American Idol. Top 4.

We begin this week with a “send these people home” montage.   Not send them home in a bad way, America, in a good way.  As in hordes of people, crying fans, and the smell of home.  I’m just wondering why the majority of the montage was Danny Gokey.  Ugh, that guy was awful.  The home visits are always full of some fun.  These poor kids have to be exhausted, talking to every Fox affiliate, radio station, and ham radio operator within a 100 mile radius of their hometown.  No wonder they all cry on the plane.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.  We still have the top four to get through.

James: I can’t hear Don’t Stop Believin’ without thinking of Glee now.  It was just fine, I guess, whatever.  The Journey t-shirt pandering was lame.  I do love when stands by Ryan.  It really brings out his elven stature.

Haley: Stole her shirt from Liza Minnelli’s closet.  She changed it up and yelled the growl at us this week.  Thankfully she ended the song on a good note, literally.  The greatest thing about her performance was getting to see Casey Abrams in the crowd.  Yes, I’m a bitter kitten, so sue me.  Oh, snap, J. Lo puts the smack down.  Randy told Haley it wasn’t perfect and that she should have changed it up.  He was right.  Haley got all snippy and back talking.  Steven can’t say anything bad of course and came to her rescue.  How does it feel to be the new Paula?  Watch out for those Coke cups filled with vodka!  I’m glad they are finally giving constructive and yes, even negative feedback.  Too bad it’s too little, too late.

Scotty:  The Southern gentleman wants fried chicken and sweet tea, y’all!  I thought it started out well.  Once the drums and back up singers came in it lost me.  He should have kept it simple with just guitar and fiddle.  It came off a bit hokey.  I liked the performance, but that could have been because his hands were full of guitar and couldn’t hold the mic like a flute.  He also didn’t pull out the smirk.  Smart move.  My cold black heart might be thawing a bit, but he hasn’t been grating on my nerves as much the past few weeks.  He might just steal my heart yet … I said might.

Awwww!  My two favorites: Paul and Casey!  They make me smile.

Lauren: What is it about mullet dresses?  They are not flattering on anyone!  From the boobs up she looked fantastic.  For a girl who’s been afraid to go to the top of her register she was up there a lot tonight.  She got off to a bit of rocky start, but after the initial lines she worked it out.  For once I agreed with the judges.  She was fantastic.  Round one goes to Lauren.

Haley was pissed when the judges said she was the one that needed to step up her game for round two.  Honey, this is what you would have been hearing for weeks if Simon was still here.  Get over yourself.

Oh, for round two Lady Gaga is in the house, or in this case, white box.  What’s with the scenery change?  My guess is Gaga demanded to stand out.

Haley:  Don’t move wrong or we might all see your pikachu.  That is one serious slit.  It was good, not that I think it was standing ovation good.  Am I jaded or am I just not ever going to be one of her fans?  I agree with J. Lo that it was one of the best performances of the year.  Even during all the praise Haley still looked like she wanted to cut off Randy’s nuts and make him feast on them.  I’m not really sure how to take that.  My guess is she didn’t agree with their earlier critiques.

YAY!  So You Think You Can Dance is going to be here soon!  That makes me happy to no end.

Scotty:  Oh, lordy, Gaga giving Scotty advise is comedy gold.  Best one-liners of the season.  I smell a reality show in the making.  Not sure what to make of the performance.  The song was weird.  It was nice to see him have a little fun.  I just couldn’t get the “shove your tongue down that microphone’s throat” imagery out of my mind.

Lauren:  Not much from Gaga.  Apparently Scotty was more fun to mess with than Lauren.  I might be off, as most can see from my favorites getting the boot this year, but I think Lauren is the girl to take on James, not Haley.  This was another great performance.  She finally looks comfortable and owns the stage.

I totally forgot they told us all these songs were written by the same two guys.  What a crazy mix of genres/music.  I kinda love it.

James:  Gaga trying to get him to move his hips was hilarious.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t like James and I never will.  He slit the throat of Love Potion No. 9 then ripped out its fingernails for good measure.  If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down let me spell it out for you.  He mutilated it.  Obviously some like it … to each his own I guess.

This close to the end it’s had to predict who’s going home.  My hope is Haley, but Lauren should be fearful even though I thought she was the best tonight.

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  • Randi

    Bah, let them all go home. I’m so bored.

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