Jersey Shore. Three episodes, a catfight, and some hoes later …

Alright, guys.  In case you haven’t noticed, Jersey Shore has been put on the backburner recently, mostly because I’m getting overwhelmed with getting back into the swing of things.  As most of you know, I don’t really have personal internet access at my job anymore, I’m still rolling on the Supernatural rewatch, and fall TV is starting back up (plus, I just totally marathoned season four of Dexter).  Given that while Jersey Shore is wildly entertaining and yet not much happens episode to episode, I am thinking that it’s going to get dropped from the recapping line up unless I hear some SERIOUS protests that y’all need a place to discuss it.

But before I (potentially) pull the plug on this though … how sad was it seeing Vinny beg for a date?  Yikes.


  • Randi

    I really hate Angelina.

  • megan

    Vinny broke my heart.. But then again, he slept with Angelina.. SO how bad can I really feel for the guy?

  • Strunkette

    I don’t necessarily need somewhere to discuss, but I always love reading your comments. I do understand if you can’t do it with the new fall shows starting up.

    Vinny begging for a date was extremely hard to watch. I just wanted to tell him she wasn’t worth it….oh and STOP HOOKING UP WITH ANGELINA. I’m in the same boat as Randi. She is completely two-faced.

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