American Idol. Top 7.

Paul went home and I might have been the only one to shed a tear.  He knew he wasn’t going to win it and you could see it in his eyes.  I’m happy he made it this far and know the exposure will help him in the future.

The judges really need to step up their game on the outfits.  Steve had on a really ugly shirt, but that’s nothing new.  Randy’s watch was my favorite color so that was cool I guess.  Whatever, on to the show!

Oh, shit people, (Editor’s Note: I feel like this maybe should’ve read “Oh shit, people”, but leaving it, “Oh, shit people”, really made me laugh. And if that was the intent, big ups, Strunkette! –SB) I was wondering how they were going to fill the time.  Apparently with a terrible Pink cover song by the rejects.  America got rid of them for a reason.  It was kinda like when you break up with someone and then they show up to your birthday party with Natty Light, get drunk, and pass out on the bathroom floor.  In other words, America didn’t want to hear them sing anymore and it was really awkward.  Paul looked, felt, and sounded out of place.  Naima was possessed by a crazy kangaroo.  The other girls were there too, I guess.  Oh, and Ashton and the Spanish one-already forgot her name-were rocking mini fros that actually looked pretty good.

Scotty-Love that the contestants are throwing shade (I think that’s the what it’s called.  Fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race watchers, back me up!).  Scotty needed to be called out for his flute mic.  Sadly he likes it and thinks it gives him character.  No, it just looks ridiculous.  Now on to the swingin’, I mean, singing.  Ha, see what I did there? Here’s something I never thought I’d say.  I liked it!  No, really.  I think it was because he was moving around a lot and I couldn’t see The Smirk.  Also I really love that song.  I love to sing along with my country accent to the “swengin'”-that’s how it’s pronounced in my head, anyway-part of the song.

James-Yay!  My two least favorite are getting out of the way first.  What is weird about James?  He wears scarves–well hello, isn’t that rocker 101?  We all know he has to follow the outline.  OMG a drum line complete with those little poofs on their hats?  Idol will never cease to amaze me.  I really like this song and don’t want him to ruin it.  The beginning was shaky, the middle pretty good, the screaming was horrible and the end was decent.  I still think he’s too much.  Love that Steven acknowledged James’ raiding of the Tyler closet.  I knew it!

Haley-I think I threw up in my mouth a little when Ryan told us she was taking on Adele.  Let me just tell you.  I never, ever buy complete albums anymore, really who does, but I have bought both of Adele’s on Itunes.  I really contemplated just fast forwarding through Haley’s entire performance.  For you guys though I suffered through.  I freaking love the shade.  Seriously they are calling her out for all the shit I call her out for.  The growling, the arm, the annoyingness, all of it!  OK, I take it back.  It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard.  The song actually fit her voice and style well.  She kept the the growling to a minimum and it actually worked when she did use it.  She did way better on her Adele song than Holly Holiday aka Gwennie aka Goop.  But I still had to go listen to the original to cleanse my eardrums.

Jacob-DIVA!  Girl, werk!  Aww, I think it’s cute there really isn’t anything bad they can say about him.  He seems like a really fun guy and would be a hoot to hang out with.  I think a slow Luther song is going to lead to his goodbye video tomorrow.  Everyone else is picking Top 40ish hits and he goes with Luther.  Just goes to show he’s not Idol material.  Who’s going to buy his album?  It was good after he remembered the words the track was fixed but really it was just another Jacob ballad.  They were always getting on Pia for not mixing things up, but if you ask me he’s more in a rut than she ever was.

Casey-They’re just jealous they can’t grow a sweet Cornelius Fudge beard.  I know I am.  Oh, man this is my jam back in the day.  I could totally rock it at karaoke, too.  I think this is one of Casey’s most successful “popular” songs.  I loved it.  He looked really comfortable up there and, dare I say, like an American Idol.  It combined Casey’s style with Top 40 music.  This is the performance that skyrockets him to front runner status.

Stephano-Does he have enough of a personality to make fun of him?  He’s a flirt.  OK.  The song was fine.  I don’t have a whole lot to say.  He moved some which was good.  He’s got some sweet suspenders.  The whole thing was nothing to Skype home about.  Just alright is not going to get you to the very end.

Lauren-Accent and talking a lot is an age thing.  Born to Fly is one of my go-to karaoke songs.  The outfit was a bit wonky but what teenager’s wardrobe isn’t a bit off?  She sounded great, but she’s still not showing enough confidence to become the next Idol.  I hope she can find the gumption to strut her stuff and kick some ass.

Top: Casey, James, Lauren

Bottom 3: Jacob, Stephano, and maybe Scotty (I’m actually very interested to see who joins them.)

I think Jacob is going home.

So who his your pick to go home?  Did they leave out any quirks you’ve noticed?  I’ve been a bit down on the performances lately, but I thought tonight was, for the most part, really good.  Comments, please!

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