Glee. Do you question my badassness?

Well, my butt is totally going to look like a slushie after I sit and catch up on all the back episodes of Glee because I am finally good and truly hooked on this show.  I know, late to the party, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it after the pilot, and I felt kind of like it wasn’t for me since I didn’t do show choir or any of that in high school (I’m hopelessly uncoordinated and a pretty shitty singer, so not the world’s best combo for song and dance numbers). 

Anyway, I kept hearing more and more (and more) about it, so I finally DVRed an episode and then even more finally got around to watching it.  I enjoyed it enough to record this week’s, which really put the final nail in my coffin.  I love this show and I have gotten Billy hooked too.  He was trying to work while I watched it, but I kept laughing like a damn lunatic every time I heard the bumblebee song and saw a hand carrying a Big Gulp (I know they used a generic name, but it totally was a Big Gulp and I was drinking one at the time, so I would know).  I also loved how Rachel stood there and scrunched up her face waiting for it.  My mom had a cat who would do the exact same thing when it was bad and saw the squirt bottle coming out–he knew what was coming but he was too dumb to run. :)

So I’m definitely late to this party, like I said, and I know I have catching up to do, but in the meantime, I had a couple questions that I was hoping some Gleekers would be able to help me out with.  Ready?  Okay.

First of all, and maybe most importantly, is the slushie an ongoing thing, or was that just this episode?  Because I loved it and kind of hope it’s a running joke.

Secondly, I think I need some backstory on what’s up with the teacher and the guidance counselor.  Here’s what I’ve gotten so far–she likes him but she’s secretly engaged to the coach guy but it’s acknowledged that she’s settling for him.  The teacher is married and his wife is pregnant and may also be Claire’s biological mother from Heroes, but he might kind of like the guidance counselor?  I’m just a little fuzzy on their relationship with each other.  But I sure did love that wedding dress shopping scene, where she came out looking so pretty in her Audrey Hepburn dress.

Moving on, I get that Rachel is pining after Finn but I haven’t really had time to get especially attached to that relationship, so I was enjoying her with Mohawk.  Plus, he is hotness squared and I love his surly attitude.  And I swear to God, when he busted out his solo and said it was a tribute to a beloved Jewish singer, I yelled out from my couch, “PLEASE BE NEIL DIAMOND!”  And what do you know?  Made my night.

My other favorite part was right at the end when Finn came up to the gay kid because he had to throw a slushie in his face, but he sat there hemming and hawing about it until finally the gay kid just threw it on his own face and then told him to go think about whether or not any of his football friends would do that for him, and then demanded to be taken to a spa and was immediately ushered into the girls bathroom.  Hahahaha!  I think gay kid is my new favorite character.

Thanks, everybody who stuck around for this in spite of me not knowing anyone’s name and having a lot of questions.  I bet by next week I’m all caught up, but in the meantime, anyone that can help me out would be hugely appreciated, and I’d love to chat more in the comments about Glee, which as everyone else already knows, is awesome!

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  • Strunkette

    1. The slushie is an ongoing thing. It started in the frist episode (when Rachel got doused) though I don’t think we’ve seen someone get hit in every episode.

    2. Mr. Shu & Emma–They are totally made for each other and they both know it but he’s married. His wife is crazy and currently faking a pregnancy so he won’t leave her. She has an elaborate plan to pass off Quinn’s baby as her own. (The weakest plotline by far.) This week without the wife was much needed.

    I also really liked the Rachel/Puck matchup. Finn is with Quinn only because of the baby (that’s not his…its Puck’s) so they can’t be together even though they both like each other. I was really hoping they’d draw out the Rachel/Puck relationship for awhile. At least until after Finn finds out about the baby not being his. It would keep them apart longer.

    Chris Colfer (the gay kid) is FANTASTIC! He steals every scene he’s in. Oh and Sue’s one-liners are to die for!!!!

    I could talk forever about this show. The last two episodes have been the best mix of comedy, drama, and musical numbers. The singing has really seemed to work into the plot more and seems organic as opposed to staged. They still sound overproduced but not as bad as past episodes (I love K. Chenowith, but her mouth didn’t even match up to the words….not cool.)

    So glad you’re finally on the GLEE bandwagon!

  • offcolortv

    Dude Strunkette, I can always count on you, thanks for helping me out! I’m excited that the slushie is an ongoing thing AND that it’s not every episode, so it can still be a special treat I can get excited about when it happens. :)

    Okay, I’m glad he knows that he likes the guidance counselor but how did he end up with his crazy wife, or how did she end up becoming crazy?

    That whole Finn/Quinn/Rachel/Puck thing is so awesomely full of drama that I can’t wait to go back and watch the earlier episodes and catch up on juicy, juicy angst, which Billy will no doubt try to ruin for me by adding his own RiffTrax. :)

    The Kristen Chenoweth episode was actually the one I watched and yeah, I can see what you mean about the over-produced nature of it. It’s hard for me to pay too much attention to things like that, though … I don’t know what it is, I forgive so much shit on TV if it can only keep me entertained. :) I think it’s one of my better qualities, and one of the reasons I’m actually able to enjoy TV so much.

    Strunkette, do you have a Twitter account? We could be total Twitter friends!

  • NordicByNature

    Dear Off-Color TV—

    Your blog kicks ass. I’m so glad that you like Glee. I think you and my roommate would be best friends with Sue. Just sayin.

    Your Nordic Friend

  • Strunkette

    Mr. Shu and the wife were high school sweethearts. She was popular and back then Glee was cool so he was too. They were the it couple…or at least she thought so. It one of those situation where they got married too early. I think I might actually have a love/hate relationship with her character if it wasn’t for the whole fake baby thing. I loved to hate her with her complete lack of common sense and unrealistic marriage (her whole “I work 3 days a week and can’t be expected to cook dinner” line is one of my favorite from the pilot) but with the fake baby stuff I just want them to kill her off. The actress is doing a great job, but the writers are turning her into a hated not love-to-hate character. She’s desperate to hang on to her life which is where most of the crazy is coming from. That and her sister. You’ll know what I mean when you watch past eps.

    I think it might be because I’m a singer, but when it sounds like a cd it’s just not real to me. I don’t understand why they can just tape them as it is filmed. They can all sing so its not like they have to fix their voices in the studio…I don’t know. I guess I’m just picky :) I just think the sound guys should be able to do a better job. :P

    I am on Twitter but I’m a bad twitterer. I usually just read/follow. I tweet about once a month hehe! I’m strunkette on there too!

  • Mindy

    I, too, am so excited you are finally watching Glee! It’s so great.

    I love Mr. Shu and Emma the guidance counselor germaphob. And as a married woman it makes me feel bad because I feel like I’m encouraging cheating on your wife. Even if the wife is CRAZY, it’s still his wife and then I picture Ian going into work and being like hey and flirting with those IT whores and then I don’t like Emma anymore LOL

    I think that Puck is a jerk but def. hotter and less of a pansy compared to Finn. That kid is more of a pansy than the awesome gay kid. I mean at least the gay kid had the balls to throw the slushie in his face. (side note: when I checked to see the spelling options for slushie, one of them was Belushi). So I am kind of getting over Finn unless he steps it up. And Rachel used to annoy me but I like her more now esp. with Puck.

    And Quinn always annoyed me and now she is just pathetic and I find it funny.

  • offcolortv

    See, you guys? This is the other awesome thing about watching Glee, is there are other people totally excited to talk about it with me! I’m going to try to watch some on Hulu over the weekend to get more caught up. (And aren’t they on a little break right now? It’ll be good timing.) And thank all you girls for answering my questions (and you, Amy, since I know you don’t like to “comment on shit”, and also, thank you for indirectly calling my blog “shit”–but I knew what you meant). You’re all the balls!

  • Randi

    I agree with you that Puck (mohawk) is hotness squared. Glad to find your site and gladder that you are watching Glee! I get excited every Wednesday like a Pavlov-conditioned dog that just heard a bell. I hope that they stop over-producing the music at some point, especially because Don’t Stop Believin and Somebody to Love sounded less over-produced and much better. Oh well, I can forgive them.

  • offcolortv

    Yeah, Glee is SUPER fun because so many people are so into it. :) I like being an Office fan for that reason too. But I was thinking about it over the weekend, and I realized that it’s probably easier for me to get over the song/dance/production stuff because of how NON-dance/musical I am. It all looks good to me. :) Maybe as I watch more and have more to compare the numbers to, I’ll notice more, but I’m not even sure of that yet. We’ll find out!

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