Sometimes it’s best to just admit defeat.

Alright, you guys, I told myself over and over this week that I was going to get caught up and finally last night I realized that there is no chance in hell it’s going to happen.  None.  I’ve had a stomach virus all week that has been kicking my ever-lovin’ ass, and I am now sitting in an airport waiting to get to Florida to go apartment hunting.  Not only am I not caught up on my TV shows that have already happened, but I can see the future and it involves me not getting to even watch the Thursday comedies for a few days, and I don’t even KNOW the last time that happened.

Also, big apologies to Andy, whose Biggest Loser post has been chilling in blog purgatory since at least yesterday … I’m so sorry, dude!  I’m going to post it next so it’ll have a nice shiny spot at the top of the page.

So here’s what I’m going to do for now.  I’m going to just write one or two things about each of our shows, you guys feel free to discuss the week’s happenings here (don’t worry about spoiling anything that’s already aired–it’s fair game!), and I’ll schedule a post for tomorrow to discuss the NBC comedies.  And then next week, hopefully whatever illness this is will have passed and I’ll be back on my regular TV-watchin’, work-avoidin’, bloggin’ schedule.  I feel good about this plan.  I’m sorry my blog took such a hit this week and I don’t want to let anyone down!  I just know at this point that I fought the blog and the blog won. :)

Okay, so Chuck–this had to be one of the worst possible weeks to be sick for since so much happened.  What did you guys think of the big name reveal, the possible Casey name reveal, the Hannah dump, and Chuck getting to hear Sarah’s thoughts on what kind of person he’s turning into?  (My two cents–I can’t think of a better real name for Casey than Alex Coburn.)

Parenthood–Who watched?  I liked it and will totally tune in again.  I didn’t necessarily have any favorites or deep thoughts yet just because there were so many storylines going on, mostly just that I want a backyard draped in Christmas lights and I don’t even know how many times I saw that Little League scene play out during my childhood.  I think that’s why these family comedies/dramedies are so relatable–everyone has a family and they’re all crazy.

LUX–I still haven’t gotten to see this yet since I was on the road last night, but I’ve caught the jist of what happened and it sounds damn dramatic.  What did you guys think?  Will I be back to call Lux a bitch or what?  And like I said–don’t worry about spoiling me, I more or less know what happened and once it airs, it’s fair game.

Okay, that’s all the ones that I cover that were on.  Thank you all for being so patient and understanding!  Sorry for being a bad blogger, no cookie.

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  • Nicole

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you and SB know that today sucks for me too but the Modern Family post is coming. I’m halfway done, but the day sucks so I’m going to have to finish it when I’m done work and then SB will post it when she has a second. So it may be late, but by god, it will be here!

    Also, SB – this SUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKSSSSSS that you have to fly back and forth, pick apartments, etc when you feel like ass. I feel terrible for ya. But not as terrible as everyone else trapped on the plane with you, lol. Good luck with the apt search! One thing I LOVED about Florida was that they had great gated apartment communities with pools, little lakes, gyms, etc that make Toronto apartments looks like garbage in comparison.

  • Patty

    And here I thought I had been so busy and I was missing everything! Now I don’t feel so bad about only watching Chuck and White Collar this week!

    Chuck – I am almost pissed that Hannah didn’t die like I wanted but she isn’t a spy so yeah! I really like this show even if it feels a little choppy this season.

    Parenthood is on the DVR along with LUX.

    I have the day off tomorrow (!!!!!!!) and will catch up on everything while I do my laundry.

  • Marthapao

    Wooohooo sorry you’re sick SB but I’m out of town so u being so busy is good for me that way I won’t be out of the loop. Plus I will have lots of catching up to do also LOL

  • Kimber

    Aw, crap! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so shitty, SB! Here’s hoping you will get your apartment search finished, fly back to your current home, and be able to recuperate with some good TV!

    Watched Chuck just now, and gotta say I liked it, but like Patty said, this season has felt choppy to me too. I loved Hannah, so I’m a bit sad about the way things turned out with her, but I guess it’s to be expected. I did love the cooking with Jeff, Lester, and Big Mike – and the ‘real name’ bits. Although I am confused … so is Sarah lying to Shaw, or did she lie to Chuck? Is she really “Sam”? Or “Lisa”? Or is what she said to Shaw true, and she barely knows who she actually is anymore?? Oh, and I agree with you, Casey is so not an Alex. That’s too tame for him.

  • Patty

    Watch LUX earlier this afternoon and um…I might be getting over this show. I am really not liking anyone but Ryan. Everyone else is kinda douchy.

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