Weekly Gif Roundup #110: Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.

Hi, all! I have a bunch to get to this week so I’ll keep the intro to a minimum. Join me in flailing over the Teen Wolf season three finale, Misha Collin’s directed episode of Supernatural, and all the other regulars: New Girl, Arrow, Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale, Being Human, Enlisted, The Tomorrow People, Hart of Dixie, TVD, Shameless, and the Walking Dead finale. As always, shows are organized by day of the week, just in case you need to skim over to avoid spoilers or whatever. Find me on twitter to request shows or moments I’ve missed and comments are gold.

tw 0 effingstiles


Teen Wolf! The season is overrrr. Gonna cry about it! But only for a couple months – they’ll be back in June! Hopefully for a slightly less dark season not so full of mayhem and death?? Fingers crossed. Void!Stiles is fucking scary. That Oni smackdown in the hospital was epic.

tw 4a sansastarkztw 4btw 4ctw 4dtw 4etw 4f

Isaac and Chris are an amazing duo and I’m kind of super pissed Sharman isn’t coming back because I needed season 4 to be Chris’ time where he searches for vengeance and meaning after Allison’s death, along with his pseudo-sons Derek and Issac.

tw 16a teenwolftw 16btw 16ctw 16dtw 16etw 16f

Fuck yeah, Sheriff Stilinski!

tw 14a teenwolftw 14btw 14c

I love Derek’s wolf face, okay? I’m even sort of cool about the missing eyebrows now. As long as he does that neck thing; that’s hotter than it should be.

tw 12a teenwolftw 12btw 12ctw 12dtw 12etw 12f

Legitimately nervous about Mamma McCall’s life this episode. Not cool, Show.

tw 2a hollandestw 2btw 2ctw 2d

Dylan Fucking O’Brien, everyone. Intense and scary and hot as shit.

tw 6a stilestatestw 6btw 6ctw 6d

I’m glad they didn’t have to make the real Stiles into a werewolf. And I will not miss that hideous eye makeup.

tw 5a garfinskitw 5btw 5ctw 5dtw 5etw 5f

This scene/set/everything was so pretty but sort of devastating. Of course, Stiles is smarter than everyone and everyone should always listen to Stiles, duh.

tw 13a teenwolftw 13btw 13ctw 13dtw 13e

DANNY!! We need to talk about this, yeah? SOOO has he know the whole time? Did Jackson tell him? Is his family in “the business” so to speak? Or is this supernatural shit just something that most people in the town know about, but just don’t discuss? The group really did talk out loud about wolves and murderous lizards A LOT, Danny is a naturally curious and smart dude, did he just figure it out? Most importantly, can Danny be a part of the gang now??

tw 7a kingofwintertw 7btw 7ctw 7d

President of the Scott McCall fan club, Derek Hale. <3  Beautiful character growth here.

tw 15a teenwolftw 15btw 15ctw 15d

tw 17a dalekindistresstw 17b

I hated the twins, that’s no secret. This is still sad though. And gross, please close your mouth.

tw 11a teenwolftw 11btw 11ctw 11dtw 11etw 11f

Uhhh.. not everyone is okay.

tw 10a teenwolftw 10b

We waited a long effing time for a Stiles/Derek scene that wasn’t Void!Stiles or Nogistune!Stiles or whatever. And then we get it and… it’s… sort of… a dream? Wow. Derek is manifesting Stiles in his time of shock and confusion as someone who can help him find answers, and I take solace in that.

tw 9a teenwolftw 9btw 9ctw 9dtw 9etw 9f

Bonus Tyler Hoechlin perfect beardy face gifs. sigh

tw 1a seaquelltw 1b

Coach! And oh.. Malia. I’m not cool with her joining the pack? Nothing with her makes sense at all.

tw 3a maliataletw 3btw 3ctw 3d

Holy shit, right!? KATE. She can stay for awhile, but stay the fuck away from Derek Hale. This is not negotiable, honey. He is off limits for torture or any other nefarious shit you psychopaths enjoy.

tw 8a teenwolftw 8btw 8ctw 8dtw 8etw 8f

Did everyone watch Wolf Watch??? It’s was a beautiful thing. Have some extra adorableness. And yes, Hoechlin slapping Dylan’s ass was amazingggggg.

ww 1a maybehonestlyww 1bww 1cww 1dww 1eww 1fww 1gww 1hww 1iww 1j

The Tomorrow People! Flashback young Jed makes me laugh cause Mark Pellegrino is adorable with that flat hair.

ttp 2a finnckodiarttp 2b

These two attractive people should be leads in this show. It still annoys me when I tune in every week and they’re not.

ttp 1a samclaflanettp 1bttp 1cttp 1d

Being Human! Aidan’s dream was hot. No bones about it…

bh 1a teacupclarabh 1bbh 1cbh 1dbh 1ebh 1fbh 1gbh 1h

Oh man, did I laugh and laugh.

bh 3a witwerecksteinbh 3bbh 3cbh 3dbh 3ebh 3f

The Kool Aid guy is getting a lot of love on TV shows lately. It’s a shame the younger generation missed out.

bh 4a witwerecksteinbh 4b

bh 2a witwerecksteinbh 2bbh 2cbh 2d

New Girl! What happened to this show? It makes me sad. The only part of this episode I liked was hungover Schmidt, and maybe that’s only because of my leftover feelings from the Veronica Mars movie. Prick.

new 3a brookheimersnew 3bnew 3cnew 3d

new 4a badwolfofswinnew 4bnew 4cnew 4dnew 4enew 4fnew 4gnew 4hnew 4i

new 2a peetahalesnew 2bnew 2cnew 2d

Why? WHY. I just don’t. UGH. Also, thanks for the super depressing callback to the hallway kiss. Same fucking clothes and everything.

new 1a jess-millernew 1bnew 1cnew 1d

Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

b99 2a the-ninenineb99 2b

Talking in emojis might be something I could do. That’s kind of sad. But that eggplant emoji would be handy to use in public, ya know, instead of yelling PENIS or something.

b99 1a the-ninenineb99 1bb99 1cb99 1d

b99 4 torple

He did it!!

b99 3a the-ninenineb99 3bb99 3cb99 3db99 3eb99 3fb99 3gb99 3hb99 3ib99 3j

Supernatural! Ahhh, the Misha Collins directed episode was chocked full of beautiful porny Dean moments. It was kind of magical. For example, this sexiness right here.

spn 6a bossydeanspn 6b

And this. Who else could make an entire scene of Dean playing pool feel like such an intimate thing?

spn 4a jimmynovacspn 4bspn 4cspn 4dspn 4espn 4f

Yeah Sam, we all remember that.

spn 5a mooseleysspn 5b

It’s nice to know that Priest!Winchester goes back this far.

spn 7a saltnburnedspn 7bspn 7cspn 7d

spn 2a knightodestielspn 2b

Crowley was deliciously good this episode. So many fantastic lines, but here’s a few.

spn 1a samanthasgrovesspn 1bspn 1cspn 1dspn 1espn 1f

Yep, delusion, denial, self doubt, fear, and guilt. A Winchester special!

spn 8a mooseleysspn 8b

The Mark of Cain is changing Dean. After this episode, I’ve become desperate to see exactly how that is. I’m both scared and turned on by the thought.

spn 3a wnchestielspn 3bspn 3cspn 3d

Bless you, Misha Collins, Director extraordinare, The man knows what we want.

spn 9a magical-muserspn 9bspn 9c

Arrow! It’s getting a little crowded in the Arrow cave, eh?

arrow 3a queensarrowarrow 3barrow 3carrow 3d

Tehehehe Olicity :)

arrow 1a sameenshawsarrow 1barrow 1carrow 1d

And in this moment, I didn’t hate Colton Haynes. Thanks for the chuckle, kid.

arrow 4a queensarrowarrow 4b

I’m glad they brought this up because I legit could not remember if Detective Lance knew or not until that phone call.

arrow 2a peetahalesarrow 2barrow 2carrow 2d


tvd 1 iansmolderholic

tvd 2a iansmolderholictvd 2btvd 2ctvd 2dtvd 2etvd 2f

Suits! This episode was here to remind us that Donna is the queen of everything.

suits 3a causeallkindsoftroublesuits 3b

suits 4a causeallkindsoftroublesuits 4bsuits 4csuits 4dsuits 4esuits 4f

Louis is such an asshole sometimes but dang if we don’t love him.

suits 2a misomerusuits 2b

Can we move past this now? I want fun cocky smart Mike back.

suits 6a heartsuitssuits 6bsuits 6csuits 6dsuits 6esuits 6f


suits 1a nataliedormiersuits 1b

suits 5a -spectersuits 5bsuits 5csuits 5d

Hart of Dixie! Is Joel really going to leave? Please. Please!

hod 1a kenzihalehod 1bhod 1chod 1d

Guys, Wilson Bethel with a baby goat is the BEST THING.

hod 2a hartofdixiegifshod 2bhod 2chod 2d

Enlisted! Fox is stupid. Give us more Enlisted.

enlist 3a enlistedfoxenlist 3benlist 3cenlist 3denlist 3eenlist 3f

enlist 2a couchpotatochipsenlist 2benlist 2c

I so enjoy Chris Lowell when he’s not Piz.

enlist 1a causeallkindsoftroubleenlist 1benlist 1cenlist 1d

The Walking Dead! The ENDDDD. But seriously. HOW DARE THEY WITH THESE FLASHBACKS?? Knife in the fucking heart.

wd 2a tchamblerswd 2bwd 2cwd 2dwd 2ewd 2f

This was exactly what I wanted from this scene. So important for Daryl to hear that and equally as important that Rick has reached this point where he completely trusts Daryl with his life and his kid’s lives. FEELINGS.

wd 3a walkingdixonwd 3bwd 3cwd 3d

We all know he’s saying “They’re fucking with the wrong people” and that makes me smile. This creepy cannibal cult is going to get fuckkkked.

wd 1a thewalkinggifswd 1bwd 1cwd 1dwd 1ewd 1fwd 1gwd 1h

Shameless! Ian and Mickey hooray! I love that Carl sees this relationship and is not only cool with it, but he also sees how Ian is treating Mickey, letting him stay at their house because his family is horrible, and then does the same for his girlfriend. There’s hope for you, young Gallagher. Thank goodness, you were getting scary there for awhile.

shame 3a ravenclawwitshame 3bshame 3cshame 3d

Loved this.

shame 4a noelfshrshame 4bshame 4cshame 4d

shame 2a oitccshame 2bshame 2cshame 2d

Lip has been the hero this season and now that he and Fiona aren’t fighting and he’s going to stay in school, I want to see him with Amanda for awhile and thrive. She gives him discipline and boundaries and while that’s not super fun all the time, it clearly works for him. Plus, she’s the anti-Mandy and that’s great.

shame 1a liplipgallaghershame 1bshame 1cshame 1dshame 1eshame 1fshame 1gshame 1h

Okay, kids! That’s it for this roundup. Join me in the comments to discuss whatever you like, especially the Teen Wolf finale. How do you feel about the season as a whole? Let’s talk about Jensen Ackles and his ridiculously attractive face. Have a great week!

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  • Patty

    How am I so behind on Suits? Fucking work.

    I am so glad I got caught up on Shameless because all those boys make me smile. Every one of them, even crazy Carl. I give not shits about Fiona but the bathroom scene in jail gives me nightmares.

    Misha did an amazing job of making people (Jensen) look pretty. I hope it’s appreciated.

  • Angiep213


    Oh Teen Wolf. Everyone stepped up their acting games SO much for 3B. Enough cannot be said about Dylan Obrien’s amazing ability. I mean… I can’t. Too good.

    I’m so full of booooooo when it comes to Kate Argent. Really hating the idea of her return but I’ll withhold judgement till I see how they handle it.

    Danny! Danny and his paper on currents and his ultra cool ‘yeah I’m in the loop, ya dummies’ reveal. Hoping this means we get more Danny next season. It would be nice for him to have something to do other than take off his shirt in the locker room. Lets bring Danny into the fold and banish Malia, k?

    Supernatural is basically JensenAcklesFacePorn and I’m 100% ok with that. Misha did a great job with his ep.

    No, that’s cool, TWD. I was hoping you’d stab us all in the heart with Herschel flashbacks, you jerks. Sam and Dean…I mean Daryl and Rick and their moment was great and what I needed to see from them.

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