Ghost Hunters. Steve and Tango, keepin’ it real for a minute.

So just yesterday I was saying how Tuesday TV sucks, which I stand behind, although I had forgotten that 90210 moved to Tuesdays so I think I’m going to start watching that again.  But I forgot to set the DVR for it last night–you know how it is.

Anyway, a lot of times when I’m sitting around bored and there’s nothing on the DVR I can watch without Billy (because watching something on DVR that the other one wants to watch without them is a SERIOUS offense in our house), I’ll hit up the OnDemand.  And I have to say, I don’t know how it is on other cable systems because I’ve never had it with anyone else, but Comcast’s OnDemand is pretty bitchin.

Enter Ghost Hunters.  Now, I like horror movies and I do believe in ghosts, or at least the possibility of them, and I kind of like ghost hunting shows but I’m actually pretty particular about them and there are only two I watch.  The first one is, hello, Paranormal State.  It’s hilarious, and SUCH a trainwreck.  I’m in total love with it.

The second one, of course, is Ghost Hunters.  What I like about this is that they at least try to take a more scientific approach, and do some debunking stuff, rather than just running around thinking that any little bump is paranormal.  And even though the scenes where Kris calls them while they’re on a Roto-Rooter job are such bullshit, I don’t even mind that much because I think it’s cool they have that kind of background and bring some practical knowledge to this kind of thing.

So anyway, I’m getting caught up on my OnDemand viewing (because obviously, I don’t have Bravo so I don’t have SyFy or whatever awesome channel GH is on, sadly), and I was watching the one last night with the church and the little drummer boy (and by the way, how cool was it when they found out that a little drummer boy actually HAD been killed there?). 

Anyway, the reason I was writing this was because I kind of love Steve and Tango–I do like that they have their set pairs they go off in, and Steve and Tango are always so random, or having stupid conversations, or goofing off or whatever (but not in a not working way–more like in a drumming on the tree trunk to see if it would make the little drummer boy join in).  And every now and then they have fairly serious conversations too, like in that episode when Tango was like, why would you still want to be here, instead of going to heaven?  And Steve is like, first of all, you’re assuming free will, and secondly, what if there is no heaven or hell?  What if there’s just an afterlife, and it’s just like a different kind of existence?

And at this point, I’m just like … hell yeah, Steve and Tango!  It makes me both really happy that they would have that conversation and that GH would choose to include it, because I would think that if you spend that much time chasing around dead people, it would HAVE to come up.  And I don’t know, I think maybe more than the evidence that they do or don’t find (because ultimately, nothing will ever be proven either way–it’s one of those things you’ve gotta find out for yourself), that kind of discussion at least partially validates what they do.  Everyone is going to die eventually and most people wonder about what happens next, in some form at some point.  Some people ignore it and some people find God, and some people go on ghost hunts.  But I think that thinking about it is a good thing, and I just really liked that they were having an actual discussion about it for a minute.  It was a very refreshing and real moment there.

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