BOOM Quoted. How I Met Your Mother.

Guys, I really, really liked this episode.  I’m on record as being a Zoe hater mainly because they didn’t do a very good job of making us like her in the beginning.  She’s like a whole different person now.  I’ve decided to pretend we met her the Thanksgiving episode.  She’s not the Mother, but hopefully we can get some good laughs out of her.  But, I digress.   I enjoyed watching everyone call Marshall and his inability to not answer the phone and always being polite.  Loved the quotability this week.  Feast your eyes on these.

-I thought the oven was Celsius. (Can our Canadian friends commiserate?)

-Cute, means fat*cough*, not fat, means ugly*cough*, I take back everything I said.  That girl is extremely attractive *cough* *cough* *cough*

-… he even installed a security camera in my shower!  Oh, Honey!

-He’s GAY!  -Loved the delivery of Marshall’s mom

I immediately yelled INTERVENTION TIME!  (one of my favorite running gags.)

-Lily thought coffee breath, Robin thought shoulder hair, and Barney thought Ted’s lady watch.

-Blah, blah, something about a bridge.   –Ted to Honey in Barney’s version.

-erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee, erh, ee

-He fell on his sword, so she could fall on mine.

-Hurts don’t it. (In a Minnesotan accent.)

-We hate Ted now.  Get on board or the sexting stops.

-I hate you … biitchh.

What did you guys think?  Any other good ones?  Share in the comments!

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  • Strunkette

    So just found out about the “Clue” homage in the episode. I didn’t even notice it! What’s wrong with me! I should have know the minute Marshall referred to The Captain as Col. Mustard. Now I have to go back and watch the episode again!

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, glad to see I’m not the only one, all the characters were wearing the same colors all episode. Barney green, Zoe white, Ted purple, Honey red, and Robin blue. Don’t know about the others.

  • Nicole

    I really liked this one too – I loved the phone tree setup. And, maybe my expectations were abnormally low, but I thought Katy Perry was pretty decent as Honey.

    I think my favorite line was blah, blah, blah, something about a bridge, because i know lots of architects and when they were in school, there was much bridge talk.

    One bone to pick – Canadian ovens are NOT in Celsius. We may use it for temperature outside (incidentally, it’s minus 20 today with windchill, or -4 Farhenheit for you Yanks and I’m officially over winter), but we don’t use it for cooking. So, WAY TO GO HIMYM RESEARCHERS.

    All that aside though – great episode – a perfect transition from the sadness of the last two.

  • Nicole

    Holy crap – I didn’t notice the Clue thing either, other than the obvious stuff. But then, I didn’t notice the countdown to bad news in “Bad News” either, so I’m not totally surprised.

  • Strunkette

    Nicole- I saw a comment on Sepinwall’s review that maybe she was just trying to use it as an excuse for her terrible cooking. That is much more believable.

    I also thought Katy Perry did a decent job. She does a dumb bimbo well.

    Oh, and I also wanted to mention Barney’s use of burner phones. Maybe your Dad can’t call you because you change your number every ho or two?

  • offcolortv

    I haven’t watched it yet, but you guys are making me really excited for this. And I’m glad I heard about the Clue thing beforehand, because I would’ve totally missed it. Plus, I never got into the game Clue, and I started watching the movie at That Bitch Amy’s apartment and it was stupid so I gave up, or maybe fell asleep. Sorry if I’ve just raped anyone’s childhood with that sentence, but … ya know. I like HIMYM’s little background treats this year. Have they always done that and I just missed it, or is this new?

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