Arrow: Come before Oliver Queen gets off.

Hi guys! You mad at me? Sorry I missed last week…I was a mess. Dental issues & pain meds led to a very loopy/nappy Erin.

My plan was to regroup this week….re-watch ‘An Innocent Man’, give you a couple of paragraphs on it & then move on to this week’s ‘Damaged’ but, I just can’t. First, because it seems like so long ago…you’ve all seen it, reviews/recaps have been done, you’ve all discussed it to death, I’m sure & it feels a little ridiculous to revisit it. (Unless there are things you NEED to tell me about…things I HAVE to know…feel free to go nuts in the comments!) Second, I really did feel like shit last week…mouth pain is the worst. I mean, it’s probably not really THE worst…but it sucks…because it’s all in your head…not figuratively. You know? So, it could’ve just been the fact that I was totally miserable & a little spacey but I didn’t love last week’s episode. I didn’t love it enough that it made me cringe thinking about re-watching it. So I didn’t. But, here are the few thoughts I had on it…

  • For the record, in the “previouslies”, no matter how many times I see the salmon ladder, I will ALWAYS be impressed/mesmerized/drooling.
  • I was SUPER happy to see Felicity Smoak back. She’s delightfully adorkable. I love it.
  • What is going on with Moira having the Queen’s Gambit wreckage in that warehouse??
  • I think I loved the Oliver/Dig stuff but I can’t really remember specific details. #Tyleonl3’s
  • How the hell is Oliver getting out of this arrest when Det. Lance has video of him picking up his hood & shit from that stairwell??

I’m sure there was other stuff…I just can’t remember. You don’t mind if we move on to this week’s episode, right?



OH WAIT!!! I’d feel super shitty if I didn’t include last week’s #amellyfact too…

So, directly from Stephen: “After the prison sequence (punches) I couldn’t lift my arm above my head for two days!”…and that makes me remember the whole prison thing & him rescuing Laurel & stuff. And then it makes me think…a lot of people assume acting’s an easy gig…and, I don’t doubt it is in a lot of ways…I mean, in the sense that you don’t get into acting if you don’t love it & aren’t good at it…okay, some people that aren’t good at it still manage to get into it, that’s not my point…my point is, if I had to go to work & just do my job ‘pretending’ to punch somebody repeatedly & that resulted in the kinda pain that precluded me from using one of my arms…? I’d be angry.

Okay…now we’re really moving on.


On first watch…last night (Tuesday) for those of us in Canada…I was in love with this episode. After the second watch…I really wish I hadn’t had to re-watch to make notes. I love it less…but, there were some really good moments & a couple of really awful moments.

I need to start with this: this episode started to convince me of something…bear with me, it’s hard for me to be critical of Amell ‘cuz I’ve been following him forever and I adore him. So much. I’m not sure if I’ve made that clear yet. Anyway, I think my long term adoration & excitement about him doing so well are actually making me a little over critical (Sorry Stephen!) ((fuck, I really hope he’s not reading this!)). The thing is, way back when he first popped onto people’s radar as Brady on TVD, *some* people thought his acting came across as a little stiff. Me included. We gave him a bit of a hard time over Twitter. But, I probably should’ve kept my mouth shut. Honestly, what the hell do I know about acting…nothing. Whatever. We made up & he went on to do a bunch of stuff after and, to me, he just kept getting better & better. I love it when he comes across as ‘natural’…I think I say that a lot and I’m not even sure what it means…it’s just a feeling when I’m watching. The flow of a scene, I guess…as if I’m watching a conversation that could really happen instead of a scripted show. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’m rambling…the bottom line & the thing that I think has been holding me back from being completely smitten with the show is that it (he) ((Jesus, I know with every word out of my mouth I’m getting further & further away from him begging me to marry him!)) (((FYI: the ‘marry him’ thing is a joke on SO many levels…just so we’re clear.)))…

Sorry, where was I? Sometimes I feel like he’s a little stiff in this. Now, to be fair…I’ve been struggling with saying this at all because I THINK (hope) that part of the stiffness is part of the behind the scenes direction choices to do with Oliver’s character…the Oliver who’s struggling with being back from the island and figuring out who he’s supposed to be showing to his family & friends…who he was, who he is now. And I really think this IS the case ‘cuz there are so many moments that feel like they flow so easily…with Tommy, Thea, Laurel & Dig…the people that he feels comfortable with. Even more so with Dig now that he’s in the know.

This all brings me (somehow) around to the fact that this episode made me feel so much better about all of it ‘cuz there were so many ‘real’ moments to me. Starting with the opening when Oliver’s with Chinese saviour/mentor dude (do we have a name for him yet?)…I just loved that whole opening scene. It felt natural.

Fuck. Somebody shut me up. Are you even still reading? As IF I’m qualified to really judge this shit…all I know is that I love Amell the best when he gets to inject humour to whatever it is he’s doing (think, his New Girl episodes…so good!). I enjoy his sense of humour in real life & when that comes across onscreen it makes me a happy girl.

Fun stuff?? THIS week’s #amellyfact is fun…to me. Amell has talked a lot abot his brother-in-law being a huge comic book fan & how he’s been super excited about all of this stuff…so Stephen sent this: “My sister and her husband were on set the day Deathstroke first appeared. He nearly passed out and has been waiting almost two months to post the photo.” Now, I don’t know his brother-in-law’s Twitter handle so I haven’t seen the pic but I’m loving the thought of a grown man THAT excited about being on a TV set in the presence of a guy in a black & yellow mask, lol! I’m not making fun…I swear! I was way more excited than I thought I’d ever be in the summer when I was wandering around “Mystic Falls”…meeting the Gilbert porch & sitting on park benches that “Damon Salvatore’s” ass has been on…so I get it…it’s still funny! :)

Annnnnd…here’s what I thought as I watched:

  • I’m totally with Oliver…I’m not into shooting/killing/cleaning animals that I’m going to have to eat. Which means I should probably be a vegetarian but I’m not. Steak is good.
  • JESUS!! I totally jumped both times I watched the ninja dude in the forest grab oliver. And then I laughed at myself. Both times.
  • Oliver & Det. Lance in the interrogation room…I keep thinking that Lance is overacting & overselling his rage but then I wonder how a man in his position ( as in a detective, so…usually badass, alpha male types) would behave after losing his daughter because his other daughter’s boyfriend was fucking her & whisked her away on some crazy ass boat trip to the North (South?) China Sea? Perhaps he WOULD be that intense. I don’t know. Also, WTF were they doing there anyway? Where is Starling City…did Oliver’s dad intend to end up in China? Did they really just veer that far off course? Is it all part of the sabotage? I can’t handle this…every episode just leaves me with more and more questions.
  • Excuse me…can somebody please, for the love of God, make Walter shave off that soul patch bullshit thing he’s got going on? I hate them. So much.They’re just so sleazy looking. (to me) Okay, carry on.
  • Am I allowed to not love Susanna Thompson? I’m not sure I love her.
  • I love that Laurel came through for our boy at court…but we’re not surprised…right?
  • I loved the whole “my client would be willing to wear an ankle bracelet & be under house arrest”  thing and Oliver’s “uh…no he wouldn’t…”! (See, Amell’s got great timing funny-wise!)
  • Oh shit!! So Mrs. Lance left Det. Lance & Laurel because of all of this too??!! One more thing to add to the detective’s crazy ass intensity, I guess.
  • Okay…the Dig at the door *knock knock knock* scene… Oliver: “Thank you for coming. Shut the door.” Is it just me or was something off with the sound…was the delivery just bad? Was the line written badly? Did Oliver’s voice drop down to his ‘disguised’ voice level? Am I just imagining it?
  • WAIT!!! So he PLANNED the arrest?? I seriously can’t wait to see why & how it all plays out…
  • I suspect I’m not going to give a shit, from week to week, about Ollie’s actual ‘targets’ until we get into the stuff where we’re dealing with those closest to his father’s company & whatever his Mom’s got going on….pension thieves, arms dealers…whatever.
  • Ohmygoodness!!! Dig’s delight at EVERYthing in Oliver’s hideout is fantastic…seriously…I love this scene!
  • Who’s this Edward guy in the forest? Is he somebody? I mean, obviously he’s somebody…is he going to be an ongoing presence though? See! More questions….esPECially on the island!
  • DEATHSTROKE!!!! (okay, you guys know I don’t really know anything about Deathstroke, I just know everybody else has been making such a huge deal about it that as soon as I saw him I squealed…I was watching with my mom…she asked me why he was so exciting…my answer given in partial squeal “I DON’T EVEN REALLY KNOW!”)
  • Another thing I don’t totally get but kinda love is ANOTHER SPEEDY REFERENCE!!! I really love the Thea/Oliver scenes…and, I love that Thea’s starting to piece shit together too…no matter what Oliver tries to sell her.
  • I, too, am glad he didn’t get her that shot glass with the panda on it. It would’ve been irresponsible to buy his teenage sister a shot glass. But “Panda Man”…Ha!!!
  • I love the whole polygraph thing….’cuz obviously we know Oliver’s going to be able to get through it without raising alarms…this all, clearly, part of his plan…it’s heartbreaking though…all of the torture stuff coming out in front of Laurel & the look on Ollie’s face when he’s talking about killing Sarah! :(
  • Okay. This little party speech that Oliver’s giving is not good.
  • Awwwww, Dig’s totally coming through for our boy…I hope we get to see him in the Arrow suit!
  • This is awesome!! Laurel’s pulling the classic “I need to see your scars, let me take off your shirt” chick move!!!
  • And it totally worked!! KISSSSS!!!! <3
  • Deathstroke/Chinese guy fight scene was amazing!
  • YES!!! Dig in green leather!!! I’m not mad at that at all!
  • Oh shit! I’m surprised that Walter’s showing his hand already…I would’ve thought he’d try to find out more info before he told Moira he knew about the Gambit…
  • HOLY CRAP!!! Oliver’s fight scene with the would-be assassin dude was wicked too!!! It’s James Bamford doing the fight choreography…right? Or is he just (not “just”, you know what I mean) the stunt coordinator? Are those different things? Are there two different people? Whatever….the fights are amazing.
  • Okay…the Iron Heights Prison thing…did he answer “no” on purpose so that Laurel would KNOW that he could trick the polygraph? Is he trying to give her hints about him being “the vigilante” while basically telling her she’s stupid to think it?
  • Laurel: “Oliver. Nothing can ever happen between us.” Oliver: “I know.” Dude…you know just uttering those words mean that something (preferably lots of somethings) WILL inevitably happen between you, right?
  • AND Walter’s going on a business trip. Well played, sir. Let the bitch stew on what she’s done. Or something.

Okay! I think that’s it…wait…except, as much as I don’t want to love Moira….her “If any member of my family so much as gets a paper cut, I will burn your entire world to ashes.” was totally badass and her Ian Somerhalder School of Crazy Eyed Acting eyes totally worked here!! I believe she was SERious!!!

So, what did you think?

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  • Dawn

    Fight scenes: Incredible. Dialogue/delivery: clunky. The sound IS funny sometimes. But Amell’s comedic timing makes up for it and the show has moments where I’m all ‘NOOOO’ or ‘YESYESYES’ so I shall continue to tune in.

  • EricPharand

    I’m liking it less and less. Even for comic book style, Arrow is mediocre. Mostly poor acting and writing. Laurel is inconsistent. Oliver should have got at least a graze wound one of the times he was shot at by a machine gun(s). The evidence Oliver collects would be inadmissible plus Detective Lance would not be assigned to Oliver’s case nor would Laurel be allowed to represent Oliver. There’s been some good fight scenes. The storylines so far have been all right. Smoak is the best.

  • freelance seo

    There’s been some excellent battle scenarios. The story lines so far have been all right. Smoak is the best.

  • hockeybychoice

    Dig as Green Arrow was awesome. The fight scenes are still fantastic and Amell being funny is the best. It annoys me that the people in Oliver’s life don’t seem to get that the Island was a fucking horrible place. Five years is a LONG TIME. I know he hasn’t talked about it, so they don’t know exactly, but I’m glad someone finally mentioned PTSD.

    Confused about the dudes on the Island. Sometimes I wonder how much I miss because I don’t know anything about the comic book universe.

    No training montage? Boooo!


  • Laura

    Have to say, I loved Laurel’s throwaway line about the “horrible fishnets” she wore as part of her Halloween costume, both because fishnets are a part of Black Canary’s super-heroine costume, and because I was BC for Halloween this year, and year, fishnets are pretty horrible.

  • Eric Pharand

    I’m liking it less and less. Even for comic book style, Arrow is mediocre. Mostly poor acting and writing. Laurel is inconsistent. Oliver should have got at least a graze wound one of the times he was shot at by a machine gun(s). The evidence Oliver collects would be inadmissible plus Detective Lance would not be assigned to Oliver’s case nor would Laurel be allowed to represent Oliver. There’s been some good fight scenes. The storylines so far have been all right. Smoak is the best.

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