Weekly Gif Roundup #15: Did you get my JUNK mail?

Hello, friends! Can you believe it’s the start of a new week already? I can’t. The month is almost over and February sweeps are done, but that doesn’t mean we’re sitting around with nothing to watch. Some of our favorite hour long shows are on hiatus for a few weeks, so I’ll have plenty of space to devote to this week’s brilliant Happy Endings episode, happy!Schmidt on New Girl, and an amazing (yet again) Mark Pellegrino haunting from Being Human. We’ll also spend some time appreciating Matt Bomer’s ridiculously handsome face, and more! As always, hit me up on twitter during the week with your requests and leave me comments if I missed something. Or just because you love me.

The ratings for Hart of Dixie are not great. Actually, they are not good at all. This makes me very sad, not only because of my infallible love for Wade Kinsella and all things Bluebell, but because finding gifs is becoming difficult. There are so many moments from this past episode I wanted to share with you guys but the graphics just aren’t out there. This includes Wade playing guitar and singing and making me swoon. Seriously, people?! Where are the gifs of this? These will have to do for now.

You sure are!

I approve of this ‘short sleeve t-shirt over the long sleeve tee’ look.

And as if we didn’t know… Wilson Bethel’s face is ridiculous. It was also his birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Wilson! Turns out I’m older than you, and that weirded me out just a tad.

Hawaii Five-0 didn’t get Alex O’Loughlin naked this week, but they did seem to jump back to more of a season 1 vibe. So many Steve and Danno verbal spats! They are totally married.

Drunk Spencer got to have a little fun last week on Pretty Little Liars. Mmm Wren, aren’t you delicious? Too bad this is an ABC Family show…

Mark Pellegrino is on every show – no exaggeration! On Being Human, he returned as Bishop, dead vampire, to haunt crazy blood-drunk Aidan. It comes as no surprise that he did a fantastic job, considering all his experience being a figment of someone’s imagination.

Kyle Shmid is still sexy with his tousled curly hair, despite being covered in blood.

I think New Girl should re-brand itself as “It’s SCHMIDT!” because he is clearly the funniest and most endearing part of the show.

It must be REALLY fun writing lines for Schmidt.

Love the Parkour! call back.


Okay, Nick gets some points for his SADFACE line too.

My favorite part of Nick’s meltdown on the phone was the weird shirtless Julia! martial arts move.

Jess asks a question we’ve all wondered at some point.

A few weeks ago I promised to include more White Collar in my roundup posts. I have to apologize for slacking on that. Matt Bomer seemed extra pretty this past episode, so enjoy. The leather jacket gifs are my favorite.

Watching Neal Caffrey walk down the NY city sidewalk in his suit is a very special treat indeed.

Not only was this past week’s Happy Endings super ridiculous amaHzing, but our awesome OCTV recapper Stephanie got a shoutout in a totally creative way. Check out her recap for all the fabulous details.

I almost named this post I WANNA SEE THEM THAAAAAAANGS! because this fight was my absolute favorite moment of the entire week.

Brad and Jane continue to be THE BEST.

Ugh, Brad. I love you!

We all have grown to love Alex more and more this season. The writers are using her for perfect little moments like these.

And more Bear!Max just because.

Grimm seems to get more creepy and dark with each episode and I’m loving it. We’re finally getting glimpses into Renard’s story and seeing how much of a badass he is. When he threatened that guy and pulled the gun? Wowzers.

Of course, my favorite moments from any episode are the Nick/Monroe bonding. Kick ass, fight club beat down bonding is a great way to build trust. (And for shippers to create lovely gifs. Sigh.)

I’m going to end this week’s post with a few gifs from the Oscars. I couldn’t bring myself to sit through any of it, but that doesn’t matter. With twitter snark and tumblr gifs, I saw all that I need to. Emma Stone being awesome:

Melissa McCarthy pulling a tiny bottle of vodka from her dress to play SCORSESE!

And finally, Jim Rash wins for greatest human being! Community Back March 14th. BOOM.

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave some comments below. You know I need constant validation from you wonderful people. Let me know what your favorite moments of the week were. Also, make sure you check out all the episode recaps from the past week. They are brilliantly written AND often include gifs or fun and snarky screen caps. 

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  • http://twitter.com/onlymystory Melissa Leaman

    Hi, I’m constant validation. I was told you needed me. 

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

     Thank you, Melissa. :)

  • http://twitter.com/KimberGracie Kimber

    Ack, Bear!Max!! Love it. I just rewatched the episode, and my favourite moment was when he was in the background scratching his back on the table. HA! Hilarious. And yes, Brad and Jane ARE the best! Their cute little faux fight outside the bar was pure awesomesauce. And Jane’s little “I’m vanilla!” too!

    Seriously, Mark Pelligrino IS everywhere! I’m in the process of catching up on Castle, and holy hell he was there too!! Not as a haunting, but still…

    I am sad to hear that Hart of Dixie isn’t getting great ratings … really?!? But will the CW keep it around anyway, just so we can get our weekly fix of hot Wade? It would be a shame if that was taken away from us :(

  • http://honeyishrunkthegretchen.com/ Gretchen


  • http://salvatoreboardinghouse.wordpress.com/ cinjudes

    I have been in online training all day learning how to intergrate our new management software with QuickBooks. I’m grouchy and numb and all around just not a pleasant girl at all but then, LIKE A RAINBOW OF HOPE – I find the weekly gif roundup and like, my entire life is better. Not just today, BUT MY LIFE! 
    The amount of joy Brad & Jane & BearMax alone bring my sorry life… Unmeasureable. 

  • Strunkette

    LOVE IT ALL! Especially the Happy Endings and Oscars stuff. I didn’t watch either, so thanks for including all the things I needed to see.

  • Nicole

    BOMERRRRRRRRR!!  He is seriously so goddamn beautiful that I barely feel like he’s an actual human being.  And he also seems so awesome as a person.  I feel like if you met him in real life you’d have to wear special glasses like the kind you wear to look at an eclipse.  When are we going to get a Magic Mike trailer already???

    Everything here is awesome, but I have to say I love the opening gif because Cougar Town rocks, and I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Dan Byrd since Aliens in America (was I the only one that watched that?  Probably – it did get cancelled right quick).  But I weirdly find myself totally crushing on him now – he’s sneak-sexy.  He’s one of those guys where you wouldn’t necessarily do a double take on the street, but when you get to know them there’s a quality that gets more and more appealing. Not that I know him but you get what I mean. I hope. It’s the end of the day and I just had ANOTHER cup of coffee so I’m rambling…shutting up now.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

     lol Thank you Cin!

    Happy Endings gifs are a cure all for almost everything.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    I will be forever heartbroken if Wade disappears from my life. If they do cancel HoD, I hope they stick Wade on another show. Crossoverrr! Or at least get Wilson Bethel on another show. Preferably one on cable… so we get more skin.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Yes, Dan Byrd is awesome! I was going to include more Cougar Town gifs but forgot, got busy and couldn’t really do a proper search. I’ll have to scout out the good Cougar Town tumblrs and include them next week.

    Ugh Bomer. I’m pretty sure he’s an alien, sent here as the perfect visual specimen to research our behavior towards his utterly devastating handsomeness.

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    Gross. QuickBooks.

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    Again.  Missed.

    I love Schmidt and am totally pissed at FOX and AI.  Hate it.  Need more Schmidt!

    At least TVLine says: Hart of Dixie: A safe bet. So there is that.

    I am sad the White Collar is done tonight.  At least we have some Matt Bomer special appearances coming up. Even if one IS Glee.  Naked, stripper Bomer this summer!

  • offcolortv

    Awww, Dan Byrd.  Does he play a teenager on this show?  Because I feel like he might be a part of the Bianca Lawson club.

    I’m SO glad you included Sex Dog.  That was probably my favorite moment of any TV show last week. :)  But also, how is Schmidt just so INFINITELY gif-able?

    About Happy Endings: Actually, my favorite thing on TV was a two-way tie.  Bear Max was also hysterical.  Secondly, what the FUCK did they do to Eliza Coupe’s hair?  She is BEAUTIFUL and it was TRAGIC.  Was she a real bitch to the hairdresser last week?  Or did her hairdresser go on a meth bender?  So confusing.

    I haven’t watched Grimm yet and I am DYING.  So the gifs are holding me over, especially since you included Monroe, who is (weirdly, I admit) my new TV boyfriend.  It’s getting serious.

    Next week, if you can find any, I might request some gifs of The Voice.  I am in love with the Blake and Adam bromance (I might even call myself a shipper), and OMG, Cee Lo and Mr. Purrfect 4-ever.

  • http://twitter.com/phouse1964 Patty Housel

    I just heard that Mr Purrfect has his own twitter.  Must find. Because cat are hilar.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Voice gifs! I don’t watch but if something very bromantic happens, it ends up all over tumblr. Like this: http://mareluna3001.tumblr.com/post/18446590383

    I noticed on Cougar Town last night they kept mentioning that Dan’s character is “almost 20” so there’s that. At least it’s not as bad as stupid fucking 32 year old playing 16. Damn, I hate Maya.

    I think Max Greenfield was made for gifs. There’s no mumbling to worry about and he almost always has his shirt off.

    Ahh you need to catch up with Grimm. So good! Love Monroe but Nick is REALLY growing on me too. It doesn’t hurt that they are making him look more attractive either.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Pattty! I made sure to tweet about this post like 7 times so you wouldn’t miss it. My fault, I didn’t cc you! But you’re here now, yay!

    I really hope TVLine is right about HoD, especially after that shirtless car fixing scene (BOOBS) this week. Wade can never leave my life. EVAR!! I can’t imagine it’s an expensive show to make. I see it being a great summer catch up show for people and coming back with higher numbers next year.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice

    Have been considering watching the Bomer Glee episode. I just don’t know if I can stomach it. Maybe I’ll just DVR it and then skip all the scenes he’s not actually in.

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybychoice hockeybychoice


  • stephanie snider

    Bomer is seriously hot! Yes ..yes he is!!

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