Weekly Gif Roundup #112: Bitch, please.

Hey, guys! Time for another roundup of last week’s giffy goodness. Supernatural is back from a mini hiatus and the episode WAS AMAZING. Yes, I have a lot of feelings about the return of certain character, but I’ll get to that later. Also, Orphan Black is back for season two finally! Other shows you’ll find in this post are The Mindy Project, The Tomorrow People, New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Arrow, Game of Thrones and a just a few from new show Salem. Find me on twitter and leave comments, because we’re definitely going to have to discuss many, many delicious things once you make it to the end.

spn 9b

asklfjksjklf !!!!!!! GUYS.

The Tomorrow People! I’ve said this before, but I could watch a show with just John and Jedikiah and their issues. So much more interesting that yawn Steven or Cara.

tom 3a endinesstom 3btom 3ctom 3d

Scruffy Mark Pellegrino makes my Monday night.

tom 2 fornootherreasondave

tom 1a endinesstom 1b

The Mindy Project! Anyone else notice Peter has been more likable lately? Maybe that’s because he’s turning more into his character Max from Happy Endings. Which I’m super excited about.

mindy 3a perhapsthemidnightsunmindy 3bmindy 3cmindy 3dmindy 3emindy 3f

mindy 5a tmpgifsmindy 5bmindy 5cmindy 5d

Max Greenfield!! Can he jump ship from New Girl and join Mindy?

mindy 2a causeallkindsoftroublemindy 2bmindy 2cmindy 2dmindy 2emindy 2f

mindy 1a perhapsthemidnightsunmindy 1bmindy 1cmindy 1d

mindy 4a perhapsthemidnightsunmindy 4bmindy 4cmindy 4dmindy 4emindy 4fmindy 4gmindy 4h

New Girl!

new 1a peetahalesnew 1bnew 1cnew 1d

new 2a jakesjohnsonnew 2bnew 2cnew 2dnew 2enew 2fnew 2gnew 2hnew 2inew 2j

Supernatural! Ooooh boy, I am excited to relive this episode. Let’s start with Dean in the shower because OF COURSE. Gorgeous, ridiculous, and sad. (HIS SHOULDERS FOR FUCKSSAKE) He’s trying to cleanse himself, wash away the feelings but the Mark is still there. SOB. Also, very important – freckles.

spn 2a castiels-deanspn 2bspn 2cspn 2dspn 2espn 2f

I enjoyed this stoner hippie hunter guy.

spn 7a huntintripspn 7bspn 7cspn 7d

Look at these adorable boyfriends.

spn 15a jessiepinkmanspn 15bspn 15cspn 15dspn 15espn 15f

spn 10a demonprotectionspn 10b

Wow. Dean with the Mark of Cain is a fucking badass. Remember that time he hit Cas in the face and all he did was hurt his hand? Gadreel seems to be talking about himself here. Are we going to get a quick redemption arc?

 spn 1a harrisacklesspn 1bspn 1cspn 1dspn 1espn 1fspn 1gspn 1h

Okay, guys. This is when I died. Flipped out, to be honest. When Casa Erotica came on the TV I think I actually screamed NO WAY?? I couldn’t believe it.

spn 11a fuckitykidneysspn 11bspn 11cspn 11dspn 11espn 11fspn 11gspn 11hspn 11ispn 11j

I’m not sure if I’ve explained my love for Richard Speight Jr to you yet. Yes, I love the Trickster and Gabriel and have long hoped he’d return BUT, I fell in love with the hilarious, uber talented Richard during my first convention last year in Dallas. He is the king of conventions, MC’ing the entire weekend. He’s entertaining, funny as hell, musically talented, and always makes sure you have the best time. In Vegas, I got to tell him how much I loved him and he generally leaves me a stammering idiot and I say things to him that later make me facepalm, but anyway. Sigh. Have I gushed too much? Sorry, not sorry. My adoration runs deep.

spn 18a mooseleysspn 18b

Have to say, huge credit to Richard for his performance. After the initial shock of OMG GABRIEL, I could feel something was off. It was just enough to be skeptical of what he was saying, but still easy to ignore out of sheer elation that Gabriel wasn’t dead.

spn 19a deathsdaleksspn 19bspn 19cspn 19d

SPINOFF! Yep, I’d watch Gabe and Cas riding around in a car doing literally anything. Or nothing. Just sassing back and forth.

spn 5a teamscilesspn 5b


spn 22a babblingbrookespn 22b

So meta. It’s been awhile since I wanted to punch a character really hard in the face. Fucking Metatron. Thinks he’s the shit, but can’t even spell Cas right. Dude you are going down.

spn 6a endinessspn 6bspn 6cspn 6dspn 6espn 6f

Oooh we knew this was coming right? There had to be some consequences.

spn 8 timetraveldeanspn 8bspn 8cspn 8d

Haha, Supernatural writers. Ha. Ha.

spn 3 hellsangelcastiel

NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOooo… DAMMIT. I have a lot of feelings about the snapping. Also, Richard’s hair is flawless.

spn 4a gadreespn 4bspn 4cspn 4d

Sniff. (Heaven is in RSJ’s eyes. They are the most magnificent color. I blame them for my sheer inability to handle myself in his presence.)

spn 16a mooseleysspn 16b

Love that Cas noticed right away that something was not right. I really hope he can shed some light onto what the hell is happening with the Mark of Cain, and what could happen to Dean. Although, knowing this show, we’re going to have to wait for an episode or two for them to get back to this arc. And we will all continue to suffer in our ignorance.

spn 13a mimitimsspn 13bspn 13cspn 13dspn 13espn 13fspn 13gspn 13hspn 13i

More Meta!Gabriel, because he was so snappy and awesome. (Yeah, ignore the typos.)

spn 20a im-riversongspn 20bspn 20cspn 20d

I can’t handle this. I’m going to stay in my little bubble where it’s warm and safe and Gabe is still alive, hiding on earth somewhere. THE EYEBROWS. Not going to lie, I spent most of this episode crying and squealing and yelling at the TV. It’s been awhile since Supernatural made me do that. It felt good. Fingers crossed we see Gabriel or Richard Speight Jr on the show again soon. Or, I’d be cool with him directing episodes. I don’t even care, I’m just happy when he’s involved with the show, okay? Ugh, can’t say goodbye. See you in Dallas, love.

spn 14a mooseleysspn 14bspn 14c

Arrow! Aw, poor Oliver, sleeping with his father’s “soul mate”. Gross and awkward. Glad they’re finally giving Summer Glau some badass stuff though.

arrow 2a felicityholysmoakarrow 2barrow 2carrow 2d

arrow 1a avatarwinchesterarrow 1b

Yayyyy Felicity.

arrow 3a felicitysmoakarrow 3barrow 3carrow 3darrow 3earrow 3f

Hart of Dixie! The show seems to be slowly going back to normal.

hod 1bhod 1a minxinheelshod 1chod 1d

Wade has been perfection lately, but you know they won’t leave him with Vivian sooooo what is happening?

hod 2a heartoharthod 2bhod 2chod 2dhod 2ehod 2fhod 2ghod 2h

Orphan Black! THIS SHOW. I have to admit, I rewatched the entire season about seven times during the hiatus, so I was pretty fucking ready for this to return. It did not disappoint.

ob 5a thecloneclubob 5b

Alison is the effing best.

ob 10bob 10cob 10dob 10eob 10f

ob 4a thecloneclubob 4bob 4cob 4d

ob 2a orphanblackob 2b

ob 3a punkrockhoob 3b

FELIX’S BUM! It wouldn’t be an Orphan Black season premiere without a little booty action.

ob 7a houseniehausob 7bob 7cob 7d

Um the chemistry between Ramon and Alison was kind of great? I hope we see more of him.

ob 9a frostingpeetaswoundsob 9b

Don’t worry, Increasingly Hot Paul is still hot! But where do his loyalties really lie???

ob 1a kindofwinterob 1bob 1cob 1dob 1eob 1f

I’ve been waiting for Sarah to pose as Cosima because I knew it would be awesome.

ob 8a sansastarklivesob 8b

Holy fuck. She’s backkkkk.

ob 6a thecloneclubob 6bob 6cob 6d

Game of Thrones!

got 2a droqogot 2bgot 2cgot 2d

The list of Joffrey murder suspects is long. Happy that little shit is gone.

got 1a besidethewallgot 1b

Awww, Pod. Sadface.

got 3a wordsarewindsgot 3bgot 3cgot 3d

got 4a mari-sokoligot 4b

Salem! Okay, not so much Salem as… beardy Shane West. Yes, that was the draw for me. Weird ass show. Did you watch? We need to discuss this, clearly.

salem 1a johnnaldensalem 1bsalem 1csalem 1dsalem 1esalem 1fsalem 1gsalem 1hsalem 1isalem 1j

Whew, done! Big week for me, with the return of Gabriel/Supernatural and Orphan Black. We’re on the cusp of Sweeps time and I have no doubt that we’re going to get a ton of good TV in the next coming weeks. Make sure you send your requests to me via twitter, or just leave a comment and I’ll do my best. These posts are for you! So let me know what you want to see. Now, come discuss the very important things that happened last week in the comments. Wet Jensen Ackles, my love and obsession with Richard Speight Jr., Tatiana Maslany’s ridiculous talent, beardy Shane West (we are trying to forgive his horrible wig), and what’s happened to New Girl? TALK TO MEEEE. Have a good week!

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  • Patty



    Also, Dick.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    You should know that when I am there in September I will be saying Bitch, please! a lot to you. Also, if you hug me and or say thank you, I will say Shut Up.

    Ugh, Dick. I love him so.

  • Angiep213

    Yay cute boy goodness! Here’s hoping my comment doesn’t disappear like last week.

    Greenfield was more than little perfect in the first half of this episode of Mindy. Loved it. The whole crossing legs on a bar stool was perfect.
    I don’t know what is going on with New Girl this season but I need someone to make it all better.

    Dean in the shower. Holy fuck, I can’t deal with this level of perfection. The shoulders and the freckles and the lashes. Damn, son. Not many actors can pull off an amazeballs scene of pain without a single word of dialogue. You can’t wash away the effect of the mark, Dean, but we’ll enjoy watching you try.

    Did you see the gif that was Season1Dean then wipes across the mirror to Season9DeadInTheEyesBecauseofTheMarkDean? It’s a combination of ‘holy shit he just keeps getting better’ and ‘holy shit Dean Winchester should be curled up in the corner for all of eternity.’

    I really need to watch this episode again. Dean, Cas, GABRIEL… Gadreel and his whore mouth taunting Dean. So good.

    Cas’s little smile when Dean comes on the line. Fanning the Destiel fangirl flames but still adorable.

    I need Salem’s wig people to talk to Sleepy Hollow’s wig people and rectify this situation immediately.

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