Covert Affairs. “Going Into Battle Is Like Blowing Out A Birthday Candle.”

I think it’s time we had that “conversation”…

Right. So here we are. The Covert Affairs season 3 finale over and done with and…well…I for one am left with a bit of mixed feelings about the whole shebang!

First off, I really enjoyed this season. I thought the serialised arc(s) worked well for the show and served to keep it a bit more fresh than the standard procedural stuff (which in my opinion often gets a bit dull in the long run). I also thought it was clever to have more than one season-long arc; it kind of left you with the feeling that anything could happen and you were never exactly sure where or when the end would hit you.

We started out with Jai’s death and the mysterious symbol on his files and on the shoulder of the sexy Brit commonly known as Simon. Then Lena, the femme fatale, got added to the mix and before long everyone was looking suspicious as hell! Moving from that to Eyal and Mossad and the notion of family and friends, where Annie had to come to terms with her behaviour earlier in the season.

The whole season almost felt like 2-3 separate ones at some point there!

And season 4, which airs July 2013, promises a season-long arc focusing on one particular issue and, from the looks of last night’s episode, this one might be quite interesting.

But on with the show and all that…let’s explore the finale and some of the bad taste it left in my mouth shall we?Continuing where last episode left off, Annie is in Amsterdam and is being contacted by Khalid, who has Eyal all tied up and miserable as a prisoner in a large, impersonal glass house. Apparently Khalid believes the CIA is responsible for killing Megan and, in true Annie Walker style, he wants revenge. So, Annie is supposed to get information on the names of all the CIA assets that work for Khalid’s father because, unlike us who already suspect that daddy dearest isn’t all that squeaky clean nor above killing fiancées off if it suits him, Khalid believes someone in his father’s company betrayed him and got Megan killed.

Annie meets up with a sassy Dutch girl who’s a CIA asset and has all kinds of info that Annie needs in order to get the info for Khalid. Capiche? But Annie also places a call to the only person in the world she feels she can trust and get good advice from, yes that would be Auggie. Though she only gets voice mail.

I wonder, is it really that therapeutic to talk to an answering machine/leave a message on voice mail? Seems to be, though I’ve never tried it myself mostly because I’d probably pull a Monica on that one!

In any case, Annie needs to get into the American Consulate in Amsterdam to use the computer in their medical lab to access the CIA server. Yes, I think that sentence makes sense? So she actually arranges for two thugs to beat her up on the street so she has a valid reason to go knocking on the Consulate’s doors. She does her little spy thing in the shadow of the night, returns to her room and yay, Auggie is there!

Agreeing that trading CIA assets’ names for a retired Mossad agent isn’t really the smartest thing to do, Annie and Auggie come up with another and crazier plan. ‘Cause that’s just how those two roll!

Auggie has a little alpha male thing going on when he asks Annie if she has “feelings” for Eyal and Annie is all, why do you keep asking me that question man?!? But we know the writers are hell-bent on catering to shippers all over the world and are setting our two favourite A’s up for something a lot bigger…

All ready to execute their crazy plan, Auggie goes all zen on Annie and tells her to clear her mind of any worries and think of someone she loves…or alternatively imagine that going into battle is like blowing out a birthday candle…aka don’t over-think things!

Plan in motion! Annie meets with Khalid at the Amsterdam flower market (which I’m sad to inform you is actually not shot in Amsterdam but Toronto) and then convinces him that she doesn’t care about Eyal at all by picking up a gun and SHOOTING him! Thankfully I remembered that Auggie had procured a “special gun” a little bit earlier so I wasn’t too mad at Annie for shooting Eyal (and I do so really like that man!).

Everyone heads for Pier 10, though Annie gets a bit side-tracked due to being chased by Khalid and his thug. Her little hide-out among the bicycles was pretty cool! And, as it turns out, quite effective.

Another thing that was kind of awesome? That jump Annie made into the barge! Straight into Eyal’s arms, or you know, almost. Obviously Auggie couldn’t catch her, being blind and all…

Cue to the confession part of the episode…Auggie tells Annie he was worried about her because, wait for it, he couldn’t follow his own advice “because the person I was worried about and the positive thing I was thinking about are the same.”

OK, I’ll admit it, I swooned a little bit!

Saved by the phone, Annie gets a not so subtle kill-order from Arthur and Joan, so she ditches the two hunks on the barge and heads to the glass menagerie that Khalid calls home. But seriously man, if you have such a nice place, surrounded by a tall fence, with two bodyguards, and a freakin’ indoor pool, can’t you afford a SECURITY SYSTEM for the front door?

Alas no, Annie just walks right on in and makes herself at home.

Interesting twist; Annie doesn’t kill Khalid but rather gives him the information that proves his father is the one who had Megan killed. Is she granting him the courtesy of revenge so he can see things through like she did when she killed Lena to avenge Simon? Or was it really as calculated as Annie wants Henry Wilcox to believe? Or just a little bit of both?

Khalid jumps on a helicopter and heads to Saudi Arabia, courtesy of daddy (who’ll soon be dead probably), and we hope we never see him again.

Eyal plans on spending some quality time on a boat in Greece and is all equally philosophical (we only have one life) and cocky (you should join me Annie) about it at the same time. And I like him even more!

But Annie heads on home with Auggie, who wants to meet for drinks at a nicer place then Allen’s (sly dog Auggie, we know you mean your place) when they’re back home.

Now…here come the two moments of the episode that left me feeling both a bit intrigued as well as a bit exasperated.

I didn’t care about the whole “Henry Wilcox has been commuted and let out of jail” thing. Initially I thought they were just wrapping the character up by declaring Jai a hero and shipping Henry off with his CIA star. BUT apparently Wilcox is still up to no good and he really, really can’t stand Arthur. To the point where he’s still trying to take him down, and this time around he wants Joan to go down with him.

At this point Henry Wilcox has started reminding me of this guy in his relentlessness to take down his perceived enemy!

Then Annie meets with Wilcox (in the diner where Jai got killed, slightly macabre yes) and he shows her a file that has some incriminating stuff on Arthur and Joan. Enough for Annie to be on board taking both of them down! So yes, I am very much intrigued by this! What’s in that file that makes Annie not even hesitate to say yes to helping Wilcox? Something about Lena and/or Simon? Something other related to Annie? It has to be pretty big though, otherwise Annie wouldn’t have been so quick to say yes.

But I guess next season will answer that question for us! At least it seems this will be the central theme of the show when it returns next summer. And I’m perfectly happy about that! And a little bit excited to see where this all leads!

However, the other moment…

Look, I love Auggie and Annie but I really just want them to stay friends! I thought Annie had much greater chemistry sexually speaking with both Simon and Eyal. I never really saw sexual tension as a component of Auggie and Annie’s relationship. So I guess what I’m saying is that THAT KISS didn’t really make me jump up and down with glee or anything.

Not like the moment where Olivia and Peter on Fringe kiss for the first time, or the Ross & Rachel kiss on Friends, or Jo and Zane on Eureka…the list is a wee bit long so I’ll just stop here.

This was more like that moment where Mulder and Scully get it on…a little bit icky somehow!

I realise the end game will always be Annie and Auggie but at the same time I feel it was a bit forced almost…maybe I can blame all the shippers out there for that? You know, those very vocal fans that lurk on the internet? Though clearly not as fervent about the whole thing as Delena and Stelena shippers on The Vampire Diaries (ah heck, I just want Stefan and Elena to stay together and continue to be bland and irrelevant and Damon could do with a sassy little chick to have some fun with…I’m totally available for that btw!).

Anyways! We have a complicated storyline set up for next season: Annie helping Henry Wilcox to take down Arthur and Joan, and Annie and Auggie navigating the change in their relationship.

And I’ll leave it at that! It’s been great fun covering Covert Affairs for OffColorTV and hopefully you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have! For now I’ll continue to focus on the shenanigans the residents of Bluebell, Alabama get up to.

What did you guys think of the season finale? A nice ending to an eventful season? Or not explosive enough for you? Any thoughts on the “conversation” Annie and Auggie had? Happy, sad, disapproving, ambivalent, or just flat out don’t care? And is it just me or did we never get to know why exactly scary Mossad lady (Rifka) was trying to get rid of Annie? Was that plot just dropped or did I miss something?

Let me hear ya thoughts for one last time!


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  • Eric Pharand

    The last episode I’ll ever watch

  • linds

    I’m a bit confused – do we actually know for certain this is about taking Arthur & Joan down?

  • liljaarn

    The more I think about it I’m certain that either/or both Arthur and Joan had something to do with Jai’s death and the whole Lena debacle. I think that file had some dirt on the CIA power couple that makes them look anything but squeaky clean. Maybe Arthur or Joan were pulling Lena’s strings? We never really found out who was behind all of it (except the very vague “Russian” explanation).
    And since Henry Wilcox has been trying to take Arthur down since season 1, my guess is that the file definitely had something on at least Arthur if not Joan as well. But that file will be the drive behind season 4 so…hopefully we’ll get some answers then :)

  • Anne Keating

    agree that kiss was definitely a bit icky! There was more heat in the kiss between Annie and Eyal while she was tying him to the bed in “a girl like you” even though under false pretenses. The writers seriously missed an opportunity to make this show so much better, by having Eyal pop up as a semi-regular or regular, and creating a relationship arc other than friendship between him and Annie. I mean, the guy went on a one-man suicide mission to save her from a Russian prison. What more do you need? As for the scheme to target Annie, not sure what that was about? Perhaps Henry and Rivka are in it together, to ensure the missile strike, in exchange for forced Cole out in the open so he can be eliminated. Perhaps Rivka doesn’t like that Eyal is so close to Annie? Either way, the relationship between Eyal and Annie feels like unfinished business.

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