Project Runway. Arrows to the Crotch.

Hey, TV lovers, Happy Friday! Isn’t it awesome when we are right? And we are so right about Mila, aren’t we? I LOVE that the producers and editors for the show practically led this epi off with her telling the camera that she wasn’t sure why no one was excited that she was in the top two in the previous challenge. Maybe it’s about jealousy, she says, or maybe it’s that no one thinks she deserves that. Well, yes. It’s one of those.

This week’s challenge was to design an outfit to be worn by a celebrity on the COVER of Marie Claire magazine. Who is the celebrity? None other than Heidi Klum. Emilio says that’s huge. I hope he’s talking about her celebrity value and not her pregnancy boobs.

It’s a one day challenge, and the pressure is on. I wonder if the employees at Mood like or hate the Project Runway field trip days.

On to the Runway!

Today’s judges are Heidi, Kors, Garcia and Joanna Coles, the Editor in Chief at Marie Claire.

Amy: Her dress was a spring look. I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t the worst thing. She was safe and she played it safe.

Seth Aaron: I didn’t care for his gray suit thing. Worse was his annoying behavior in the workroom. Dude, get an iPod.

Jesse: Nothing fancy was my main thought when his model walked down the runway. He said it perfectly showed off exactly who he was, and so I figured, yep, we’re on the same page there.

Anna Marie: It was a cute outfit, but it didn’t scream Heidi to me (or the judges).

Anthony: This bright blue off the shoulder is pretty, and I think it would be a great magazine cover. I like Anthony. I don’t think he is going to win this whole thing, but I would hang out with him for a few more weeks.

Janeane: I thought that was like space cocktail waitress. Sorry Janeane, but your outfits and your incessant work room freakouts are annoying me.

Mila: Ugh. Well, I agreed with Nina, the arrows pointed right at the crotch. Not sure what annoyed me more, the dress or Mila’s bangs!

Emilio: This red dress was pretty, with the woven bodice, but it was so short!

Jay Nicholas: His dress was pretty , but I’m not sure it was right for the cover.

Jonathan: When he first came on the screen in this ep, I was like ‘who the heck is that, some new guy?’ That is how much of an impression he has made on me this season. His outfit looked like pajamas to me.

Maya: I felt like hers was Mila Junior, with the colors and all. I think she likes Mila a lot, which I am not happy about, as we have discussed.

Ben: I really liked his dress. He is such a crazy bird, you know? I think I said a few weeks ago that soon we will either see that he’s full of crap or he’ll emerge as a really great designer. We’re not at that crossroads yet, but I’m leaning toward great.

Seth Aaron, Jay, Maya, Jesse, Jonathan, and Amy are safe and they leave the runway, leaving Mila, Ben, Anthony, Emilio, Janeane and Anna for judgement.

The winner of the challenge is Anthony. I was surprised. I kind of wanted it to be Ben. But I love Anthony too, so that was cool. I liked that the other designers cheered for him.

And Anna Marie is Auf’d. That was sad. I think Anna was very sweet. I didn’t think she was going to win the whole thing, but still.

Thoughts from you? Have you picked a winner yet? Will you check out April’s edition of Marie Claire?

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  • Patty

    Such a sad challenge. I didn’t think anyone really brought it like I think they should have.

    Seth Aaron needs some kind of shut the fuck up drug. I hate him if only because he is super annoying!

    Mila’s dress looks like some I want to look naked but am really not stripper dress. Yuck.

    Was Ben’s the longish dress that was kind of ruffly? I think that was my favorite but really the pink one was the one I thought would look best on a cover.

    I like Anthony but I thought that dress as a whole was hideous!

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