BOOM! Quoted. How I Met Your Mother.

Here at OCTV, we like to make things easier, not on you guys, but on ourselves. Ha! We’ve come to realize (Nicole a while ago with the Thursday night line up) that comedy is hard to recap. So from now on I’ll be doing more of a quote/short burst of amazing insight, or something like that. So without further ado…

Even with the seriousness of the episode there were laughs to be found. Though I have to admit I shed a few tears at the end of the pocket dial.

-Yeah, it’s positive racism.-Lily

-I’m peeing my pants!-Nathan Hale aka Barney

My lol moment was Barney hitting Ted in the crotch. Yes I’m a 13 boy inside.

With me writing less you need to write more in the comments! Your assignment-Which friend would you be; laugh maker, whipping bitch, or drug carrying Mary Poppins?

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  • Nicole

    I loved this episode – the show handled the subject matter so perfectly in the last two episodes and I was a crying mess at both. I think these two eps have renewed my love for the show when it was totally starting to fade.

    Also, I would absolutely be a cross between laugh-maker and illegal Mary Poppins. That is my role in life. And I always have Crocodile Dundee 3 at the ready.

  • Strunkette

    See I think I’d be a cross between the whipping bitch and Mary Poppins. I’m generally the one cleaning everything up and taking the heat. Though I don’t have Crocodile Dundee 3 aka “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles” at the ready I usually have a flask and dirty playing cards.

    The line I forgot was Marshall’s mom yelling about Tofu Sushi Bagels. Love it!

  • offcolortv

    Yeah, I totally cried too. Me and everyone with a soul. That pocket dial was just … gah. And I totally loved the end, where Marshall was able to sort of laugh about the last words with him telling everyone how much he loves them and that he’s going to go drop a deuce. So Barney and Ted were right, he did need to laugh, they just got the timing wrong.

    I think I’m mostly vice girl with some jokester thrown in. I will occasionally try to lighten the mood, but mostly, I just want to be there to do all the little stuff that no one ever thinks about. Like phone chargers, and getting minors drunk! (See? Like that.)

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