True Blood. That’s exactly what a zombie would say!

Okay, so you guys know that last week, I was unable to watch due to technical difficulties, so I’m catching up this week and doing a kind of combo post.  Also, this is because my brain gets things mixed together on a show like this and I won’t have any idea which came from which episode anyway, SO.

Let’s just (muff) dive right in, eh?  I forget why Pam is on Tara’s ass … something about the witches, no doubt, but she has just been reunited with her lov-ah, and now Pam is wanting to kill them both.  And this is the episode where I realize that I have no fucking clue what Tara’s girlfriend’s name is.  So I’m just going to go with Yellowfin, which is what Pam called her, and which I found to be hilariously racist with sexual overtones.  And as you know, that’s pretty much my comedy sweet spot.

Also, I liked how all the people standing around snapping pictures and talking about selling them to TMZ made Pam get serious about fixing up her rotting face.  That’s the kind of nice little touch that this show does well, that kind of brings shit back to reality and lets you picture how this would really be in the real world.  It’s pretty awesome.

Plus, Pam’s skin getting ripped off?  GROSS.  All the shots?  GROSS.  And her new purpley skin?  SUPER GROSS.  I bet the special effects makeup person had a fucking BALL with her this week.

So Pam was out and about because Bill had a moment of compassion for Eric and all his requests, which … compassion doesn’t seem out of Bill’s character, but requesting the true death for Eric in the first place kind of did.  Eh.  I’m not going to worry about it too much.  All of this led to a graphic sex romp in the woods between Sookie and Eric, and then a sex montage where they do a sex somersault into the living room (from OUTSIDE, mind you), and then there was the from behind move (or was it just what what in the butt?), and that led to my favorite moment of the night, which was:

Me: What, no 69?
Billy: It wasn’t her time of the month.


These episodes also set up a possible future romance between Jason and Jessica, assuming, I suppose, that she survives (and I hope she does).  Her coming to his rescue was sweet, and I loved their discussion about whether she’d go back.  (Oh, and incidentally, and I think this is no shock to anyone who reads these recaps, I am SO GLAD that Jason isn’t a werepanther.)  Still, though, I’m sad about Hoyt, and I miss how cute they were, and since Hoyt is the only person on this show that I still maintain a ladyboner for.  Well, maybe Alcide, but he’s so BORING.

OH!  Speaking of Alcide … he and Debbie found Sookie and Eric rolling around in the woods, and he watched that just a LITTLE too long.  And that was not wasted on Debbie, who wasn’t that into sex with Alcide because she felt like he was in love with Sookie.  Also, when she asked him, he never said no, and I don’t think that was an accident.

What else?  The necromancy thing is obviously huge right now, and Denim Jumper is fully possessed.  And powerful.  All the vampires chained themselves up to try to avoid going out into the sun.  Of course, all of it only really got going at the end, culminating with Jason racing to save Jessica, so that’s what we have to look forward to next week.  This is a really good, really exciting storyline, and we were talking at my True Blood party about how we’re excited that this is happening already in the story, like … where are they going next?

Lafayette and Jesus were absent from the witchywoo this week, at least in Bon Temps, because they were brujo-ing it up in Mexico or whatever.  My friend Karen says that they were speaking terrible Spanish, and I believe her, because she’s Cuban.  And adorable.  Trust me, it matters–you believe every word she says.

What were we talking about again?  Oh right, Lafayette and Jesus.  Well, I thought that we were going to finally kill Jesus, who has been boring me this season, but he is saved and this whole excursion was just a visit from the exposition fairy telling us that Lafayette is a medium.  Also, his hair is getting Kris Kross-ier by the day.  That shit makes me want to jump jump.

Anyway, you might think that this has a connection to all the witches and necromancy, but actually, it ties into my favorite character, DEVIL BABY!  Devil Baby has his own guardian angel/ghost/something, and Lafayette can see it.  AWESOME.  Also, I’m really glad that Devil Baby’s creepy doll survived the fire.

But the surprise MVP this week goes to … SAM!  I know, right?  But he was totally awesome as Tommy as Sam–totally different guy, great acting, very entertaining.  Awesome job.

What did you guys think?  Favorite moments?  Things I missed?  Great lines?  Lay it on me in the comments!


  • Tiff Biff

    I loved that this episode really kept things going. The sex montage between Eric & Sookie was a bit of a let down, but then I’m waiting for shower sex, so… I love seeing Sam man up, and not be such a pushover this season. I also am glad that Jason didn’t become a werepanther. And did you see his handstand push-ups? Wowza! Love Pam, but ew! As for Bill, I love his scenes with Jessica, but a little bit of him goes a long way! 

  • Nicole

    I am kind of shocked at how much I’m loving the show again this year.  There’s nothing that I hate, and in seasons 2 and 3 I hated at least half of what was going on, so vast improvement.  Oh, actually, Lafayette’s hair.  I’m hating that for sure.  If he starts wearing his pants backwards we have a real problem.  But since they made a point of saying that he and Marnie are the only mediums, I’m guessing he’s going to be a big part of the rest of the season, which is awesome.  He’s best when he’s interacting with people, so I’m very glad he’s back in Bon Temps.

    Sookie/Eric sex does absolutely nothing for me.  I’ve said it before, I lost any wood I used to have for Eric this season – I think I need him to be evil and cocky in order to be hot.  But we can fight over Hoyt, because I love him.  And Jason.  Basically if I was Jessica, I’d be like, guys, I’m a vampire.  We have more intense needs than humans.  So I need two humans to satisfy me, and you’re it.  And then the three of us would live happily ever after and Hoyt and Jason would be besties AND brotherhusbands. 

    SB, you can have Alcide because HOLY SHIZZ BALLS IS HE BORING.  I fell asleep typing that last sentence and it was in all caps – I was yelling, and I couldn’t even stay awake.  He’s like a statue – pretty to look at, but really fucking dumb (have you ever talked to a statue?  VERY DUMB).  And he always looks like he’s smelling the air, which like, I get that you’re a werewolf, but you don’t need to smell everything all the time because it’s unsettling.   

    I thought that Sam was AWESOME in the Freaky Friday scene – he was a PERFECT Tommy-in-a-Sam-meatsuit.  And also, totally agree about Pam’s disgusting raw chicken skin – it was narsty as hell, but looked very cool. 

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