Parks and Recreation. Drinking Game!

Leslie and the Pawnee Parks & Rec gang love to get their drink on.

We love drinking games at OCTV, and we thought it was about time we devised one for the newly-returned and always-awesome Parks & Recreation.

Take a drink every time …

  • Ron talks about food.
  • Tom smiles into the camera.
  • April hangs up on somebody.
  • Chris calls Ann by her full name, “Ann Perkins!”
  • Everyone laughs at Jerry.
  • Donna talks about her Lexus.
  • People hang out at The Bulge, Pawnee’s premiere gay bar.
  • Someone mentions Mouserat (drink two shots for a Mouserat performance).
  • Chris asks Ben “isn’t there anything we can do?” to make Ben the bad guy.
  • Someone from the Parks staff appears on Pawnee Today.
  • Someone has to go to the 4th floor.
  • Ron Swanson says his own name.
  • Tom gives someone a nickname.
  • One of Ben’s teenage mayor stories is revealed.
  • Ann performs nurse duties outside the hospital.
  • Leslie gets a sugar buzz.
  • Andy is nice to April and she smiles at the camera.
  • A piece of Pawnee’s bizarre history is shared.
  • Andy says “No way!”
  • Mayor Gunderson gets a mention.
  • There’s an Indiana sports reference.
  • Tom pursues something (friend/fad/outfit/business venture) in the interest of being cool.
  • Andy’s poverty is referenced.
  • April is a bitch to Ann.
  • Leslie talks Ann into doing her bidding.
  • Ron dispenses wisdom on being a MAN.

Finish your drink for a town hall meeting!

Alright, everyone!  Hopefully this satisfies everyone’s thirst (pun!) for a Parks & Recreation drinking games.  As we have shared amongst ourselves, searches for a Parks & Recreation drinking game have been rivaled recently only by searches for why Ronnie’s ass was bleeding on Jersey Shore.  The internet, folks.  It makes drinking not only fun, but necessary.  So pour yourself a strong one, play along, and for god’s sake–don’t keep your drunken shenanigans (or additional ideas for the game!) to yourself!

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  • Strunkette

    This isn’t a drinking game it’s getting completely and utterly FUCKED UP!

    Ron talking about food or saying his name? That alone will have you on the floor in the first 10 minutes.


  • offcolortv

    We really, really, really should’ve added every time Chris says, “LIT-rally!”

  • brad

    this list kindaof sucks. a bunch of them happen once in an episode.
    this is what my friend and i did…
    in order to make it easy for us to remember, we basically did one for each character.

    – Leslie: says the words “parks” “pawnee” or “indiana”
    – Ron: talks about food or sports
    – Tom: looks into the camera
    – Jerry: everyone laughs at him or makes a joke
    – Donna: talks about her mercedes (right. mercedes. its not a lexus)
    – Ben: talks about numbers
    – April: grills the camera man with a dirty look
    – Chris: smiles
    – Andy: says something stupid

    Also, if you’re watching the first season, whenever the word “pit” is used is also a good one.

    Have fun!


    Donna has a MERCEDES BENZ!

  • parksndrecfan

    donna has a Mercedes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mouse Rat FTW

    until i hit the floor so hard it leaves a bruise!

  • lilSebastian

    you also forgot “when someone in the background reacts to something someone else thinks they’re saying privately to the camera,” plus “when Leslie over compensates for something bad happening.” and yeah, Donna drives a Benz

  • Jeff

    Anytime chris says “Literarily”

  • bug56

    2 episodes in and I’m drunk. Thanks man!!

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