Weekly Gif Roundup #115: Straight outta Cold Bitch Digest.

Hey, guys! This TV season is ramping up and wrapping up with the last few episodes of our favorite shows and I’ve got all the goodies for you from the past week. Included in this roundup: Orphan Black, Arrow, The Mindy Project, The Tomorrow People, New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones.



The Tomorrow People! As expected, CW did not renew this show. Ah well, I will miss… parts of it. Mostly Mark Pellegrino (duh) and John.

ttp 1a samclaflanettp 1bttp 1cttp 1dttp 1ettp 1f

 I will forever maintain that this show could have been something special if the CW hadn’t had such an Amell fascination boner and just told John and Jed’s stories.

ttp 3a chabulousttp 3bttp 3cttp 3dttp 3ettp 3fttp 3gttp 3h

Pellegrino really was great in the last few episodes. I hope I don’t have to wait too long to see him on my TV again.

ttp 2a samclaflanettp 2bttp 2cttp 2d

Supernatural! Team Free Will reunited! Yes, I’m all about this hug, okay? Cas becoming a hugger is one of my favorite things.

 spn 11a spnfansspn 11b

spn 19a jaredpadalcekispn 19bspn 19cspn 19d

Jared’s hair is borderline out of control, right? That put on a beanie after a shower and tada look isn’t gonna cut it anymore, Jarpad.

spn 6a morninsunshinesspn 6b

Yeah Dean, we all know about your trust issues.

spn 20a saltnburnedspn 20bspn 20cspn 20d

Best line of the episode. I need someone to ask Sheppard how many takes it took to get it just right.

spn 15a mooseleysspn 15b

This scene was amazeballs. The sass! The snark! The faces!

spn 2a mumfordnessspn 2bspn 2cspn 2dspn 2espn 2fspn 2gspn 2hspn 2i

No. Nope. Gross.

spn 7a exbloodjunkiespn 7b

At least the puppies are still loyal to their King of Hell.

spn 3a delorean-tardis-impalaspn 3bspn 3cspn 3d

Oooh Abbadon… We knew it had to happen, but it still sucks.

spn 4a spencerfanspn 4bspn 4cspn 4dspn 4espn 4fspn 4gspn 4hspn 4i


spn 17 nataliedormier

Ummm, guys? Was that a dig at us?? hahaha

spn 10a saltnburnedspn 10bspn 10cspn 10dspn 10e

So, do we think Gadreel changes sides? I think he’s going to be the key to defeating Metatron. Oh and that angel blade from the sleeve trick is still pretty damn awesome.

spn 9a gadreespn 9b

I gotta say, Gavin took this 21st century shit a lot better than most. But this was fucking hilarious.

spn 8a mooseleysspn 8b

 spn 1a waywardersspn 1b

spn 21a thespoonsmisionerspn 21b

Use the force, Dean! Epic. This Mark of Cain shit is going to get deep and dark and scary yet and boy am I excited.

spn 12a gadreespn 12bspn 12cspn 12d

Ugh, the helplessness in his face though.

spn 13a mooseleysspn 13b

Ha, truth.

spn 14 mooseleys

Nope, this won’t end well. I predict timeline fuckery!

spn 18a thespoonmissionerspn 18bspn 18cspn 18d

I just so desperately want Sam to accept that Dean does what he does, and will continue to do whatever he can to keep him safe, and to stop being a little bitch about it all.

spn 16a jaredpadalcekispn 16bspn 16cspn 16d

The Mindy Project! Finale time.

mindy 4a tmpgifsmindy 4bmindy 4cmindy 4d

mindy 6a c-minesmindy 6b

Chris was so good in this bathroom scene. I wanted to be mad at Danny but Chris played it so honestly and desperate. Ugh, these two.

mindy 3a tmpgifsmindy 3bmindy 3cmindy 3dmindy 3emindy 3fmindy 3gmindy 3h

mindy 5a tmpgifsmindy 5bmindy 5dmindy 5c

Squeee. I’m happy about this. I think they won’t fuck up the show post “get together” like New Girl seemed to this season. Their dynamic is very much friends first, and I really hope they keep that for next season. Mindy and Danny can certainly get up to plenty of shenanigans without the intimate relationship being the focus and the reason for conflict every time. My expectations are high, Mindy!

mindy 1a tmpgifsmindy 1bmindy 1cmindy 1dmindy 1emindy 1fmindy 1gmindy 1h

And a little bonus butt grab. It’s important!

mindy 2gmindy 2h

New Girl! Speaking of… This finale was much different in tone. Some funny moments, but mostly just sort of sad?

new 1a badwolfoswinnew 1bnew 1cnew 1dnew 1enew 1fnew 1gnew 1hnew 1i

So they’re drawing a line in the sand eh? No more Nick/Jess. Should be interesting.

new 4a jess-millernew 4b

Will they figure out what to do with all these funny people? Will they manage to make me give a shit, like I used to. Ahhh, time will tell.

new 3a jakeparaltanew 3b

new 2a badwolfoswinnew 2bnew 2cnew 2dnew 2fnew 2enew 2gnew 2hnew 2i

Arrow! This show is fucking insane ya’ll. BARROWMAN!

arrow 4a uglywerewolfarrow 4barrow 4carrow 4darrow 4earrow 4f

Bwahahaha, oh excuse me, I’m just laughing at Isabel’s mask. Terrible. I get why they want to show her face though, Summer Glau is kick ass and pretty etc etc, but just no.

arrow 5a felicity-smoakqueenarrow 5barrow 5carrow 5d

Felicity still the best.

arrow 3barrow 3a uglywerewolf

Killing me softly with this songgg… killing me softlyyy…. (sorry)

arrow 2a peetahalesarrow 2barrow 2carrow 2darrow 2earrow 2farrow 2garrow 2h

You know Slade’s coming for her. Oooh man the finale is going to be epic.

arrow 1a peetahalesarrow 1barrow 1carrow 1d

Hart of Dixie! GUYS. By some miracle, CW renewed the Wade Kinsella show, I mean, Hart of Dixie. It seems like they’ve been trying to right the ship (ha, pun) the last two episodes, and by the look of the finale promo, they’re headed the Wade/Zoe route. I AM EXCITE. I can forgive most of this season if Wade gets some mother fucking happiness up in here next season.

hod 2a frekkenbokhod 2b

hod 1 frekkenbok

THE LOOKS. He’s leaving. Ooooooh the parallels from last year. I’m warning you, Show, do not screw this up. Wade Kinsella is my boo. Hurt him and die.

hod 3a hearttoharthod 3bhod 3chod 3dhod 3ehod 3fhod 3ghod 3h

Orphan Black! Jesus, this show. THIS SHOW.

ob 1a thecloneclubob 1b

Absolutely adore these two together.

ob 2a thecloneclubob 2bob 2cob 2d

ob 7a orphanblackob 7bob 7cob 7d

ob 5a orphanblackob 5bob 5c

ob 3a thecloneclubob 3bob 3cob 3d

ob 6a thecloneclubob 6b

Does sex with your friend’s husband in a mini van while smoking pot count, Alison?

ob 8a orphanblackob 8b

Wow wow wow. Broken record but, ALL the awards for Tatiana Maslany. The fear on her face while she was zip tied to the shower was legitimately terrifying.

ob 4a felicitys-smoaksob 4bob 4cob 4dob 4eob 4fob 4gob 4h

Game of Thrones! The dragons are getting fucking big and scary as shit.

got 3a muwxgot 3bgot 3cgot 3d

got 1a droqogot 1bgot 1cgot 1dgot 1egot 1fgot 1ggot 1hgot 1i

got 2a rbertdowneyjrgot 2bgot 2cgot 2d

That’s it for this week, friends. See you next time. Feel free to chat TV in the comments. Or gush over the pretty. Ya know, whatever you like.

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  • Patty

    Gifs are so perfect for showing all the little face twitches that you miss on TV. Oh Supernatural!

    Um, that was the New Girl finale? Wow. Just. Wow. No feelings whatsoever.

    Arrow is SOOOOOOOOO good. I’m a fan.

    I am totally behind on HoD and Orphan Black. Opps.

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