Weekly Gif Roundup #21: Hide me under your unnecessary hat!

Hey, guys! It was a moderately busy week of new TV with an early season finale thrown in, just for kicks. Happy Endings is done for the year! How can this be? I’m going to sleep in this super comfy bed of denial for a little awhile longer by dumping many many Happy Endings gifs in this roundup. Soooo, you’re just going to have to deal with that. I’ll also include my other favorite comedy, Community and of course, New Girl and Raising Hope. Watch out for a few elusive Castle gifs, as well as the return of Lost Girl and more. Tweet me requests during the week, so I know what you want included next time. If I missed something from the week, leave a comment and I’ll hook you up. Alright, let’s get up on it… or uh, under it.

I’ll kick off Monday with Being Human and surprise, surprise! It’s Kyle Schmid. I need him on the show next year, they better not kill him off in the finale.

Let’s be honest, if we could all get away with it, we’d eat fries for breakfast too.

Is this Castle’s first appearance in the roundups? I love the show and really should include it more often. And when they get some Scottish hunk naked, you know I have to.

Lost Girl is another show that I love but have a hard time including in the roundups because in Canada we are a season ahead. Finding gifs is actually kind of a pain in the ass. Kenzi is the. best. and Dyson WILL be my boyfriend. I remember this episode being one of my favorites from the first season. Undercover Kenz, the wolf man in tennis shorts, and of course, Bo boobs.

Funny episode of Raising Hope last week. Burt and those stupid “coconuts” was a highlight.

New Girl’s latest episode did a good job of including everyone this week, now if they could only get rid of that thing on Jess’ head.

Oh, Nick’s Face, you are wonderful.

Winston speaks the truth y’all.

I’m sure someone out there ships it…

It was inevitable we had to say goodbye to Happy Endings this season, but I felt like the end sort of snuck up on me. I’m not ready for it to be over! ABC better renew this shit before I burn everything to the ground!

I will now be using the term “slop yabs” whenever possible.

How meta of you, Max.

Janeee! I love you, but you scare me.

Out of context, these are kind of hilariously perfect.

Jane’s Angelina Jolie leg!!

Ugh, I love my OTP.

And of course, Mandonna! Black and white, eh I know, but these have the best shots of Brad and Max dancing together. <3 <3

Mind blowing, ground breaking episode of Community last week. Difficult to gif, but there were still some gems.

Not the first time Dan Harmon’s face has made an appearance.

Guys, not going to lie, Joel McHale in that red flannel shirt was something special.

Want to sum up the show Community in one scene? It might be this one. Abed and Troy and back together and Jeff goes above and beyond to save a friendship. Hugs all around!

Doing my best to include Fairly Legal every week! I’d love it if there were more gif options, and more Trucco.

I’m still unsure of how I feel after the end of last week’s Fringe, so I’ll stick to some fond memories. Red!verse!

Best conversation from the latest Grimm episode. Are the writers just poking fun of us Nick/Monroe enthusiasts or do they secretly want them to end up together, running a B&B?

The Killing is such an agonizing heart breaking kind of show, but this moment was funny and adorable. To see these characters smile is off putting. Holder is so unstable, but I love him anyway.

Seems like a good enough place to finish up. Remember, next week, Hart of Dixie returns! Expect Wade gifs, duh. If there’s any other show, or moment you want me to include next week, find me on twitter. Please leave comments here, too. I know it seems like every week I’m begging and really, I am begging. Comments make us all feel like the time and effort is worth it. Plus, work is stressing me out, so I’m always looking for a few kind words. What were your favorite moments of the past week? Are you as sad as me that Happy Endings is over? Why is Zooey Deschanel’s hair so fugly?

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  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    Nice Fairly legal gif.  It looks dirty.  Exactly how I picture @originaltrucco:twitter to be in my head.  They need more of him on that show.  Just ask twitter.

    Thanks for including some of my favorite parts of New Girl!  Nick’s face! Jew in the couch! 

    When is Suits back?  White Collar?June?  Well, shit.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Suits is definitely back in June, not sure about White Collar though. I’m getting antsy to have Mike and Harvey back in my life, now that they have started filming and I know it’s getting closer. It’ll be fun to share gifs of that show!

    And yes, always need more Trucco. They’ve given him his own storyline, so at least we know he has to show up in most of the episodes. I’m just waiting for the drunk sex.

  • Dara

    Great GIF roundup. I too am in Happy Endings denial land. I expect to flip it on tomorrow night… Can we get a HE season GIF roundup?

    Also: What is Lost Girl? Should I be watching?

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    I think Stephanie is going to do a Happy Endings season 2 post sometime during the hiatus, maybe I’ll see if we can team up and add gifs in there too.

    Lost Girl is a Canadian produced show that started airing on Syfy in the US this year after Being Human. First season has 13 episodes and I think it just wrapped up. It’s a supernatural show about a bisexual Succubus named Bo who was raised by human parents but comes to find out she’s a part of the Fae. She becomes stuck between the feuding Light and Dark Fae while trying to figure out where she comes from. There’s case of the week type stuff, hilarious human sidekick Kenzi, super hot cop Dyson, human doctor Lauren, and sex and nudity.

    It can be super cheesy, the effects are often weak, but it’s good fun and there’s something for every kind of shipper. Personally, I’m all Bo/Dyson, but there’s also Doccubus (Lauren/Bo) and Team Threesome among others. There’s definitely an avid online fan base and I’d encourage you to try it, I think it’s my duty as a Canadian to say that. A few episodes, at least. Canada’s finished season two and season 3 starts shooting soon, so it’s not like you’ll get into the first season and then it’ll be gone.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Oh and I should mention that Bo is not a teenager. It’s very much an adult show.

    Another reason to watch, star Anna Silk has some of the best boobs you’ll see on TV. They’re like a character all their own.

    Maybe @KimberGracie or @twitter-15584018:disqus can help convince you?? Who else watches?

  • Eric Pharand

    More Faye (TSC)? Include The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory (mainly Cuoco and Parsons), Person of Interest, Leverage, and Game of Thrones.

  • http://twitter.com/KimberGracie Kimber

    Yessssssssssss! You should be watching Lost Girl, it is just that good. Not teenagery at all, but totally hilarious and entertaining, and full of pretty, pretty people!

    Also … Team Threesome!!!

  • http://twitter.com/KimberGracie Kimber

    I honestly put off watching Happy Endings until this past weekend because I was just not ready to see it go. For the season, of course. ABC would be absolutely idiotic to not renew that goldmine.

    Now that I have seen it … fuuuuuuuck yes! Mandonna? Jane and her pee suit? So good.

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    I like Lost Girl for that very reason.  They are all grown ups! Oh, an the sex.  And Kenzi is hilarious and I like her clothes and hair.

  • Eric Pharand

    Seen it on the guide for a couple of years but never watched it. Figured I’d watch an episode. Turns out it was 1×06. Kenzi’s the best. I’m to see if I can watch the early episodes.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    For @sarahinprint:twitter Community telethon gifs!

    Set http://notliketheothers.tumblr.com/post/20593548764
    And single http://hudvans.tumblr.com/post/20638885290

  • Sarah

    Thank you!!

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