to see. I’ll do my best to find it.

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  • http://twitter.com/ReelStina Lemonade

    Sorry you had such a sucky day, hopefully having a brand new HoD ep cheered you up. Wade Kinsella does work wonders. :)  And those Lade (Lavon + Wade) bromance gifs are truly hilarious.  

    You are totally right about Max Greenfield.  This is the first post-VMars role of his where I haven’t thought of him as Deputy Leo.  Why is that?  Because Schmidt happens! (sorry, I couldn’t resist) :D  That Midori Sours fight will never get old.

    With all these mid-season finales airing, I’m sad we’re going to be running out of shows to watch soon.  But I’m glad we at least have these gif roundups to go back to, so we can drool over the old episodes. Haha 

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    Where is everyone????

    Great post.  I too had a somewhat suckass Monday followed by a decent Monday night of TV with my husband, Steve (the TV.  yes, he has a name) 

    OK, I am one of the assholes that does not watch Community but I love the first gif of Joel is HILARIOUS!And, as far as I am concerned, you can add random gifs of Jensen any fucking time you want.

    I have a holiday helatus request: Christmas post!!!!!

    I am going to go back and look at Wilson’s chest now.

  • http://twittter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Thanks Lemonade! Yes, Wade helped last night, but there was a serious lack of Wade/Zoe scenes for my taste. But the end? AHh. I’m just trying not to think about how long we have to wait for a new episode.

    I am a little worried about running out of shows to include next time. We’ll see what airs.

  • http://twittter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    No one loves me, Patty! haha Just kidding, the post went up kinda late yesterday due to my shittiness.

    That Joel gif is pretty amazing-fantastic. It’s from the TV Guide video of them celebrating their cover win. It’s really funny, even if you don’t watch Community. We’re going to have to get you into the show during the hiatus.

    Christmas post? What would that entail exactly? How about just a roundup post of Wilson Bethel? Collecting hundreds of gifs for that is something I could get behind… Or um, in front.. What? HE’S HOT OKAY!?


  • http://twitter.com/sjopierce SJP

    Great post! Though it feels so empty without Happy Endings/Brad included. Damn off week!

    The Schmidt/Nick Midori fight is my absolute favorite. I could watch that scene FOREVER.

  • http://twittter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    I almost forgot, @offcolortv:twitter wanted a gif of Puck humping his guitar? or something. But apparently I waited too long (a day) and couldn’t muck my way through all the tumblr posts of strange ongoing RPF and requests for people to play Puck in sexual role playing games? I don’t know guys, it was weird. I abandoned my search after like 30 pages. Sorry, SB.

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    Christmas post – gifs of all the great Christmas episodes of course.  They have to be out there. 

  • http://twittter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice


    Padalecki fans are CRAY CRAY!

  • stephanie snider

    i love you !!! sorry i have been absent got a job bitches!!! errr.. ugh .. lol love the gifs and the Jenson Gifs ahhh they make my heart swoon!!! and Wade .. well  Wade just has my heart he can can have my damn kid if he wants it!!! lol anywho bitches im out .. oh and the other day was my bday and i was having a bday week! lol have a great day bitches!!! and know i always LOVE everything you post!!!!!

  • stephanie snider

    LOL CRAY CRAY!!!  love it!!! and Padalecki is super hot and super ripped!!!  YUM!

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    yeah the Photoshoped Padalecki is ripped.  I love the fake pics of the boys out there.  Cray cray and disturbing!

  • ParalysedBeaver

    Awhh, you spelled my name wrong in your link :( Since I’m Irish I use the British spelling of the word.

  • http://twittter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Sorry! I’ve fixed them.

  • http://chevyscreations.weebly.com/ Anieta

    Lovely post again. And yes I’m late to the party, but since I have a new job, I apparently stopped having a (tv/internet) life. I love all the Wane in the post and yay! Jensen! I miss him (on screen I mean, hiatus…) Need to catch up on this week’s tv shows now

  • http://twittter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Thanks for commenting, even if you are late to the party :)

    I really appreciate it!

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