Weekly Gif Roundup #25: Why are you making us feel these things?

It’s a brand new week and I’ve got a shit load of gifs to share with you. Then end of the season is nearing for a few shows and they’ve really been ramping up the emotional stakes and hitting us where it feels just so good.

Those crazy Powers That Be sure love giving us feelings. Lately it’s all been rage, exasperation, delight and just plain heartache, yet we keep coming back. I like that these roundups give us a chance to relive all the funny lines and the beautifully happy and sad moments from the past week. If you have a request for the next roundup, tweet me. I’ll do my best to find whatever you like.

Starting with Monday and Hart of Dixie. I think this might be the only show that can make me both simultaneously giddy and absolutely agitated. Tom and Wanda are pretty darn cute though.

WAAADE! You face. It is destroying me.

Can I just blur George out of these? Lemon is adorable.

I had to make sure Lavon was included in this post. I couldn’t find gifs of the scene with Tansy and Wade writing in the notebooks. Stupid shorts! Sometimes tumblr fails us. Sadface.

He had so much hope! Zoe, I will cut you for hurting him.

Speaking of sadface. Ugh Wade’s realization was like a punch in the gut.

Have I told you lately how much I love Nathan Fillion? Also, zombies.

Cougar Town!

Schmidt’s broken penis is the best thing to happen to New Girl? Discuss.

OMG his face.

No, Nick. Stop dancing. My eyes!

I love any recognition of Max Greenfield’s moles.

Earring jokes!

I had to include the Nolan/Jack scene from Revenge. I love them and their awkward hugs.

When are they going to get the stupid brother from Suburgatory mostly naked again?

James Van Der Beek playing James Van Der Beek on Apt 23 is still pretty hilarious.

Oooh TVD. Is it seriously almost the end of the season? Where’s my Elijah?

I think it’s because you’re pretty, Damon.

Do not say anything bad about Caroline while the hybrid is holding a giant stake! Jeez.


Yes, give alcohol to the blood deprived. Good plan. Oh, the rest of these people are still in high school? Yeah, but they’re cool and family, so it’s okay.

Community, my love! I always enjoy Dean’s attempts at touching Jeff, because you know we’d all try and do the same given the chance.

Where my Britta fans at? I had to hold back some personal rage the other day when I encountered a Community fan in real life that dismissed Britta as a bitch and their least favorite character. I balled my fist and had to count to ten.

Donald’s face is perfect.

Britta and Jeff’s banter is always so great, I’m sad the show stopped shipping them.

Thank you, Troy, for being on Team Britta.

I’m not sure how I feel about the latest development on Fairly Legal. Yes, the banter between Kate and Ben is great, but the dude just irks me. And I’m partial to the Trucco sooo yeah. But this was still pretty hot.

I know I don’t include Nikita very often, but I love the show. A lot. I don’t even care that you’re giving me a “really?” look right now. It’s fun, kick ass and full of pretty people. High Sean was awesome. And he has very nice bare shoulders.

 Super fantastic episode of Supernatural last week. We were introduced to Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement, who got chased by a giant moose;

Survived Dean’s “play” room;

Had a minor freak out;

And was asked about punching Dick. Uh, Dean. Not everyone speaks “Winchester”.

Boop! Remember when Sam did the “boop” thing when he was mayor of crazy town?

All the sudden Sam is the dumb one? Ha!

Ugh guys. A bucket for my cries. A led box for all my FEELS.

(UM seriously, how fucking pretty are they? Jesus.)

My heart hurts. The angel fell for you, Dean! Just tell Cas you forgive him.

Ugh, I need a hug.

Are we all watching Girls? Our OCTV regulars seem like the target for the show. Christina even wrote a great post about it.

The Killing might actually murder me with the scary path they took this week. I can’t even think about it. I’m just going to focus on how fucking amazing the domestic!Holder scene was. They’re his family and they need each other. Gah!


I’ll end it there this week. If I missed something you wanted to see, leave me a comment. If you enjoy this weekly bandwidth gripping insanity also let me know. We at OffColorTV are here to please. I am not above offering sexual favors for lovely confidence boosting comments. Ya know, just FYI. Have a great week!

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  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    Great post!

    The gifs just make New girl and Schmidt even better.  And yes, his broken penis is the BEST THING EVER.

    Kevin Tran being chased by the moose?  Excellent.

    Also, Nathan Fillion?  Yes.

    I am somewhat concerned about the Fairly Legal development also.  I knew they were going there but can she at least backslide to Trucco first before she jumps the new guy?  Please?

  • Em

    Schmidt’s face is perfect in the emotional intimacy scene.

  • LawyaGal

    I love the GIF roundup!!!! This is the BEST. Thanks for the Community, New Girl and WADE. Wither the Parks and Rec? 

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    New Girl is like Happy Endings in that it’s completely gif-able and just awesome.

    Yes! Kate needs to fall into bed with Trucco first, or hell, after works too. The girl deserves to have both to be honest. I’m cool with that!

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    I’m ashamed to say I’m behind two weeks on P&R. If you want a specific scene though, let me know and I’ll track it down.

    And thank you for the comment and the exclamation points! haha <3

  • http://twitter.com/clrumbaugh clrumbaugh

    OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for including a gif from “Girls”!! That speech she gave him in the hall was so great. It made me a little misty, not gonna lie. 

    Love all the Community gifs. I didn’t notice while I was watching the ep, but when Troy freaks out about the 100 people in China dying, he’s holding his biology book upside down. Amazing. And I LOOOVE that Troy is on TeamBritta. His crush is so cute. That ep was pretty good, considering it had a somber tone. And calling back to my favorite episode of Community ever?? LOVE.

    Will “PIZZA! Pizza pizza in my tummy! Me so hungy! Me so hungy” ever stop being funny? The answer is no. 

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Hannah’s speech was so great but then she gives in and I was like GAH! He’s a weirdo! You can find so much better. But it was sweet and so so true. It’s what we all want really.

    LOVE the Community callback to the dice and the timelines and the pizza and dammit, I love Britta.

  • http://twitter.com/clrumbaugh clrumbaugh

    I was watching this behind-the-scenes type video that said that Adam actually SAW her then after her speech like he actually legitimately saw her differently, and that made me think she wasn’t really falling for it. But when I watched it myself, I totally got that she caved because he was being his regular charming-ass self b/c he’s too big of a douche to let her go and be happy. 

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Stupid shorts gif!! Yay!


    I really, really enjoy his mouth. Wow.

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