American Idol. Top 6. And Results.

So, this is late.  I didn’t get to watch Wednesday night, you know it really sucks when your real life gets in the way of your TV loving life, not that I’m really loving Idol right now, but you know what I’m saying.  Run on sentence much?  Anyhoo, let me tell you why I’m not feelin’ it.  While in the past, the judges seemed pointless, now they have become completely pointless.  They have nothing but good to say about everyone and ever since Pia got the surprise boot they live in fear that if they say anything negative someone will go home.  Well news flash, that is the point of Idol!  People are voted off until there is only one hopefully radio-ready singer left standing.  I swear if they had it their way, everyone would stay and the show would go on forever.  All of America would tune out and kids might start reading books.  Oh, the HORROR!  I have always watched the show for the singing and because of the lack of any real judging even that has been lackluster.

****Just wanted to add a little something about the results tonight.  You’ll see below I thought Casey did a good job.  I think the results tonight just reinforce my argument above.  They didn’t say bad things about anyone, therefore, the 12 year old girls voting didn’t know who to vote for.  Or at the very least they didn’t know who the judges didn’t like.  It’s a complete crap shoot as to who will stay and who will go.  Ridiculous!  Sorry to see you go, Casey.  Hopefully, like Pia, it will ultimately be a good thing.

It’s going to be short tonight so let’s get straight to it.

Jacob- He did a decent job.  It was very Jacob.  Loved the outfit if he would have gotten rid of the purple bow tie.

Scotty-Not his best week.  He took one of my favorite Carol King/James Taylor songs and ruined it.  It was not made to be countrified.  I think there had to have been some other song that would have fit better.

Casey/Haley Duet-He sang her under the table.  Good overall but she didn’t start strong at all.

Lauren-Babyface pushing her to go for the high notes paid off.  She had some rocky moments but over all it was a solid performance.

James-I really liked the beginning.  It was slow, sweet, and lovely.  Then he had to scream at the end.  I think I’m in the minority, but I really hate the screaming.  I hated it when Adam Lambert it did and I hate it now.

Scotty/Lauren Duet-She sounded great.  He didn’t.  He did learn how to hold a mic correctly though.

Casey- I liked it.  He picked a great song that fit him well.  He channeled Haley a bit with the growling, but that didn’t detract from the overall performance for me.  There are always moments with him where I can hear an Idol winner.

Haley-Girl was scaring me with that headband.  Put away the glue gun.  She kept the growling to a minimum which always helps my eardrums.  She did a really nice job, especially with those runs at the end.

James/Jacob-This kinda felt like the “well everyone else is already matched up” pairing.  Perfect song for Jacob, but slightly weird for James.  I think I might actually like him singing this kind of song.  I think they both could do Broadway.  James would be great in Rock of Ages.

Bottom: Jacob, Scotty, Lauren

Top: James, Casey, Haley

I’ll be interested to see who goes home.  My gut says Jacob.  He just seems out of place at this point.

Well, does anybody still care?  What was your favorite duet?  Are you ready to give up on Idol?

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  • Sarah (Seels)

    I thought it was interesting how Casey reacted to getting kicked off. Kinda like “okay, then!”.

  • Strunkette

    I thought the same thing. I think after the save he took on a everyday could be the last attitude. He’s such a happy guy.

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