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How’s that for a title? Yeah, you don’t have to tell me it’s terrible. So here’s the deal. I enjoy “covering” Community because I know that while not a lot happens on comedies, most of us wish they were recapped more often. We need people to laugh at the lines with us and swoon over the Jim and Pam moments (or whoever, you know). Anyway, long story short, I’m just going to highlight the best moments (meaning my favorite) and hilarious quotes from three comedy shows that aren’t currently represented on OCTV. Community, How I Met Your Mother and the Big Bang Theory. Why these three, you may ask? Um, because there are kickass people covering Happy Endings and New Girl, the only other comedies I watch, and you can tell me 30 Rock is the shit until the next rapture but I still ain’t gonna watch it. Also, you should know that if someone’s interested in doing a bang up recap of one of these shows in particular, you can talk to the boss ladies about taking it away from me. That’s totally cool. Cool cool. Cool cool cool.

So let’s get started. Mondays are How I Met Your Mother and since this is our first time together, let’s establish my feelings on the whole deal. I adore FUCKING ADORE Lily & Marshall and I refuse to pick a favorite between the two. I quite like McLarens but it’s no Crowley’s. Ted is sooo annoying and honestly, Zoey was perfect for him in that she showed just how obnoxious and douchey he is. Seriously, who tells their kids about all their sexual conquests? Also, while I have no beef (it’s what’s for dinner! Anyone else get that? Just me? Okay.) with Kevin or Nora, I want Barney and Robin to be together forever.

Thursdays are the Big Bang Theory and Community. I’ve covered Community a couple times and it basically sums up as Joel McHale is the hottest but I’ve got a bigger thing for Danny Pudi. I’m a cliché when it comes to TBBT. I love Sheldon and Penny scenes best (don’t ship them, ew). Sometimes Raj can be really hot and Howard creeps me the fuck out. Also, I think the show has been really smart in bringing in Amy and Bernadette to round out the group and create new realms of comedy.

How I Met Your Mother:

This week’s ep covered Hurricane Irene’s New York vacation. Ted was prepared to save the world or some shit and wanted everyone to leave. Marshall was panicking about everything because he didn’t have insurance for two weeks (seriously, dude, it’s called a payment plan) and Lily was sick of him. Barney and Robin had a moment because he totally gets her and she totally hearts him but the moment was cut short. Nobody was able to leave town because they all waited too long so they stayed at Barney’s for like 5 minutes before heading down to McLaren’s to get drunk (smart) which was closed (also smart). So they boogie boarded on the street, straight through the window of McLaren’s and now boogie boarding is not allowed. Some things really should just be obvious.


Barney and Robin kissed!!! Excuse me while I freak out. Those two have the greatest chemistry and I want to sing about sunshine and roses and unicorns when they are together.

Lest we forget the single greatest TV stereotype of all, Robin still has daddy issues.

So has the show just dropped all pretense of telling the mother story? The last few weeks have been stories told to Kevin, not the kids so did I miss something or does the show think we’re that stupid? (Maybe don’t answer that).

I don’t really understand why Kevin kept trying to hurry the story along if he was trying to stay out of a previous commitment.

Robin also kept talking about how this was like picnic weather for those in the Couv (Vancouver) and I have a couple things to say about that. First, as a Pacific Northwester, I have been to Vancouver a few times and it has some of the mildest weather of anyplace in North America. This is why every fucking show on the planet films there. Also, while some of ya’ll Canadians can correct me, as I understand, ya’ll might have people outside of Russia beat on snow but I think the Gulf region, Florida and Texas still hold a steady corner on the crazy rain. But I don’t know why I bitch about this stuff because all the Canadian jokes on this show annoy the piss out of me with their inaccuracy and cheap shots.


Nobody wakes up and says “today I’m going to star in a YouTube video!”



Annie moved in with Troy & Abed. Britta keeps shitting on everything but for once, in fairness to Britta, she was right about a lot of stuff. Then Britta and Shirley kept trying to argue about religion versus morality, even to the point of picking up Jesus, the marijuana smoking, human blood drinking nut job but when the guy showed his racist side, they both kicked him out. I guess that’s called growth between those two. Something happened with Pierce. I really don’t pay attention. Jeff tried to skip out on the moving but Dean Pelton, excuse me Craig, found him at the mall (he secretly manipulated Jeff with a lure of a Gap sale—and seriously Jeff is so gullible) and forced Jeff to spend the day with him. Jeff finally discovered the truth and returned to the study group but they’d already learned of his special time with the Dean. (Don’t worry Jeff, there’s a doll so you can show your therapist where he touched you.) Annie, meanwhile. had to deal with the bullshit of Troy and Abed’s childish attitudes until they finally wised up and gave her an actual bedroom.

I’ve found that most episodes of Community are good, several are excellent but a few can really suck. This, to me at least, felt like the latter. I was not impressed at all. I found myself annoyed at my favorite characters and dismissive of everything else.


The fact that Jeff got a sales girl to help him pretend he was at a hospital was hysterical.

Britta’s stories are completely random but hilarious. She knows a lot of druggies.

I’m sorry, explain to me how Dean Pelton looks so completely normal at the Gap. Obviously he still acts like the most bizarre man on the planet but he looked so normal.

I really want Mexican food now. And margaritas. Well, I always want  margaritas.

Okay, the puppet show was really cute but I would have killed those two. A blanket fort? What the fuck is that?! And then the fucking dreamatorium. I normally love Troy and Abed but I seriously just wanted to scream at them to grow up. I get that they fixed it and gave her a room for a six year old and we’re all sweet but still.

I just, I hate Pierce. So the random shit with him playing the piano just annoyed me.

Kiss from a Rose. It was pretty awesome, mostly because of the end when Dean Pelton admitted to reading Jeff’s emails to his therapist. I’m just throwing this out there but Jeff may want to consider a new therapist. Or anger management classes. [Editor’s Note: I think that the whole thing was that Jeff emails his therapist from his Greendale account, so the dean was breaking into his email account, not that his therapist has been sharing his emails with randoms. :) –SB]

Longest. Puppet. Show. Ever.


“When you become roommates with friends, the things you love about them become the things that make you want to smother them with a pillow.” ~Britta (She’s so right. Friends as roommates are the worst.

“We’re live-tweeting Annie’s move.”

“What are you doing after this?” “Probably trying on a few bootcuts.” (Jeff is so fucking vain).

“Britta, don’t make jokes. You’re bad at it.”

“I’ve seen enough episodes of Friends to know that living together leads to sex, drugs and something Parade magazine calls Schwimmer fatigue.” DEAD

“Brought to you by the girl yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis uses to poop.”

“This is gonna be fun. Or else.”

“I liked Horsebot 3000”. (Okay it’s really not that funny on its own but it is in the moment.


The Big Bang Theory:

So Leonard and Penny went on a Not!Date and Sheldon freaked out over a bird then became its mother. Or something that makes more sense. In a rare moment, Howard and Raj were nowhere to be seen in the episode which wouldn’t have seemed so obvious except for when Sheldon called Bernadette and Amy for help. Anyway, Leonard and Penny went back and forth being mean to each other until they both apologized and Penny said sex was off the table which means that she’ll be naked in about 2.3 episodes. Sheldon’s new bird pet “Lovey Dovey” hightailed it out of the apartment the minute Sheldon opened the window, a smart move by any animal or human. I liked the episode and especially the fact that it had no Howard.

Dear BBT stylist, how about not giving Jim Parsons a comb-over? That just further emphasizes that he’s 38 years old.

I think it’s really funny that Sheldon has picked up so many dating cues over the years. He’d probably be so pissed if he realized he’s learned all this due to Penny’s influence but it has clearly happened.

There’s no standalone quote from the Penny/Leonard deciding what movie to watch scene but the whole thing was just hilarious.

Sheldon’s bird stories. That poor boy.

I kept cracking up over Leonard’s insistence that this wasn’t a date and making Penny pay. Though that did not give her an excuse to talk to some random guy and ignore Leonard. Date or friends, that’s just rude. And no, that did not make Leonard equally rude. Penny was clearly and deliberately ignoring Leonard and she’d made it clear earlier that she expected to pick everything while he paid. Rude, rude, rude.  (And if I’m being honest, kind of out of place for Penny. She’s usually not quite that malicious.)

I love how Bernadette is sweet and charming until she turns into Howard’s mother.

The whole Priya thing seems really random. Like, I’m sure we all knew that with her moving away, that would be over soon but it just sort of seemed abrupt and I kind of thought we might get some mention of it in this episode but apparently not.


“Get back here, you stupid bird, so I can love you!”

“I’ve got a cage you can borrow. One of the test monkeys slipped on a banana peel and broke his neck. It was both tragic and hysterical. “

“Hummingbirds are the vampires of the flower world.”

“If we don’t start soon, George Lucas is going to change it again.” (Regarding Star Wars on BluRay and seriously George, we all liked it just fine 34 years ago, you can leave it alone already).

Leonard: “Too casual?”
Sheldon: “For an audience with the queen, yes. For an evening of passing a bottle of fortified wine around a flaming trash can, you look great.”

“There’s probably things you’re afraid of. Being stuck in a dead-end public service job.”

“It should be a picture of him and the words is this your bird? Not anymore.”

“I had a weird night.” “Mine was great, I’m going to be a mommy.”

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  • stephanie snider

    I LOVED  all these eps!! its like i have nothing to say because you say it all sooooo well!!!! and HIMYM (when barney and robin are together)
    is awesome!! it does make me want dance and sing about unicorns and rainbows and shit!!!!**

  • Anonymous

    This is probably a little known fact but I started my OCTV writing life with HIMYM. I was terrible and found it really difficult to write about it some weeks. I think your approach is great! I sometimes need to talk about my love for Robarney, you know!?!? I only watch HIMYM and Community (don’t even get me started on this whole scheduling thing.)

    That kiss was epic and totally unexpected. I have wanted them to get back together, and always thought the writers did a horrible job with their relationship before. I feel that Barney has grown up enough to be in a committed relationship and Robin was still in love with him. (I won’t go into this week’s crazy.) I don’t know why TPTB are so scared of having them together. Lily & Marshall got married and are having a baby and it’s fine. If they are going to keep up with the Not-the-mother shenanigans then they need to throw us a bone. Another thing not to get me started on. IT WILL NOT RUIN THE SHOW IF TED MEETS THE MOTHER. It doesn’t have to be the end of the show. There is a lot that can be done once we do. I just think they’ve built it up so much that anyone they find won’t add up to everyone’s expectations. Just bite the bullet and let’s do this already.

    Eeep. The rant will have to end there. I did not intend to write a novel!

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