Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Vajiggle jaggle’s is gonna be hangin’ out, though.

I’m going to come right out and say it: I kind of unabashedly love Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Every week it simultaneously makes me laugh and horrifies me. I love it in a totally Schadenfreude kind of way. As horrible as it may seem (I’m not here to judge anyone. HAHAHA. Okay, I’m not here to judge anyone too harshly), I’m pretty sure the producers at TLC feel the same way. Why else would they make sneezing a theme?

Whatever. So, last night I was inspired. This may be the best show for gifs, and I think we all should take a moment to really appreciate this show. So here are a bunch of gifs, in no logical order, just because this family is nuts and they scare me.

See? A theme.

The best part was that the camera stayed on her covering her mouth and nose with her hand for over a minute before she finally got out of the chair. During this awkwardness, the hashtag #booboosneeze appeared on screen.  COULDN’T SOMEONE GET THE POOR KID A TISSUE?!

Sorry, where was I? GIFS!


You can’t tell me the producers don’t know exactly what they’re doing. AND I LOVE IT.



This is how you test if your sketti is ready. Just like the French chefs do.


An explanation of contractions.




I’m not even sure what that means.


Mama actually said “bakin’.” I love this show.



Fat cake.




Pumpkin is my favorite.



Now for the Mama’s face (de)preciation portion of our post! My apologies in advance.






clean up on aisle vajiggle jaggle


I am terrified.



Some fabulous souls have gifted us with this:


And this:


And because I had to be scarred forever with this explanation, now you have to be too. Hey, Mama, why don’t you explain your euphemism for lady parts!



I can’t do any more. The season finale is next week, and I really can’t wait.

Comments? Questions? Concerns (for my mental health given that I had to look at so many gifs)? More gifs?! Leave them below!

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