Weekly Gif Roundup #116: Honey, there are no other men like me.

Hey, all! Just a few shows this week to satisfy your gif hunger. We say goodbye to Arrow and Hart of Dixie for the season and try to mentally prepare ourselves for Supernatural’s finale next week. Also new stuff from Orphan Black and Game of Thrones.

spn 0 jensenfans

Supernatural! Oooh god guys. We are amping up to the finale next week and shit is getting real with the Mark of Cain. Dean isn’t sleeping, which we know what that means in Supernatural verse. UHOH. Even Sammy is scared, sleeping with his hand on a gun in the supposedly safe bunker.

spn 13a stllesstilinskiesspn 13bspn 13cspn 13d

Hahahaha yes. Cas is a little shit sometimes.

spn 8a spnfansspn 8b

Gadreel’s angelness reminds me of early Castiel. Tahmoh has brought something redeeming to the character. I don’t hate him? But at the same time, I hate him so much because of Kevin.

spn 7a out-in-the-openspn 7bspn 7cspn 7d

Maybe it helps that I hate Metatron so much more. I want to punch him in the face with a hot iron.

spn 12 castielstwistedgrace

Tahmoh’s bitch face is one of the stars of these past few episodes. Dude does the what the fuck? look SO well. He’d had enough of your shit Metatron.

spn 3a im-riversongspn 3bspn 3cspn 3dspn 3espn 3fspn 3gspn 3h

Dean looks so smug. Like, yep, my boyfriend talks about me all the time.

spn 6a demonprotectionspn 6bspn 6c

Mmmhmm yep. Especially in that sexy husky voice you boys like to use.

spn 2a saltnburnedspn 2bspn 2cspn 2d

Um. Cas saying no to Dean was super hot??? Commander Cas for the win.

spn 10a shiva-snowspn 10bspn 10cspn 10d

Speaking of hot… Why is it that Dean is the most attractive when he’s both in control and losing control. That Mark of Cain is a bitch, but damn if it doesn’t make him 110% more fucking HOT.

spn 5a lucifersaamspn 5bspn 5c

Have I mentioned one of my favorite things is when Dean describes Cas?

spn 1a deanbraedenspn 1bspn 1cspn 1d

“mentally deficient puppy” Aww okay, but…

spn 15a mooseleysspn 15bspn 15c

Can Cas be a geek now that he’s pop culture savvy? I want him to do adorable geek things with Sam.

spn 14a jaredpadalcekispn 14bspn 14cspn 14dspn 14espn 14fspn 14gspn 14h

Oh hey Tessa! Bye Tessa :(  No but really, all the people dying are stuck in the veil and they’re screaming. What is going to happen to them if they can’t open heaven, when they open heaven?? What will happen to KEVIN?! Will we see Osric in season 10? PLEASE.

spn 17a im-riversongspn 17bspn 17cspn 17dspn 17espn 17fspn 17g

spn 9a deanbraedenspn 9bspn 9cspn 9dspn 9espn 9f

Uh, Metatron, I think you meant to say Dean. It’s hilarious that the angels thought he’d pick anyone over Dean. Haven’t they been watching the show??

spn 18a nataliedormierspn 18b

Yeah, painful to watch. That Mark of Cain sure is turning Dean into an asshole. Yet, most of the anger is hurdled towards his brother. Hmmm… brother… interesting. Also DEANTATORSHIP!

spn 4 darlingcapspn 4bspn 4cspn 4dspn 4espn 4fspn 4gspn 4h

Team Free Will rides again! Uh, Cas looks a little worried.

spn 16a thespoonmissionerspn 16bspn 16cspn 16d

So many kudos to Jensen for this scene. I bought how totally out of control but calm he was. Amazing and such an OH SHIT way to end the episode. The finale will hurt us. There will be screams and tears; I can’t fucking wait.

spn 11a fatherofmurderspn 11bspn 11cspn 11d

Arrow! This show loves their finales and they don’t like to disappoint.

arrow 8a queensarrowarrow 8barrow 8carrow 8d

Don’t know how I feel about the look of Roy’s mask.

arrow 6a arroweddarrow 6b

Hope we get more Thea and Merlyn next season. That could be super interesting. Poor Roy though, dude can’t catch a break.

arrow 7a iriswestsarrow 7barrow 7c

How come when people get to say proper goodbyes with I love you’s and shit, almost immediately something horrible happens? Argh.

arrow 3a drsarantancrediarrow 3barrow 3carrow 3darrow 3earrow 3f

arrow 5a robevanssarrow 5b

I like these two scenes together like this because not only is it both heartbreaking and beautiful in a omg *chinhands* sort of way, but you clearly see that Oliver wasn’t really lying. There’s truth there and my shipper heart skips a beat.

arrow 9a deansielarrow 9barrow 9carrow 9darrow 9earrow 9farrow 9garrow 9harrow 9iarrow 9j

arrow 2a sassylinskiarrow 2b

Did he put Felicity in danger? Yes, but he had faith in her to be fucking badass. And she was!

arrow 1a smoakharrow 1b

I know they need the money, but I highly doubt Oliver is going to have any time for corporate work. Hong Kong? Whattt?

arrow 4a queensarrowarrow 4barrow 4carrow 4darrow 4earrow 4f

Hart of Dixie! Not going to lie, when Joel showed up I was all, NO WAY JOEL GO AWAY YOU’RE GOING TO FUCK THIS UP FOR ME. But then, the writers basically acted like most of the season didn’t happen and I was super okay with that.

hod 2a spencerscaffeinehod 2bhod 2chod 2dhod 2ehod 2fhod 2ghod 2h

Ha, it’s funny because we all thought her husband was the gay one.. Ha.. ha.

hod 3a bethgrenshod 3b

Damn you, Wade. You’re adorable you son of a bitch. You’re never allowed to leave me.

hod 6a bomergasmhod 6bhod 6chod 6d

Oooooh! Didn’t see that coming, did we? Makes me wonder if they shot a few different endings in case the show was cancelled. This could make for an interesting season 4 then.

hod 1a sseuregishod 1bhod 1chod 1d

Should they have started planting the seeds of this earlier on in the season? Yes. Do I give a fuck right now? Nope.

hod 4a peetahaleshod 4bhod 4chod 4d

HE DIDN’T LEAVE! Ahh, my heart is relieved. Zoe trying to woo Wade is going to be fun. And Wilson Bethel gets to remain on my TV, so that makes me happy.

hod 5a causeallkindsoftroublehod 5bhod 5chod 5dhod 5ehod 5fhod 5ghod 5h

Orphan Black! Felix’s montage WAS SO GREAT. Seriously, loved everything about it.

ob 6a ohendrixob 6b

Except that the fucking “police” had to barge in before the fun really could start. Damn you, Big Dick Paul.

ob 2a alexanderobbinsob 2bob 2cob 2dob 2eob 2fob 2gob 2hob 2iob 2j

ob 4a thecloneclubob 4b

They won’t kill Cosima, right? They can’t kill Cosima.

ob 5a vebabob 5b

ob 3a vebabob 3b

Oh… Speaking of Big Dick Paul. Mmmm Hot Paul. You should be naked in everything, Dylan Bruce. All the time, just showing off all those pretty muscles. Rachel is fucking wicked though, right? Dammit.

ob 9a nicolerichiestob 9bob 9cob 9dob 9eob 9fob 9gob 9h

Can I really, really hope that Tatiana made those pig sounds for real? Because that was adorable.

ob 7a orphanblackob 7b

ob 8a orphanblakkob 8bob 8cob 8d

It’s seamless scenes like these where you forget these characters are played by the same fucking actress. Sometimes it blows my mind.

ob 1a aubreyplzaob 1bob 1cob 1d

Game of Thrones! Sansa just can’t catch a break eh? I hope she gets to push this fucktard into the moondoor.

got 3a ungladlysgot 3b

Not that I encourage Littlefinger’s craziness but BWAHahahaha bye bitch!

got 2a victorianhookergot 2bgot 2cgot 2dgot 2egot 2f

got 4a gameofthronesdailygot 4b

Hmm yes please, HBO. More male nudity kthx.

got 5a voldermortegot 5bgot 5cgot 5d

My reaction was very much like Tyrion’s… but then UH OH sunk in. Ugh, The Mountain.

got 1a ameliassantiagogot 1b

See? Quick and painless. Okay, not so much painless. See you next week, where undoubtedly there will be a shit ton of Supernatural gifs, and flailing and so many OMGs that we’re clearly going to need the summer to recuperate from all the feelings. You know what that comment section below is for! Talk to me about last week. Are you ready for the SPN finale? Ugh I’m so not ready.

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  • M

    ” That Mark of Cain is a bitch, but damn if it doesn’t make him 110% more fucking HOT.”

    Now that is quite an anchievement considering he’s pretty fucking hot to begin with :)

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    You’re right, he defies all rational judgement of attractiveness levels. Especially lately. Dude gets hotter every day.

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