Project Runway. A Maxi-Me for the Mini-Me.

 Hey you guys, it’s SB and I’m a TOTAL asshole.  I went out of town on Friday morning and completely forgot Project Runway would be new, so I’ve left Seels’ review in blog purgatory all weekend.  I’m sorry, Seels!  I hope you (and all your faithful readers) can forgive me!  Still, I know that any new TV (and also any new non-Olympics blog posts) are like a beautiful oasis in the desert, so enjoy this and leave lots of comments and love for Seels to make up for my douchitude. :) –SB

Ugh…from just the previews, I was already dreading this episode. I was just talking with my sister the other day about how I don’t want children, but wouldn’t mind to have babies. I kind of want to like adopt babies and then pass them on to better families for all the other stuff. I could do late nights and no sleep and diapers and all of that over and over again, but the idea of dance recitals and soccer games and shopping for prom dresses, all of that makes me want to break out in hives. Hey, too much information, right?

So 11 ‘super cute’ squealing girls in the work room for a PR challenge is moving to yikes territory for me.

But, I was willing to give it a shot. For you, and also to see what nervous breakdown Janeane has this week. But mostly for you. And you’re welcome.

This week’s challenge was to create a fashionable children’s look. The girls were cute for about 0.2 seconds. I liked when they introduced themselves. Very scripted. “Hello, my name is ________ and my designer’s name is ___________” Then later the equally adorable Tim Gunn tells the designers that they are to sew a look for their adult models that corresponds with their children’s look.

Let’s discuss the designs. But first…was there a dog walking around Mood Fabrics? Are you kidding me? I know a lot of y’all love dogs, but I thought that seemed so bizarre!

Jay tells us that kids these days are very fashion forward, especially when you turn eight. That is when we all started wearing designer clothes. Well, I’m sorry, Jay. But when I was eight, I was rocking a home perm my mom gave me, and I was wearing jams and a t-shirt that changed colors when I blew on it (and can someone PLEASE help me remember what those shirts were called?!?). [Hypercolor. I was totally jealous of bitches like you because I didn’t have one.–SB] The point is, if that was fashion forward, well, then hell … my friends and I at the community pool were the young Sex and the City cast.

In other news, it seems as if Mila’s answer to not being liked in the workroom was to just be louder. Ah, good call.

And I promised myself I would never say ‘hot mess’ this whole season, but Janeane just is one, isn’t she?

Also, I am prepared to name Ben my favorite for this season.

On to the RUNWAY!

Anthony: He was last week’s winner, but he didn’t have immunity for this challenge. I liked his dresses.

Amy: What did you all think about those pants? I would have HATED to have that blue furry sweater thing around my face, but for the most part, I thought her idea was fun. She was right when she said she’d be in the bottom three or top three. That wasn’t a safe design.

Ben: His designs were simple and the coloring wasn’t dramatic. But both of his dresses were pretty.

Seth Aaron: I thought his adult model looked like an extra from Austin Powers, and the girl model was cute, but it wasn’t anything amazing.

Jesse: I liked his designs best. I thought they were appropriate for both models and pretty.

Jonathan: Yikes! I did not share his vision on the organza.

Maya: She chose sportswear, and I liked both of their outfits. I thought maybe she could be the winner.

Mila: I am not sure how I felt about her outfits. I don’t think I liked the color block, and the white jacket on her adult model reminded me of a pastry chef.

Emilio: These classy dresses were very pretty. Not very risky, but very nicely made.

Janeane: I thought her designs were shapeless. Nothing special there.

Jay Nicholas: His outfits were so dark that I couldn’t quite see much detail. But I kind of liked that they were different from everything else we had seen.

Heidi asks Jay, Amy, Jonathan, Seth Aaron and Jesse, Janeane to stick around, leaving Maya, Mila, Emilio, Anthony and Ben safe for another week.

Janeane was Auf’d, and Seth Aaron and his retro outfit was the winner. Call me surprised.

But what do I know? I wore jams.

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  • Randi

    I loved Seth Aaron’s little girl outfit. I thought it had everything that little girls love and was super cute. I also loved his adult model’s outfit. I didn’t like Jonathan’s at all. I just don’t like Mila so her outfits always anger me.

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