Weekly Gif Roundup #114: There’s no such thing as monsters.

Hello again! Shows included in this week’s roundup, organized by day of the week are: The Tomorrow People, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Supernatural, Arrow, Hart of Dixie, Orphan Black, and Game of Thrones. Find me on twitter if I’m forgetting your favorite show. I’m always happy to include whatever you want.

spn 4 mooseleys

Look at you, you suave attractive bastard.


Tomorrow People! Thank you for continuing to indulge me in my Pellegrino obsession by including this show. I know pretty much everyone has stopped watching at this point. But my loyalties are strong. And you know I gotta watch live and tweet a little, because Mark keeps replying to me and it makes my whole damn Monday night.

ttp 3a chabulousttp 3bttp 3cttp 3d

Now this is a ship I can get behind. Cara, who?

ttp 2a mylittlebigblueboxttp 2bttp 2cttp 2dttp 2ettp 2f

I love your scruffy face, sir.

ttp 5a fornootherreasondavettp 5bttp 5cttp 5d

ttp 1a mylittlebigblueboxttp 1bttp 1cttp 1d

I definitely yelped OH SHIT when this happened. Bad ass Jedikiah?? I’ll take ten please and thank you! It reminds me of Pellegrino as Lucifer on Supernatural and that excites me very much. One episode left (forever, I assume. Outlook not good).

ttp 4a myblueuniversettp 4bttp 4cttp 4dttp 4ettp 4fttp 4gttp 4h

New Girl! Has someone accurately pinpointed what the hell happened to this show this season?

new 2a jakeparaltanew 2b

Maybe I’m just missing Happy Endings? There was so much promise.

new 4a jakesjohnsonnew 4bnew 4cnew 4dnew 4enew 4f

new 3a jakeparaltanew 3bnew 3c

What are they doing to Winston? Really? Since when.

new 1a schmidtsbuttnew 1b

Mindy Project! Hello, Charlie. You’re getting good at showing up exactly when Mindy needs you, eh?

mindy 4a tmpgifsmindy 4bmindy 4cmindy 4d

mindy 2a tatianamaslnaymindy 2b

mindy 1a tmpgifsmindy 1bmindy 1cmindy 1d

mindy 3a tmpgifsmindy 3bmindy 3cmindy 3d

You’re killing me Danny, killing me! But yes, good for Mindy.

mindy 5a tatianamaslnaymindy 5bmindy 5cmindy 5dmindy 5emindy 5fmindy 5gmindy 5h

Supernatural! I guess they can’t all be episodes like Meta Fiction…. Ah, yes, the dreaded embedded pilot, or back door pilot. And yes, I prefer the latter term because this was poo. Crap. Stinky shit. Sorry? The tiny moments of okay included the Winchesters, of course. But the whole thing was just a big NO.

spn 3 mooseleys

This kid, Ennis? Nope. They couldn’t pick an actor able to recite emotional dialogue without me wanting to laugh?

spn 2a thespoonmissionerspn 2bspn 2cspn 2d

Yeahhh Cain!Dean beheading vampires with his marked arm!

spn 5a mooseleysspn 5b

Jared, your face.

spn 7a mooseleysspn 7b

Oooh Dean, you know that all too well, dontcha?

spn 6 mooseleys

I totally missed this line during the episode. I was like, what did he call Dean? Fucking mumblers.

spn 3a homeforsamspn 3b

So, the episode was brutal. It was full of annoying TV tropes, recycled Supernatural story lines and made no sense in the world of Supernatural that they’ve built during the last nine seasons. These demon “families” don’t know about the Winchesters? Bullshit. The Winchester’s don’t know about these families either? Bullshit. Oh and the acting was terrible, the music felt out of place, and none of the characters were even remotely interesting. I will not be watching if this gets it’s own show. Why they didn’t just do a Young John prequel is beyond me. Who wouldn’t watch a show with Matt Cohen, huh??

spn 1a davidlassiterspn 1bspn 1cspn 1d

Arrow! Almost finale time and ooh shit gonna hit the fan hard.

arrow 1a dopedaenerysarrow 1barrow 1carrow 1d

YEP. When will the men learn, bitches get shit done.

arrow 2a lois-lanesarrow 2b

arrow 4a cloudsmaygatherarrow 4barrow 4carrow 4d

I’m just going to hang out here in this beautiful Olicity place, this five inches between Oliver and Felicity’s lips… Sigh. So close.

arrow 5a prettyboyinthetardisarrow 5barrow 5c

arrow 3a cloudsmaygatherarrow 3b

Hart of Dixie! Ouch.

hod 2a forwooodhod 2bhod 2chod 2d

hod 4a zoeswadehod 4b

The disdain and the banter is back! I actually feel okay about this. I almost threw shit at my TV though when George and Zoe were walking together all “we’re both single now” though.  JUST NO!

hod 1a heartofherohod 1bhod 1chod 1dhod 1ehod 1fhod 1ghod 1hhod 1ihod 1j

hod 3a zoeswadehod 3bhod 3chod 3d

Orphan Black! How weird/great was it to see Sarah laugh??

ob 3a ttatianamaslanyob 3bob 3cob 3dob 3eob 3f

Ugh, Donnie. It’s okay that I want Alison to kill him, right? Well, maybe after she tortures him a bit.

ob 1a thecloneclubob 1b

This new family shit is creepy. Did you notice all the pregnant women? Yeahhh, I’m worried for you, Helena.

ob 5a thecloneclubob 5bob 5cob 5dob 5eob 5f

ob 2a thecloneclubob 2b


ob 4a thecloneclubob 4bob 4cob 4d

Look at this casting though! The second he was on screen I knew.

ob 7a artpopauraob 7bob 7cob 7dob 7eob 7fob 7gob 7h

Me too, Kira. Me too.

ob 0a felicitysmoakob 0bob 0cob 0d

Big Dick Paul should be jealous.

ob 6a lionsarahob 6bob 6cob 6dob 6eob 6f

Oh, I can’t. Felix crying was like a knife to the heart. I know Sarah is pushing him away but it hurtsssss.

ob 8a thecloneclubob 8bob 8cob 8d

Game of Thrones!

got 2a lydiasgotstilesgot 2bgot 2cgot 2d

got 4a joshutchersonngot 4b

Pod is my new favorite.

got 3a lydiasgotstilesgot 3bgot 3cgot 3dgot 3egot 3fgot 3ggot 3h

got 1a sansastarklivesgot 1b

Okay, kids. That’s it for this week. Come talk to me in the comments. What did you think about the Supernatural back door pilot? Will you watch if they greenlight the show? Maybe if they retool it? Do you have any ideas for an Supernatural spinoff fandom would actually watch? Scared for the Arrow finale?? Talk to meee! Have a great week.

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  • Patty

    I know I will HAVE to watch this episode of Supernatural. Someday. I have seen every episode, even that awful werewolf one at least once. But, eck, I don’t care right now.

    And Hart of Dixie is going to die this season right? It’s done? I am still 3 episodes behind.

    Don’t get me started on Orphan Black.. I will get to it I swear.

    I DID watch New Girl. Maybe I should have put that 30 minutes to better use?

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