Vampire Diaries. Sounds like fun!

Okay, everyone!  I know this is really late, as in … there’s a new episode tonight late, but I watched it last night and I didn’t want to combine the posts because where’s the fun in that, right?  So just rewind your brains to last week for me, let’s chat about that episode and it’ll help get us pumped up for tonight.  Deal?  Awesome.

Okay, so let’s start with the vampire lair, which I am totally into and I think is yet another great addition to this show.  I love that there are now a whole host of enemies, each with their own agendas but who are loosely affiliated, so that Damon can remain kind of bad while still being an uneasy ally.  It’s good for the story.  Plus … dude, I love vampire fights.  Pearl is so badass, and the fight in the Salvatore house was great too.  I’m interested by the fact that Stefan is always the staker, but I did get a good laugh at Damon going to burn the body and sarcastically asking Stefan for a little help.

Obviously, the most fascinating part of the vampire lair was Anna and Jeremy, and how she seems to maybe genuinely have feelings for him, and of course, him figuring out and testing her secret.  The entire time, I was like, what the fuck is happening here?  What’s his angle?  But I guess I couldn’t have been trying THAT hard to figure it out or I wouldn’t have been as shocked as I was by the ending, where he tells Anna he wants her to turn him.  WHAT?!?!  I definitely had a “Whoa!” moment there.  And I was surprised he mentioned Vickie again.  Does anyone have any thoughts on that?  Do you think he still has that night in subconscious, or do you think he just hopes she’s still out there?  Do you think he wants to be with Anna, or do you think this is all a weird way of still being in love with Vickie?  Theories there, anyone?

I liked the double date, mostly because I do want to see Stefan and Elena just hanging out and having fun.  I’m not entirely sure that a double date with Matt and Caroline was the most relaxing way to spend an evening, but okay.  I am totally on board for a Stefan and Matt friendship, and steps taken that way work for me.  Caroline was definitely acting like a crazy person, as Matt rightfully pointed out, but I was glad things were smoothed out in the end because we all know how much I love that couple.

But man, Matt’s mom is such a bitch, AND such a ho.  Dangerous combo, my friends.  I was pretty grossed out by her and Damon, but then I was way more awkwarded out when Matt and friends caught her climbing Damon like a tree.  Not that we wouldn’t all want to, but COME ON.  Gross.  I was a little more skeeved before I remembered that he didn’t actually hook up with Vickie, just had a dance party, and then I was all like, sigh … the dance party.  That was nice.  We should really do that again soon.  At this point, though, I’m just not really sure what she’s doing there.  I mean, I get that her boyfriend ditched her, but in terms of the show … why is she here?  I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, though.

So, I thought this was a good episode.  A nice mix of light and dark with a good shocker ending.  (Not that kind of shocker, you pervs … what am I going to do with you?  Although there might have been TWO shocker endings if Damon and HoMom hadn’t gotten interrupted.  ZING!)  What did you guys think?  Favorite moments?  Pet theories?  Other thoughts?  Lay it on me in the comments and get pumped for tonight!

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  • Patty


    OK, I missed the first 15 minutes because my DVR is a bitch but I will catch up on the whole lair thing this weekend.

    But Jeremy? WTF! I was OMG!!!! I love that I have no idea what the hell is going on which makes me kinda pissed about the Ausiello spoiler shit he posted yesterday.

    moving on

    I loved the awkwardness of the double date and the blooming bromance between Matt and Stefan. Caroline is a nut bag but I love her and Matt and her white bras.

    Damon? Please be naked more. I have no idea what MomHo is going to do for the story but I love Melinda Clarke so I don’t care.

    Back to Jeremy. I am not sure about the whole turning thing. And does he know about Stefan and Damon? Maybe he does think Vicki is still alive or maybe he’s stupid and thinks he can become and vamp and take out Damon? Jeremy is a kid so he has got to be stupid right?

    I need to get back to work so I can leave!

  • megan

    Yeah.. so about the Jeremy thing.. I dont think damon did such a great job making him forget… I think his entire motivation is VICKI-centered.. Which leads me to wonder- is there something in the Gilbert bloodline that makes them less susceptible to vamp-trickery? Yeah, I know it’s far fetched.. but maybe..

    I can’t wait for Stefan and Matt to be friends.. I like that Caroline is being crazy. It’s realistic. Though, I miss Bonnie when is she coming back!!! I feel she has mourned enough now!!

    I am excited for tonights episode and am very interested to see how they get Stefan out of captivity.. Will Elena be used? Jeremy? Maybe if Kat Graham is back there will be some witchery that goes on..

  • Strunkette

    I also love the addition of the new vamps. We needed bad guys that aren’t Damon (his hot ass needs to stick around for-ev-ah!.) Also the prospect of Elena’s mother and Catherine being out there somewhere is very promising for the future.

    I LOVE this show. They keep drama coming and at such a breakneck pace that you think there’s no way they can keep it up, yet they do week in and week out. Can’t wait for tonight’s ep. Stephan shirtless and sweaty? Yes, please!

  • Patty

    And he’s getting the crap beat out of him too right? Why I fond this hot I do not know but, yeah.

    Oh, and can I just say that Pearl creeps me the fuck out.

  • marthapao

    I don’t really have anything else to add but just wanted to say thanks for not making it a double episode post.
    Plus thanks for reminding me of the Vicki-Damon dance!:D :D

  • Em

    I CAN NOT wait to see what you write about tonight’s episode (which just ended here on the East Coast)! Please don’t make us wait!!!

    Last week, I also really enjoyed the double date and getting to see Elena and Stefan just be super cute and have fun. I liked the juxtaposition of Caroline’s craziness with Stefan’s ease in understanding Matt and Elena have a past – he was not intimidated in the least. And despite everything, they did have a good time together – almost like normal teenagers.

  • Kimber

    So hard to comment on this because I watched last night’s TVD, and it was AMAZING!! So last week … hmm … it was pretty awesome, and even though the double-dating was AWKWARD, it was still fun. I like that Elena and Matt have so much history, and such a great friendship, but it really stinks for Caroline, and I do feel for her.

    Damon, as always, is a TOTAL man-whore, and I love it. Great combo with Matt’s ho-bag of a mom too! They can be whore-hos together. Awww.

    Jeremy? I’m digging him, and the whole “turn me” turn that his storyline has taken. Can’t wait to see where that goes … oh wait, I do know, and I LOVE it!!

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