Hart of Dixie. Pacey Points for Gumbo!

This happens next week. Can we take a minute to appreciate the fuck out of the CW?

Let’s start by talking about how much I love Wade. He wins all the Pacey Points as well as whatever type of points we’re awarding for people who give me thoughts so dirty even a porno director would be disturbed. (Just giving you your weekly overshare—I put my rain boots on too). The man is like the sexiest thing to appear on my television screen since Luke Danes. Fuck the Salvatores, to hell with the Originals and screw the slutty Mercy Grace residents…my heart belongs to a Bluebell bartender.

Moving on, it seems Bluebell, like so many other small towns, loves their town events. I do appreciate that theirs are a bit more realistic though. I mean, sure it’s apparently the new thing to celebrate Founders Day (which I really shouldn’t mock because my town of Boise has a Founders Day celebration) but Bluebell’s events seem to be more spread out and interesting. Cookoffs are incredibly fun and apparently do not include death at the actual event.  Plus, I really like gumbo. *

*Gumbo. Let’s establish a few things about gumbo. First, there is no such thing as decent gumbo. It’s either a-mah-zing or its total shit and you’ll spend years thinking gumbo’s gross until you have the real thing. Also, I refuse to believe that a proper gumbo simmers for less than 8 hours and always includes okra. I don’t know how much the characters knew about gumbo but the need for a long time to cook it was dead on. I should also note that I know how to eat gumbo but not how to make it. I have tried but I’ve yet to master it. I can rock your world with a phenomenal chili to the point that your taste buds will thank you and retire. It’ll also send steam out your ears.

Now as far as the medical side goes, a few of y’all reading have been kind enough to rage over the inaccuracies of the cases so far. I don’t know whether this week was right or totally wrong but it did at least seem more detailed. I don’t see why they’d have all that exact dialogue for the wrong procedure but this is television. I’ll let y’all clear that up for me.

Lemon and Lavon confuse me. Like, I get that they were both being manipulative because they both have feelings for each other but I just don’t understand why they aren’t together. The show seems to be hinting (just barely) at the idea that there’s a reason Lemon is still with George. It’s not money because Lavon’s the fucking mayor and so I’m at a loss.** I felt kinda bad for Didi/Deedee/Dede being caught in the middle but I guess since she ended the week with a killer job, she did alright. And even though I don’t agree with Lemon, I did like that she agreed to disagree with George about Zoe. It showed that she respected his newfound ability to make his own decisions but that he wasn’t going to change her mind. A small step for Lemon but a few more of these and I’ll start liking her.

**I read a few interviews while I was writing this recap and apparently the main obstacle between Lemon and Lavon is race, particularly Brick’s feelings about it. I’m torn about this potential development. On the one hand, I appreciate that the show is addressing it. Several of my family members are disgustingly racist and it’s in that way where they don’t even realize what they’re doing so won’t listen when I tell them they can’t say that kind of shit. They’re like “I’m not racist” and I’m like “yeah, you fucking are.” But I digress. If Dixie can do a good job with the story I will be happy about it. I’m just very apprehensive at the moment as the nature of the show hasn’t exhibited much interest in a hard hitting, very relevant story line. I hope for the best though.

Anyone else notice that Lemon’s accent is always stronger when she’s manipulating someone but toned down around Lavon? He’s like the one person that she doesn’t have to put up walls around. I don’t know you guys, I think I may already be irrationally invested in this story line.

I feel like George’s storyline could be summed up by this little monologue:

George: “Anything you say Lemon darling, my life exists for no other reason but to serve you.”

George’s Balls: “Dude, we’re here if you ever want to stop ignoring us.”

George: “What are these? Huh, I should attempt to be manly and have a backbone…”

George’s Balls: “Yeah…?”

George: “I’ll drive Zoe far into the country so I don’t get in trouble with a piece of fruit and talk about all the things I love that Zoe loves.”

George’s Balls: “Something’s better than nothing.”

George: “Oh no, my future father in law is here and there’s a man dying but I just can’t deal with the potential drama so I’m going to keep my mouth shut despite all manner of injustice going on right now.”

George’s Balls: “Most exercise we’ve had in years.”

Look, in George’s defense, he seems like a good guy who’s never really been put in a situation where he had to rethink what the right thing is. And now I think he’s learning and that maybe there’s some resentment towards Brick about other things that is manifesting through his attempts to defend Zoe. Still, George has his work cut out for him to impress me.

The Zoe and Brick story however, really did impress me. Brick is a total ass but I was so proud of Zoe for taking the high road and choosing to be gracious. Especially since she wasn’t humiliated to get to that point but got there on her own. And Brick made a point that taking care of Oscar was more than just about the procedure. There’s sure to be many issues between them in the future. Still, today’s small step was nice to see.

Battle of the Boys: I have to give it to Wade again. I really tried to be more objective but the man cooked Zoe gumbo that won her second prize and didn’t even take the fucking credit. For all his talk about playing games and being aloof, you know he is the ultimate prince once he’s with a girl. (I do not know how I will pick next week’s winner. Shit y’all the previews alone are making me look for the nearest puddle of superficiality.)

Issues I Had: I don’t know that I really had any major issues. Obviously I discussed a few things above but there wasn’t really anything that made me go, “you evil piece of shit show!”

Things I Loved: Let’s just assume that I will always love Wade unless I say otherwise.

I did also love that sassy waitress at the bar who, it would seem by next week’s preview, might have more of a role. She was super fun.

The other thing was all the kitchen scenes. I have this thing about kitchens. Some of my earliest childhood memories were hanging out in my great great grandmother’s kitchen, getting to watch at my great uncle’s restaurant and holiday dinners at my grandmother’s as meals were fixed. Thanksgiving guaranteed a good 60 people all crammed in one house, cooking and eating and laughing. To me, kitchens are where the little moments happen and it’s the little things that stick with us. So when a show emphasizes moments in a kitchen, I fall in love a little bit.

Overall, I have to say that Hart of Dixie just keeps improving. A couple more episodes to bring to light some back story on the Bluebell characters and we should have a nuanced and well-rounded show. What about y’all? Are you still invested or waiting for more?

Because I love you all, I included next week’s preview. I do recommend a cold shower after watching it. Or maybe several cold showers. Because Wade…is fucking hot…and shirtless. Which would be enough, except then he does this little smirk where he totally knows what category we all put him in for Monday’s edition of “Marry, Fuck or Kill”.


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  • Amy

    I am definitely invested in the show and want to more about the characters. I loved the scenes with Wade and the mayor this week…they were funny and it was good to see them interact more. I look forward to seeing more of the town and it’s characters (a la Gilmore Girls). And next week looks awesome !!

    I did miss Mrs H, since she was one of Zoe’s few allies…but I enjoyed the scenes with Zoe, Wade and the mayor in the kitchen…with them somewhat supportive of her cooking!!

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    I liked that they weren’t horribly judgmental about her cooking (though still a little bit) but very judgmental about her ability to cook gumbo (deservedly so). 

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    I am totally in. (as if I wasn’t after the pilot)

    I have such great hopes for this show.  The pacing on this episode worked better for me.  I am still not a huge fan of the extreme medical happenings but I love the small town stuff.  The new chick is ok and I LOVED the new waitress. I hope we see tons more of her.  She’s the Sookie (GG not TB) of Bluebell.

    I too loved the Wade/Lavon interaction this week.  With each other and with Zoe. 

    I can’t wait until next week!!

    Oh, and did you see this episode was directed by Andrew McCarthy?

  • http://twitter.com/MollytheGhost Molly Kasperek

    Okay, I really like it so far. As much as I love Lavon, Wade’s kind of pulling ahead for me. Plus, he bartends? Sold. But, honestly, I would still be watching if the entire show was just Wade, Lavon and Zoe hanging out in the big plantation kitchen. You know what? Scratch that. Zoe doesn’t even need to be there.

    And has anyone else noticed it, or does it look like this show is filmed in Stars Hollow? There’s the gazebo in the center of town with the church in the background and all of the storefronts look very Stars Hollow-esque. Or maybe I’m batshit crazy. Who knows?

    I liked the introduction of the snarky waitress, but I don’t really like the new receptionist / assistant girl that Lemon was interfering with. Maybe that’s just because I dislike any/all Lemon-related plots.

    Oh, and they should bring back that girl that Zoe was hanging out with last week. Or did she move to Louisiana with her aunt/the old receptionist? Whatever, I liked her. More, please.

  • http://salvatoreboardinghouse.wordpress.com/ cinjudes

    You are my HoD lifemate. I have the same issues/concerns/loves so I really don’t have too much to add. 

    I will say that I’m going to give the race factor a bit of pass for now & like you I am hoping it is handled correctly. I live in the deep south. I know how complex those issues can be & still are here – I truly don’t think Brick is full on racist. But it is just a complex deep seated issue when it comes to mixing. And it’s not just the white families either. Some southern black families are just as bad. They might be just fine with Lavon dating anyone he likes, but having a serious relationship? Not so much. I wonder how much of it will end up being actually about Brick & more about what Lemon THINKS Brick’s reaction will be. As well as that of the entire town AND her own expectations of what she thinks her life should be. I think it has a lot of potential, and honestly I hope they do shed light on these issues that in most of the country are now accepted, but in places like Alabama… not so much. Should be interesting. 

  • http://twitter.com/KimberGracie Kimber

    Let me just take another minute or so to appreciate the beauty that is the photo atop this recap. Ahh. That’s real nice.

    Ok, break’s over. So after this week, I completely have become a Wade Girl. Except that my heart still kind of wants a bit of the sweetness of George. But it also wants Wade. Real, real bad. I enjoyed the Wade/Lavon bits, and their little bromance/gumbo bits. Very nice.

    I still love Zoe, but sometimes I think that she needs to be more personable. (Which, oddly enough, is kind of a major storyline of the show). Her bitching out Brick seemed like a novel idea, until she was done and I (along with Brick) was left thinking, “wait … he doesn’t totally deserve this.” Sure he took all the credit, and sure she did talk him through the procedure, but he completed it, and yes he DID follow up. While she stayed back. So…

    Overall, still loving the show, love the music and the way it relates to the events, and it’s still just a sweet little piece of pie to my Monday night.

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    The writer for this episode was David Babcock who wrote multiple episodes of GG! He worked on S6. Granted not the BEST season but still.

    I looked at next weeks episode and…it’s written by someone who wrote for GG too (along with eps of Everwood and Pushing Daisies) AND is directed by David Paymer who also directed an episode of GG.  
    I have the highest of hopes for this show if they keep pulling in great people in front of AND behind the camera! 

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    Oh no its completely like Stars Hollow. I even titled last week’s recap “Welcome to Bluebell Hollow” because it reminded me so much of Stars Hollow. Which totally makes me happy.

    That’s right! I wonder where Rose was. Maybe she’ll return next week. Err, maybe the week after. I’m not sure a 14 year old belongs in next week’s episode.

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    Exactly. There’s incredible potential for social commentary here and I give mad props to any show who attempts to tackle tough issues with integrity and not through a random dramatic obstacle. THAT I’m interested in. 
    Yay for a HoD lifemate! 

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    But aren’t you just so insanely glad that Zoe went off on Brick between just the two of them and then was gracious in front of the town after seeing that he had a point too? I remember pausing the show right then and wondering if that was the first time we’d seen someone make a mature decision on a CW show.

    My thing with George is that I want him to come in and steal half my heart back from Wade. I know Scott Porter can do it. I want a proper love triangle. Until then, Wade will more than do it for me. (Excuse me now. I need to go stare at that picture a few more times).

  • Em

    I don’t have much to add.  I completely agree with the opinions listed in the review, Melissa, and I want to second what Kimber said about the characters and the bromance.

    How nice is it to have a show with potential love triangles where you like everyone?  Well except Lemon, but she’s growing on me a little. 

    I love that this show really seems to have the best potential this season to be a long-running show with lots of developed characters (like GG).

  • http://twitter.com/KimberGracie Kimber

    Oh totally glad that Zoe had a private bitch-fest and realized the slight err of her ways. She was very gracious to Brick and in a completely non-CW moment, she was completely mature. I applaud you Hart of Dixie.

    YES George needs to man up real soon, or else I’m going to give the other 49% of my heart to Wade and his hot, hot self. Um, must go stare at photo again too…

  • Lemonade

    If I wasn’t sure of my MFK choices before (M Wade, F Lavon), that picture and this episode made it absolutely clear I made the right choice.  George is nice, but even before this episode I couldn’t pick him because it’s really screwed up to be making googly eyes with someone other than your fiancee, no matter how bad Lemon can get.

    All I could think during Wade’s Gumbo reveal was, “He cooks!  He really is Pacey!”  *Swoon*  Also cracked up when he asked how Didi spells her name (I think TVGuide spelled it this way, so for now I’m going with this), because that’s exactly what I wondered when I first heard her name too.

    Loved the bromance moments and the fact that normally smooth Lavon can also be adorably awkward.  Oh, and I’m declaring Lavon and Wade’s bromance to be shippernamed “Lade” — as in, getting…  
    If you’re confused by that one, just take another look at that picture. ;)

    And I’m thrilled to say this is still my favorite of all the new shows this season.

  • Lemonade

    HoD is filmed on the same Warner Bros. lot as GG, so it actually is Stars Hollow.  And Pretty Little Liars’ Rosewood.  :)

    I heard the pilot episode was filmed in Wilmington, NC though, which is Capeside aka Dawson’s Creek!  And One Tree Hill’s Tree Hill, haha.

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    I knew the Wilmiwood part but only suspected the GG & PLL similarities. Sweet!

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    Ha! That’s perfect. From now on if we see a pic of the two of them, we’ll just all tweet “Lavon and Wade have a new pic. Looks like we’re gettin’ Lade”. Caroline Cash and Pacey Points to you for that one!

  • Lemonade

    Yay!  Thank you, I feel so honored to be given Caroline Cash and Pacey Points :)  Though, that does raise the question, are they gender specific?  If so, then I’ll keep the Caroline Cash for myself, and save the Pacey Points for when I meet a real life Pacey (is that even possible?) haha.

  • Nicole

    I totally noticed the Andrew McCarthy credit. The original Blaine!

    Wade was OMG awesome in this episode and I am loving all the broments between him and Lavon.  The preview for next week…oh la.  When Wade’s smirk stripping his way out of the lake he looks like a ripped Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, and I LOVE me some Jesse Pinkman. 

    Oh, add me to Team Sassy Waitress because she was great – I really hope she becomes a regular fixture.

  • Lemonade

    Wade reminds me of Sawyer from Lost, especially in that preview scene.  I think it’s the accent and the smirk.

  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    Usually gender specific but I decided such a beautiful shipper name deserved both. You can happily save the Pacey points to be doled out at a future date. :)

  • Lemonade

    Haha, thanks! I happily accept both :D

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