Supernatural. “I found a liquor store.” “And?” “And I drank it.”

Alright, guys.  I caught up yesterday on last week’s Supernatural and obviously watched this week’s last night.  And can I just say … it hurt.  Supernatural is causing me pain, but let me tell you–it hurts so good.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

First of all, last week’s heaven episode was BRUTAL.  I almost cried in the first ten minutes, when Dean got to heaven and his happy memory was shooting off fireworks with Sam while Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” played over the scene.  It’s just so rare that we see them just being HAPPY.  And because it can’t be said enough, that young Sam is perfection.

It was sad that Sam’s heaven was full of memories away from his family, but I don’t know … it’s hard to blame him even though it was sad.  I loved Bones the dog and wanted him to get to accompany them through heaven, but I guess Bones belonged in the hotel room.

I loved that Dean’s path through heaven was a road, because, hello, of course.  But I loved all the different ways they had to follow it–I thought that was very creative and cool.

I was BESIDE MYSELF when Ash showed up, because he is one of my all-time favorite characters on this show and I was devastated to see him go.  I loved that he’s still researching and hacking in heaven and finding ways into other people’s heavens, while mostly hanging out at the Roadhouse.  How perfect.  His description of heaven actually reminded me a lot of The Lovely Bones, although Dean’s comparison to the Matrix was probably closer.  If the individual heavens had occasionally overlapped and it wasn’t all just living in your memories, THEN The Lovely Bones would be a more similar comparison.  But still, individual heavens–same basic concept.

I loved Joshua, and I thought he was a perfectly cast version of what he was supposed to be–a wise, quiet old gardener.  And you DID get that sense of real sincerity from him.  But MAN, that scene was brutal, with him telling them that God didn’t feel like the apocalypse was his problem.  I mean … SERIOUSLY, God?  If that’s not your problem, then what exactly the fuck is?  So I could understand in last night’s ep when Sam commented that he thought God stopped caring a long time ago.  I mean, talk about the ultimate in disappointment, disillusionment, and more than anything, “What now?”

But harder to watch than Joshua telling Sam and Dean that God wasn’t going to get involved was watching Castiel hear the news.  There are not WORDS to describe how intensely difficult that was or how well Misha Collins played it.  It was perfect.  And him handing the medallion off to Dean, who dropped it in the trash … broke my heart.

So the next episode picking up where it did, with a town of hunters and a false prophet (or Whore of Babylon, as it were), was a really nice continuation, and I think we’re starting to get into the real meat of this season now.

I think we’re starting to see the point where Cas goes really far off the rails and turns into a orgy-hostin’, pot-smokin’ hippie.  But he’s still helping out with things like taking down the Whore … it’s interesting and I don’t know why.  Maybe because he doesn’t know any other way of doing things, I don’t know.  And Dean is still carrying on, presumably to prevent people from going to hell, since he’s all but given up on winning the apocalypse and he’s apparently decided that heaven is a fine enough place to end up, although earlier in the last episode he was bitching about it.  It’s a total rock and a hard place situation.  Dean and Castiel both still care but don’t want to.

The killing of the Whore scene was fascinating, not just because she ripped Dean a new one about just standing by and watching the apocalypse happen, and his response–“Don’t be so sure”–but because DEAN was able to kill her when it had to be a true servant of heaven, when Castiel and everyone else had already dismissed him as a possibility.  I just love how much it makes me sit back and go, “What is going ON here?” and knowing that there’s an answer out there.  GOD, this show is good.

The last scene, though, with Dean standing on Lisa’s porch was a killer.  We’ve been over this–I wanted him to be with Jo, I thought she was the one, and I maintain that she’s always the one who would relate to him the most.  But I can see where Dean would go for Lisa, with the kid and the normal life, especially given that she knows what he does and he can talk about it, but she isn’t involved.  So I have no real issue with that, and MAN, what a way to clue us in on what Dean is about to do.  Somebody stop him!

And also, REALLY?  We have to wait an entire week for another episode?  You’re killing me, Supernatural!

What did you guys think?  Theories on how shit’s about to go down?  Thoughts on Castiel?  Most upsetting part of the episode for you?  Favorite parts?  Comments!  We’ve got so much to talk about!


  • Rheann

    Castiel is the worst thing about Supernatural at the moment for me, I think he’s a pointless addition.

    Sam is finally pulling it together and proved he could be strong enough to carry them all if needs must this episode and Dean is just really grating on me to be honest. He needs to get his head out of his ass and realise that there’s a war to fight, it’s not all about him, you can’t blame Sam for having good memories outside of the family when he never had the taste of normal that Dean had for near five years until Sam went to Stanford. No wonder it made him happy, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t die for Dean.

  • Patty

    Somehow I missed this post…

    Dean breaks my heart. Over and over. “Faith” was one of my favorite episodes ever and the way Show has pulled Dean and his faith/lack thereof forward over the years is brilliant. For me, the most noble person is the one fighting for the greater good when they have seen so much that the fight seems worthless. Yeah, dean is a drinking, fornicating heathen sometimes but ultimately, he does what he does to save people.

    I like that FINALLY, Sam is being strong. There was a time when his pussy ass was beating me down. Not anymore. I really think that Sam will be the key to the end of the Apocalypse and not in the way we think.

    Oh, Cas. Now we see the beginnings of you drinking, pot smoking, woman loving ways. I don’t think he stays drunk for long.

    I think these last episodes are going to kill me.

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