The Mindy Project. “Best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier.”

Now I'm going to start calling my apartment the 'Temple of Doom'.

Now I’m going to start calling my apartment the ‘Temple of Doom’.

Another great episode! First off, hat tip to Mindy for the “Mindiana Jones” pun. Second, kudos on making me laugh, like, a lot. I’m pinning that on BJ Novak because I want to, okay? Not only did BJ Novak guest-star, he also co-wrote with Mindy Kaling and basically I didn’t need anything else to make me happy but there was a lot more. Before we get started I’d just like to say that I wish I lived in a world where all of my conversations were as witty and fun as the ones Jamie and Mindy shared.

Okay, so Brendan and Mindy in bed together and they maybe had sex. He said last week it was going to happen. (I say they maybe had sex because he’s dressed and still has his watch on and she’s in a flannel nightgown. There’s also a lot of weird shit in the bed you would’ve had to notice if you were fooling around.) He tells her that he’s not into dating, but he’s cool with voluntary snuggling and petting her hair. Their relationship baffles me.

But since they aren’t dating, Mindy’s free to go to a cocktail party with just Maggie, an old friend from college. Maggie was in a wheelchair all episode because of her broken femur, but the show used it well – Maggie cornering Dr British to hit on him (get it girl), having Mindy carry her up and down steps (I’ll admit, I was impressed), finding Mindy’s phone in her cast. Maggie would like us to know that she’s an elementary school PE coach. But you also need to know that she’s heterosexual (that’s some blatant stereotyping, but I’m not going to fault it).

Meanwhile Mindy’s bummed because everyone at the party is part of a couple. I can empathize, girl. One of my friend groups is entirely made up of couples (save for me). Is this what I have to look forward to in ‘adulthood’? If so, no thank you, I would like a refund please.

But the absolute best thing about the cocktail party is BJ NOVAK!!!! (Character: Jamie) There’s a classic romcom misdirection of Jamie being with a girl (who I was going to guess fraternal twin but is actually just his best friend Lucy).

(Sidenote: I totally read a BJ Novak interview about this episode and I’m pretty sure that he and Lucy are paralelling his and Mindy’s real-life best friendship. Which is fascinating and I feel like I need to know everything about it. Her book did not satisfy my need to know about their friendship, okay? But he did say that it’s weird when one of them starts dating someone new because said new person is always, “Are you sure you’re just friends? Because it really seems like you’re two seconds away from dating each other.”)

Oh my god, Jamie & Mindy, be more adorable. Ugh, that meet cute. And he teaches Latin. “Not as popular as it was 2 or 3 thousand years ago. Back then even the dumb kids spoke Latin, it was a great time to be a Latin teacher.” I’d just like to say that if BJ Novak was using this material on me, I’d already be waiting for him in the car. Mindy says maybe Latin would be more popular if they made another Indiana Jones movie? He always looked so cool reading Latin inscriptions. “You know the Latin Department doesn’t have that much sway in Hollywood. I think you’re thinking of the Hebrew Department. And that’s offensive.” But hilarious! SAY YES when he asks you out!

She does. But first, some questions about Lucy.

Mindy: “I don’t want to be that rando that Gerard Butler wastes his time with before he realizes that he’s really in love with Kate Beckinsale.”
Jamie: “Wait, what movie is that?”
Mindy: “Oh, it’s not a movie. I just think they would have great chemistry.”
Jamie: “Yeah, they would because they can both do action, too.”

And the date was going so well but then Lucy had wine delivered to their table and he felt the need to call her immediately and then it was super awkward. Dammit, guys. In the five minutes they were a thing I got REALLY invested.

While they’re on the outs Mindy runs into Brendan at the movie theater but he’s with some Myanmarese (Why can’t the country still be called Burma? I know how to conjugate for a person from there!) refugee chick. Mindy doesn’t like it.

Brendan: Maybe this is our first date. Maybe I’ll never see her again. Maybe we’ll get married.
Mindy: Maybe I’ll sleep with your brother. Nope, I’m sorry, that is awful.

Anyway, Mindy realizes she can’t deal with being casual with Brendan. Good call.

Oh, and then Mindy makes a ‘grand gesture’ go get Jamie to go on a second date with her. (He agrees.) Grand gestures were kind of a theme this episode, what with Danny getting dumped by Marnie and all.

Danny was great all episode. The scene with Marnie dumping him was great because I, too, would disguise my hurt by kvetching over the spiciness of my Mexican hot chocolate. Also Mindy translating Goodfellas into romcom speak was great. His romantic gesture, however, was not. (When he played Korn, I totally thought of Gilmore Girls and how Korn rented a house from Lorelai the First.)


  • Mindy has glow in the dark constellations on her ceiling. I WANT IT.
  • Mindy has a lot of weird shit in her bed. I know people in glass houses and all that, but I guess having a roommate limits how weird the stuff that ends up in my bed is. Also, I’m stuck in a twin bed for at least another few months so I don’t have the luxury of a ‘storage side’. Like, she has frying pan – one that she uses not to hobble intruders, but as a flat surface for letter writing. And that creepy-ass Richard Nixon mask? For popcorn? So gross.
  • Danny sometimes gets everything right: I don’t want to go out because then I’d have to put on pants, a shirt, and shoes. He went to the kitchen at the party and MADE A SANDWICH. Hero status.
  • God bless Danny for still calling Marnie “Eye-Patch “.
  • Mindy has incredible aim with popcorn and other movie theater snacks.
  • I wish I was in his Latin class because not only is it adorably small, but he plays guitar to help you conjugate verbs.

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  • ahow628

    Just a heads up: Emily Spivey the creator of Up All Night has left that show and is heading over to Mindy Project. Up All Night will be switched to a multi-camera, live-audience sitcom. Barf.

    Up All Night’s loss, Mindy’s gain.

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