Project Runway. Chicken and Stars. And Hearts.

Welcome to a Ping-less Project Runway. Were you just a teensy bit sad like I was? Also, I’m thinking that one day I would love to be as skinny and beautiful as a pregnant Heidi Klum.

After last week, I thought maybe I was a little too harsh on Mila, but then she opened the episode straightening that bob of hair and talking about missing her dog. Yeah, I don’t feel too bad. But I’m not dog hater! Really, I’m not! What made me cringe was that my current fave, Maya, feels as if she is a kindred spirit to Mila! Boo! Unless it turns into some classic mentor/mentoree type thing where they face off in a duel in the end and Mila is shown to be weaker than her student, I will not be pleased if they become pals.

This week’s challenge involved the Campbell’s Soup company and their initiative to support the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement. The designers are to create this year’s signature dress for the ‘Campbell’s Address your Heart’ Program. Red must be a prominent color in the design and the Campbell brand must be evident, AND their models are women who have been affected in some way by heart disease. It’s a one day challenge.

I liked this episode, and this challenge. Real life women models are the shiz, and I thought they all seemed cool.

Oh, and before we start the runway discussion, did Janeane really run through Mood saying that she needed to get her boning? Yesssssssssssss!


Jonathan: I really liked his long, deep red dress, and I thought his model was GORGEOUS!

Emilio: His dress was fun and flirty and totally fit the right mood for his model.

Maya: I may have to rethink her as my favorite as while I did like the idea of her dress, I didn’t care for the execution. Plus, I didn’t necessarily think that the Campbell’s brand was displayed at all, except in the handbag.

Anthony: I think I liked his interactions with his model the best. I thought the dress he created for her made her look kind of hippy, and not in a cool way, and not in a 60s way, in a wide hip way. I think it was too short; that was the prob. But he had one of the prettiest models.

Amy: I am liking her as a person in these past few episodes, and I liked her design this week. I liked the heartshaped neckline.

Jesus: His design looked like a cheap 9th grade Homecoming dress, you know? It just needed a date with an awkward guy in a slightly, but not quite perfectly matching red silk shirt and braces, right? Jesus loved it, though, and I guess that’s what mattered.

Anna Marie: It was interesting to me that she felt like she’d really failed herself, as a designer, and her model in the dress design and construction. Yes, it wasn’t the perfect dress, but I thought it said a lot about Anna that she was sorry for it, and even more sorry because her model seemed to be having such a great time in spite of it.

Jay Nicolas: I also really liked his interaction with his model, Julie. I thought she was a pretty cool lady. This red dress was pretty, and I liked the idea. It might just have been my TV, but the top half looked like armor, almost, and it seemed awkward. But that might have just been my perception. It certainly looked well made.

Jesse: I really liked his design and I thought his model looked great in it. I don’t know that it’s exactly a gala outfit, but it is a great dress and jacket.

Ben: Ben, Ben, Ben, in a sleeveless dress shirt with a bow tie! But his dress was very pretty, and his model was STUNNING! The back was so pretty and I thought it was the best dress to fit the challenge.

Mila: She had immunity tonight, but she didn’t she need it. The neckline was cool.

Janeane: I liked the dress she created. The bottom hemline was creative, and while I think her model seemed nervous, I thought she looked very pretty.

Seth Aaron: The beltline he created with the Campbell’s labels was very creative. I don’t know that there was enough red in it to really win, but his model really loved it and totally worked the runway, which was fun.

Mila, Maya, Anna, Amy, Jesse, Jesus are asked to stay for judging, leaving Ben, Janeane, Seth Aaron, Jay Nicolas, Anthony, Emilio and Jonathan safe for the next week.

The winner of the challenge is: Amy. Very cool.
And Jesus was Auf’d. Very not surprising.

So what are your thoughts? Now that the competition is dwindling a bit, are you more interested? Did you have a favorite dress? Comment!

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  • Tamara

    Was I the only person that thought Mila’s star dress was ugly from the waist down? And it seriously needed to be ironed. The rest of the designs were pretty “meh”.

  • Randi

    I’m with you Tamara. I hated it so much. It was wrinkled and looked SO cheap!

  • Strunkette

    Amy’s dress was definitely my favorite.

    I also thought Mila’s dress was ugly. She’s getting a bit too big for her britches.

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