Teen Wolf. Roundtable #4

Special stand-alone post for 3×7 “Currents” because it deserves it, don’t you think? Based off the length of this post, it sure did. Contributors (with handy links to their twitters) as follows!


(Not) Telling the Sheriff

I’m really glad this was finally discussed. And I like that it was Stiles and Scott discussing the situation, and even more that the show sort of flipped a standard by having Stiles express that he wanted to protect his dad by not telling him but then admitting that wouldn’t really make a difference. The only thing I’m concerned about is that the show will rob us of the true reveal and next week’s ep will just have the Sheriff in the know. I really want to see his reaction. But he definitely needs to know. It’s just too important. It seems like most supernatural shows the main characters are always hesitant to protect their parents, but never want to include them. I like that Teen Wolf kind of recognizes how dumb that is, especially since Scott and Stiles’ parents are in a position to help them. I adored seeing Stiles realize that it’s not fair to protect his dad at the expense of so many others. I’m starting to wonder if Sheriff has an idea to begin or if he still is genuinely hopeless. But yes, please, let us see his reaction. Even if they skip the explanation, I want his reaction. Of all the scenes this week, my favorite (besides Isaac reaction faces, obvs) was Stiles saying he didn’t want to tell his dad to protect him, and then immediately admitting that it is stupid not to tell his father. The Sheriff. Because it is stupid. There isn’t even that looming threat from the Big Bad that says “If you tell your Dad, I’ll kill him” like we get on shows like Pretty Little Liars where those girls are repeatedly backed into a corner of keeping their parents in the dark. The Sheriff should know and I know I want him too. Mama McCall would probably enjoy having an adult to talk to about this stuff too. And then make kissy faces with. Ha! I’m down with Papa Stilinski/Mama McCall “bonding” over the supernatural revelation. But as for the scene, I was struck by how great a BFF was to Stiles. He saw how scared Stiles was and was willing to drop it because he loves Stiles so much.

Scott McCall, Chosen One

BLECH I hate this so much. Did we just suddenly forget what a dweeb Scott is roughly 90% of the time and how he’s a hunter apologist and doesn’t give a fuck about Derek ever? I just find it hard to believe that he can be a Great & Mighty alpha when he clearly has a lot of naivete and near-sightedness. HE IS SUCH A DOPE! Why would anyone think “yes. Yes, this dumb, hormonal teenager is a capable and reliable leader of a pack.” And Scott trying to break through the ash barrier looked stupid too. (And why didn’t he call one of the mortals to come break the ash ring?) Oh that there were enough words in the English language to express my hatred of this. Let me just start though by saying that I’ve actually been liking Scott a lot this season (minus the premiere) and impressed by Posey’s portrayal. So this is much more angrily directed at the writing than at Scott himself. Which is a big deal for me, normally I’d just hate Scott. But YES. Scott is a dweeb and he spent 2 seasons excusing not just Allison, but her entire family, even suggesting working with Gerard early on in S2. He’s never given a rat’s ass about Derek and constantly blames Derek for the fact that he’s a werewolf, even though PETER GAVE YOU THE BITE AND THERE IS NO CURE YOU ACTUAL RAGING ASSHAT. ← THIS ‘Scuse me. And now he’s emotionally invested in Derek? Bullshit. But even more than this let’s all shit on Derek business (more on that under Derek’s section), I have so many issues with this completely AWFUL retcon that somehow Scott is becoming the #TrueAlpha and all these people have heard about it. If you want to tell me that Scott took some damn responsibility, grew the fuck up, and becomes an alpha, fine. I don’t love it, but fine, I can accept that. Greatness thrust upon him, cool beans. But now Deaton “believed” and The Girl had heard of whinypants McCall and the alpha pack is here for him and we’re all just supposed to forget that PETER BIT HIM ON ACCIDENT AND THEN SPENT EVERY MINUTE SINCE REGRETTING HIS OWN INSANE CHOICE. And now what? They’re going to tell me to believe that Peter knew what he was doing? That Peter did it for a purpose he may not have known about? There are retcons. There are Vampire Diaries level retcons. And then there’s I’m not buying your bullshit Teen Wolf so sit your ass down and shut up about it.

Scott can absolutely become an alpha and grow up and be a lead character. I don’t want him doing that because it was “prophesied” or some crap and I sure as hell don’t want it done at the expense of Derek Hale. How’s that for OPINIONS?

I have THOUGHTS. Okay, so this true alpha stuff is super fucking cheesy. I kind of see what they’re trying to do. I see it a little differently than Melissa, in that I don’t think they’re saying that Scott was destined for this. I think they’re saying that on rare occasions, someone who isn’t an alpha can become one by being…a super good person? By having a good heart and trying to lead the right way, etc. So they’re not saying that it was coming before he was bitten. Yes, there’s plenty of points to debate on whether or not Scott fits that bill, but I certainly think its the shows assertion that he’s growing into that. But still, super cheesy Werewolf Jesus that I really don’t know if I want. On one hand, it means that Scott probably won’t kill Derek or somehow take his Alpha status, which is a dealbreaker for me when it comes to watching the show. I’m going to talk about this here, since its about Scott and Derek, but I saw an argument about Derek becoming Scott’s beta that made me want to punch things. Mostly because I’m terrified that’s where the show is going and DO NOT WANT. I like Derek as an alpha, though I do like that sometimes Scott is his better angel, pushing him to make a better plan or whatever. But Derek bowing to Scott is right out for me. I’d rather see them be co-alphas or at least alphas of separate packs that don’t beef with each other.

What worries me is that the writers don’t seem to have any Derek Hale narrative beyond poor planning and manpain. He’s so static this season, other than being nicer to Scott. Yeah, he’s gotten a little better at the looking before he leaps, but mainly, he’s there to be crapped on by life. Its like the writers have to keep him as a buttmonkey so Scott can be the hero, because they don’t know what to do with them in the same show if somehow they’ve both gotten their act together. Derek is a born wolf and he’s older than the rest of the crew, so if he was actually competent and semi-healthy as a person, there’d be zero reason for any of the wolves to follow Scott. So Derek has to always have bad things happen to him, so that he doesn’t actually have any growth. They don’t know where he fits into the fabric of their show (to my interpretation) other than “the dude bad shit happens to who is sometimes the bad guy if we need him to be.” AND ITS EXHAUSTING. They have to do better. I’m getting to the point where I’d rather they killed him off so I could stop watching rather than endure week after week of the Derek Hale torture porn hour in service of the Werewolf Jesus.

Whew. We all have some thoughts, huh? This is my thoughts on Alpha Scott…. I kind of always expected it was coming and the writers seemed to have just come up with a way to do that makes sense(ish) given that they’ve written him as a pretty whiny teenager up until this point. That said, like Holly pointed out, Scott is generally a good guy and that is apparently enough to become Werewolf Jesus. (BTW, for those who went to the Mythology panel at ATXFest, did this not bring up memories of all their RetCon talk? Doc’s explanation for it seemed like he was saying, “Hey… I know I probably should have mentioned that this was a thing by now given how many times we’ve discussed Werewolf lore, but just go with it, mmmmkay?”

I don’t think I’m as upset about Alpha Scott because I’ve felt it’s always been the direction the show would go, but like Holly I’m more worried about Beta Derek. Because all of Derek’s storylines have been Beta Derek, right? Why do they hate him? Why?? He has the potential to be a great character. He is smart, he’s been in the life forever, he’s strong and he’s proven with his Orphan Intake Program that he is a good leader. So why don’t we let him lead? Why don’t we give him a story that isn’t just Hoechlin making a “Owwwww” face? I’m less worried about Alpha Scott and just worried about what Alpha Scott means for Derek. Because I’m here for the Derek.

I’m gonna clarify really quickly that I agree the writing on the wall for Scott becoming an alpha has been there for a while. And the way Scott has grown this season makes me more accepting of that part of it. My issue is with this True Alpha business, Deaton’s belief that maybe Scott would be a rare chosen type alpha, and the alpha pack being here for Scott. Especially because Scott was bit by accident and nothing he exhibited prior to the Alphas arrival indicated any sort of better than most alpha status. Let Scott earn being an alpha. I can totally deal with that. Don’t tell me why I should just believe he deserves it.


Is it bad I’m not as sad as I could be about Boyd’s death because we get to keep Issac and his sass around? I guess it’s not that surprising since we really haven’t seen much of Boyd this season. It was nice to see Cora crying over his body because you know they got close when they were held captive together. That moment from Cora made me feel better about her probably not being in league with the Alpha pack. And knowing that in the end, Boyd didn’t regret any of his choices made me rest easier. He got to love Erica, and be a part of a pack, and knowing that he didn’t regret any of it, that was nice. I’m going to say it’s not bad because I feel the same. Boyd was on my long list, the one of people that I would cry over in the moment, miss for a while, but get over pretty quickly. (I will sidenote and say that I’m glad I knew Gage was leaving before the season started because Erica was on my short list of people I can’t handle losing). Anyway, yes, Cora so upset was helpful in easing my suspicion of her. I know a lot of people on tumblr are pissed about Boyd’s death when we knew so little about him, but to me that kind of makes his death more poignant. Obviously this last week has brought this home so much more, but sometimes people die too young. They die before we get to really know them and with so much potential remaining and the loss is supposed to ache. I think a lot of fans are missing that. I am curious to know if Sinqua is off the show because of the writing, or if he asked to leave but was more willing to stick around for a more developed storyline that wrote him out over several episodes. That will be interesting. It’s Beacon Hills, where no one seems to stay dead for long, so maybe he’ll be back. I’m interested in what’s going to happen about Alicia because I seriously doubt Jeff Davis just brought her up and is going to leave her as such a loose end. They spent a  bit of time outlining her story, so I’d be surprised if they discarded it so quickly. I think she’s “The Girl” that saved Isaac. And is still alive. Oooh, I like this. Beginning to believe that we may see some resurrections this season, and I’d love to see them bring back Boyd, Erica, and The Girl. Maybe it’ll have to do with the lunar eclipse? Double oooh, yes please! Gage is technically free since her pilot wasn’t picked up so maybe she would be interested in returning for the 2nd part of S3. I assume the other two are free as well. Given all the mumbled lunar eclipse talk and the fact that Gage keeps coming back for tiny incidental scenes, I really like Holly’s theory here. As for Boyd’s death… I kind of feel the same in that it’s sad, but not nearly as sad as if someone else had died. But I blame the writers since we never really got to know him. We just barely did these last couple episodes, which brings me back around to hoping his death isn’t a permanent situation. My thoughts exactly about Boyd. I wish we had gotten to know him better, because while I was sort of sad, I wasn’t devastated. And speaking of Cora, I don’t feel like we know her AT ALL, and it’s strange that they keep having her pop up and is considered a part of the pack now, but literally her only character trait is “Derek’s sister”. I don’t even find her sketchy, she’s just meh.

The Sacrifices Continue

I haven’t bothered doing too much guesswork on these but if meta is to be believed (and it’s been right so far) then Protectors are next. Virgins, Soldiers, Healers, Protectors. I just don’t know who counts as a protector. And I’m still not sure how the motel ep fit in. I don’t think they were supposed to be sacrifices, but I do think the Darach was still behind it. Maybe that’s part of the whole werewolf Jesus thing that Scott has going on. Maybe Stiles or Sheriff will be considered a Protector? Stiles because he saved his friends and even Ethan from suicide, or the Sheriff because of his mantle as ‘protector’ of Beacon Hills. If it’s protector, Sheriff is definitely the top of that list. He’s the one with the badge. Stiles is an interesting theory because he is sort of the protector as of late. Maybe Daddy Argent? I’m sort of along for the ride with this story because there is too much talk of Druids which just makes me sort of veer off in  my head and play out the Eddie Izzard Stonehenge routine.

Magick: Lydia or Danny or Both?

I swear, every single time I meta I end up wrong. But while we know Lydia’s something, I’m definitely curious about whether Danny might be a sleeper agent of sorts. Jeff has said that names are important (minus the characters they had no control over) and Danny’s last name meaning “full moon” has to be significant. I like the idea that he was vomiting mistletoe not because he was on the sacrifice list but because he’s a legitimate threat to the Darach. For as much as ‘everybody loves Danny’ we really don’t know much about him. Since he’s not dead (yet *knocks on wood*) I’m really hoping he becomes more of a major player this season.

As to Lydia, I’ve been liking a working theory that Stiles might be being used by the Darach, without him knowing about it (much like Peter used Lydia), and if that’s the case, I think it’d be interesting if Lydia could have sought out Deaton if Stiles wasn’t around. I do think we need to get some use or purpose out of Lydia’s magickness soon. Unless she’s a banshee and then all the screaming makes sense. Oh, the Darach using Stiles is an interesting idea. I feel like I’m so used to thinking of the show from Stiles’ perspective (thanks, fanfic!) that in my mind we’ve been with him every step of the way and there’s been no opportunity for him to have been ensnared by the Darach like that. And I stand by Lydia being /something/ magicky because she keeps drawing those damn trees which we know relate to the druids. I think the fact that we’ve seen things from Stiles’ perspective is part of why we don’t suspect him. He’s front and center at trying to solve this, so of course we trust his perspective, but what if he isn’t as reliable as we (or Stiles himself) thinks? That just intrigues me. Also, we still don’t know what happened over the summer. So curious to find out what happened over the summer. And I LOVE the concept of an unreliable narrator, so if Stiles is being used I’ll be really excited (as soon as I’m done crying for him.) I am so frustrated that they are holding out on what Lydia’s specialness is. I thought maybe we were going to get something when Lydia (and Stiles, I think?) were like, “hey, Peter knows a lot about this type of thing, maybe we should ask him”. And then there was nothing! Even if Peter didn’t know, they could bring back the magic laptop encyclopedia to research. (Plus, I kind of really want to see Lydia confront Peter about all the shit he put her through last season. Possibly try to bargain with him, leverage his use of her for knowledge about her abilities).I am dying for Lydia to become a supernatural BAMF. I was thinking maybe she’s a “bandrui”, or a female druid? It would actually fit with her character, since the druids were the scholars, the academic of the time. She could be the light side of the Force/druids. They could also incorporate a supernatural inclination into her abilities, like if she studied (possibly from Deaton?) she could control her powers. And hey! Who’s that creepy reaper dude she saw in the fire last week? Death? The reaper dude was back this week! I didn’t notice until I saw a screencap of it in Price Peterson’s photo recap, but it was in the rearview mirror of the mothmobile.

Jennifer aka The Teacher and How She’s Probably Evil

I think she’s part of the Alpha pack. She’s been alone with Derek a lot and there are claw marks on his neck in that scene from last week’s ep, like taking memories. Oh, they did have a blatant shot of her hands on his neck when they were making out. I’m voting she’s using him to isolate him from the pack and learn details about the rest of the pack. I think she’s not taking too many memories, just the ones that give her away, and utilizing the rest that she finds. (I’m not yet ready to agree with the theory that there’s a connection between her/Derek scenes and past Stiles/Derek scenes, though I do find it interesting. But she’s gotta be a bad guy.

And on the Jennifer/Derek ship thing, I have to say that Haley’s comments during the Revelations show really pushed me away from my previous “I don’t hate it, but I’d rather have Sterek” opinion. She was Bella Swanning hardcore and I just, no. Fifteen year olds have epic love at first glance. Adults don’t. And then there’s still the whole sex when Derek’s bloody and weak and not in a mindset to know what he’s doing and the more I’ve thought about that all week, the creepier those scenes come off. Yeah, that sex scene just is not right. They’re clearly on different levels and from what we’ve seen there isn’t enough foundation for her being as involved in Derek’s life as she seems to have deluded herself into thinking. Like, the Alphas taking her hostage against Derek doesn’t make sense except for adding on to his massive guilt complex if he convinced himself her getting hurt/dead at their hands was his fault. But he would have self-flaggelated about an innocent, too. Which leads me to the question – how did they kidnap her? How did they know she might be important to Derek? I’m still really suspicious of her. The one good thing she did was not try to comfort Derek in the wake of Boyd’s death. That’s odd to me too. The position she’s putting herself in would make sense for her to try and comfort Derek. Except now there are witnesses. Sure, Isaac and Boyd would understand Derek’s anger and need to protect the innocent when she was dragged in. But I bet if she went to him and he let her comfort him, the others would have been wondering how the hell she got Derek’s trust so easily. I think it was strategic on her part, and very smart at that.

This whole ship is weird. If I’m going off of just what I see on screen, it could be read as just a nice connection that they made (though the sex scene was weird with the blood), but the alphas knowing about her is also strange. Coupled with Webb’s comments about Jennifer being in love with Derek, it’s downright rage-inducing. I think Webb has done great with what she’s been given, but what we’ve seen is not love. Its not epic. From the viewer POV, they’ve been in each other’s presence for like a couple hours total. It doesn’t seem like there’s been time for them to have been dating (which may have given the alphas time to find out about them). So its all very frustrating. I won’t hate Jennifer & Derek because they’re not Sterek, but they’re certainly making me hate them on their own merits because its boring and poorly written. Unless she’s working with the alphas. If she’s a double agent, I’ll shut up about it. JUST SAY NO TO INSTA-LOVE.

I have very little thoughts about Jennifer. I don’t hate on her existence purely from a Sterek standpoint because if I chose to watch TV like that I’d go insane and I’m insane enough, thankyouverymuch. That said, I’m more interested in the casting/styling of her. She looks evil. Right? When she came into the classroom with the “I just had sex with an Alpha, high five!” look, for a second I thought she was someone else who was going to be a villain. It would also make her sudden need to be entirely involved in what is obviously a very dangerous situation make sense. Because Hoechlin is super hot and all, but come on.

I’m not really thinking she’s something special and/or powerful. So far it just seems like she exists to be a Damsel in Distress. First it was Derek “saving” her in the boiler room, and now she’s so important to him that the Alphas can use her as a hostage? I said it before, but I have to repeat it: TW has been pretty good in the past about making its female characters active and complex, but they’ve dropped the ball on this one. If she is secretly a baddie at least that would be interesting.

The Rescue of Doc Deaton

This might be what actually made me the most emotional / upset over the course of the episode and I have a lot of reasons. Chief amongst them being that when Scott and Stiles spoke about the rescue and Stiles mentioned Deaton being a father-figure to Scott, my perspective changed a little. I had no clue who was going to die, and for a long time I figured I wouldn’t miss Deaton because he’s never super helpful to begin with. But the thought of Scott losing another father Got To me. Keeping that in mind, Scott’s attempted rescue of Deaton was that much powerful, having to watch him try his best but continuously fail. Heartwrenching. That being said, I have one gigantic bone to pick: Why the FUCK didn’t Stiles & Lydia go save Deaton? Why did they let Scott go help Derek by being an extra set of claws in a fight, and instead send Scott to rescue Deaton? I am furious about this. I thought that’s what the plan was! I was thinking it was all Dark Knight-ish. I’m so torn on Deaton. I started liking him a lot more when he and Stiles were trying to figure out the soldier sacrifices. preach But whenever he goes back to this Scott is the chosen one crap, I get pissed off. I won’t go too into the Scott side of that here, but I do have quite an issue with going from the S1 Deaton who said he was friends with Talia and promised her he’d look out for Derek (and I assume Laura before she died) and yet Deaton screws Derek over constantly, helped Scott betray Derek in S2, is an utter asshole to Derek, and spends all this time talking about how amazing Scott is. Just. No. I don’t need a fucking prophet for Scott McCall. And i need there to be more to Deaton than just this enigmatic persona. As to that bone, I’m fine with Stiles not going (I don’t think he really trusts Deaton), but I do think Lydia would have been useful. Especially since she wouldn’t really be at the loft. However, if Stiles is part of the problem, I suspect that keeping Lydia and Stiles away keeps a level of mystery to her abilities and his. But also if Derek’s “death” kept Scott from healing on an emotional level and influenced Scott towards suicide, why is he so quick to send others to help? The dots need to be connected better. And Deaton needs to start giving up some answers and stop with this vague shit.

I don’t want Deaton to die but I’ve gotta agree with Melissa that his character is super frustrating. He knows all kinds of shit that he refuses to share and he’s supposed to help Derek too and never does it and it pisses me off. Ugh.

This goes back to what I was saying about the Alpha Scott – why hold on to this information, Doc?? I mean, sure it seems like it would never happen or whatever, but if my surrogate son type person suddenly became a werewolf, I would give him ALL THE INFORMATION!! Why WOULDN’T you?! Guys, if I ever become a supernatural creature and I find out you weren’t telling all the stuff you know about it, I’m going to be super pissed. Deaton should be Giles. Period. He should be that guy that they go to and he helps them, but instead he’s this super shady dude who I want to like so much, but his constant denial of help for Scott & Co is just too frustrating. But I still don’t want him to die.

Things We Learned About Derek

– he can use stairs

– he can read

He looks adorable when napping over a book ugh I just want to card my fingers through his hair and read the book aloud to him while he naps. I want to nap with him and let him read aloud to me. Anything that puts me and him in the same bed is fine by me. The point is: Swoon.

His faceeeeeeee! At Boyd! Hoechlin is so good at being a Sass Master, and he doesn’t get much of a chance to do much of the heavy emotional stuff, so when things do go that way it kind of surprises me how awesome he is at it. ACTING! Plus, I can never deal with Derek and his pack!feels. Even though he puts up the sassy front, I think he does truly love his kids so much.

Hey, what’s the deal with Gerard?

I don’t get at all what he’s talking about, or where and why he’s being kept. Is he just around to be a cryptic and creepy supernatural Google? Hee. I think he’s in some sort of Hunter’s Home for the Disabled & Deranged. In which case, who brought him there? Was it Chris because he couldn’t bear to kill his father?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/ReelStina Lemonade

    Your theory about Stiles as the unreliable narrator is super interesting, especially given all the talk about unreliable narrators (from Stiles no less!) in tonight’s episode “Visionary.”

    One thing I have to vent about, as it’s been bugging me for like a month now: The show keeps mispronouncing the word Darach as “da-ROCK.” Just cringeworthy.

    The actual Irish pronunciation is more like “DAR-ruck” with the “a” in “dar” pronounced just like the “a” in Danny, if that makes sense (it’s harder to explain in writing).

    What’s interesting to me about this is that the real pronunciation sounds awfully close to another name we’re familiar with: DEREK. Does this mean anything? I have no idea, but I just thought I’d throw it out there.

    Anyway, love the roundtables, keep ’em coming girls! :)

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